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The Shakopee Story

The Shakopee Story 2009 Republish

The 3rd publication of this detailed book written by Julius A. Coller II. Over 700 pages, this book provides a detailed description of the territory, political events, religious influences, building and street development, historic events and is accompanied with pictures. The first two versions of this book are rare and collectible, so this is your chance to learn about how the city of Shakopee developed into today. The 3rd publication was an effort of the Shakopee Heritage Society, Coller family and retyped by the women of the Shakopee Correctional Facility.

A Walking Tour of Historic Shakopee

A Walking Tour of Historic Shakopee

The pocket-sized reference is a valuable and efficient way to learn about architectural style, original owners/builders, and details specific to Shakopee. The book contains a self-guided tour map, images of buildings and sites, and is an excellent way to involve family and groups of interested people. See our link to the Historic Sites Walking Tour.

Shakopee Scrapbook

Shakopee Scrapbook

All pictures of Shakopee’s history. Photos are in sequential order displaying streets, buildings, events, and it portrays a timeline of the city as it occurred. This book is a personal photo collection and produced by the George Huber family.

Recollections of Early Pioneers: 1925

Recollections of Early Pioneers: 1925


The Diary of Daniel M. Storer

The Diary of Daniel M. Storer

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The Legend of "Pat" Thielen

The Legend of “Pat” Thielen


We Were Fierce! Cover

“We Were Fierce!” Women in Early Shakopee

“We Were Fierce!” Women in Early Shakopee is a research-based, easy-to-read book about some of the women in early Shakopee. The ten women in this book include: Wakan Yanke, Mar-pi-ya-ro-to-win II, Cordelia Eggleston Pond, Jane Lamont Titus, Mahala Conklin Shumway, Florence Courtney Melton, Mary Brown Griffin, Catherine Neafsey O’Conner, Elizabeth Gerdesmeier Lenzmeier, and Minnie Josephine Otherday Weldon



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T-Shirt LogoT-Shirt FrontT-Shirt Back

Shakopee Heritage Society T-Shirt

Light blue t-shirt with black text. Front side includes the Shakopee Heritage Society logo and text, “Shakopee Heritage Society.” Back side includes image of the Shakopee 1869 illustrated map.

L, XL, XXL sizes are available.