Shakopee Flour Mill

By David R. Schleper

Flour mill, circa 1900Ries brothers built a mill establishment in 1859 in Shakopee. It was a three story stone mill with three runs of stone. After three years, it was allowed to lie idle. The city authorized $3,000 for anyone who would erect and operate a flouring mill.

C.E. Woodward purchased the old mill and machinery, repaired it, and ran it for a few months in 1875. He sold it to George F. Strait and Company. It was called the Shakopee City Flouring Mill.

On May 10, 1877, the flour mill was destroyed by fire, but was soon rebuilt.

The mill had a strike in 1920, and in 1922 the elevator was struck by lightning but was never re-built.

The building was gobbled up by one chain, then another, and then they closed the mill.

The flour mill was torn down in 1969.

References: Shakopee Valley News, 23 Jan 1969.

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