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The Shakopee Heritage Society (SHS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the heritage for the city of Shakopee, Minnesota. The SHS can be considered the stewards of the city’s history, architecture, and founding principles that create a proud and eclectic community. Our mission is to preserve history, architecture, stories, events, artifacts and anything Shakopee. Simultaneously, we promote community awareness about the establishment of our river city, development through the Queen Anne period, growth during the industrial revolution, strength during both World Wars, and leadership toward community growth.

Who We Are

Established in 1999, the society consists of a board of trustees, general members, and relies heavily on interested participants who grew up in the city (or proximity) willing to share knowledge and stories about the city. The board consists of seven¬†elected directors that make decisions regarding the education of local history, and recommendations to the county historical society. The board also acts as a liaison for Shakopee collections and archives, municipal and community committees, publications, and membership events. General membership continues to grow and receive a quarterly newsletter, updates on historic stories, and interaction with the board. Membership also receives an invitation to three annual meetings, an annual “Potluck Dinner,” historic presentations and a group effort to learn and share anything Shakopee.


The SHS has established friendly connections and affiliations with the Scott County Historical Society, Minnesota Historical Society, local retail, city and municipal staff.

Feel free to browse, learn, and explore how the Shakopee Heritage Society is dedicated to history and future awareness. Any suggestions or interests are always welcome. Thank you for your continuing support!

What’s New?

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Pelham Hotel

Shakopee in the late 1940s