Remember When: 1911

Compiled by Don McNeil, Shakopee Heritage Society

From the Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Feb. 10, 1911 – A delightful social function of the week was a card party given by Miss Josephine Koenig at her home Sunday evening. Four tables of “500” were played. Miss Anna Mergens and Peter Barr carrying off the head honors. Refreshments were served and an enjoyable time was spent by all present.

Feb. 10, 1911 – Henry Rottgart had the misfortune to sprain his hand last week in a fall on a slippery walk.

Feb. 10, 1911 – Many are divorced. Records for 1910 show a total of 1,367 decrees of separation granted. Minnesota has a bad record. Out of every 13 marriages performed in the state, one of them ends in the divorce courts. The divorce laws of Minnesota are not so easy or so broad that men and women flock here from other states to have their marriage bonds severed. On the contrary, scores or even hundreds go from here to Nevada, South Dakota and other states where divorce is a routine affair. The county that holds the record, Hubbard, where one marriage out of every 4 ends in the divorce courts, is overwhelmingly a farming area.

Feb. 10, 1911 – Phone leaks hunting tip. Otter Tail farmer finds uninvited neighbor has “bagged” his coons…Fergus Falls – One of the disadvantages of the country phone system where as many as fourteen and fifteen patrons are on a single phone line…a prominent farmer discovered three coons in the top of a tree late in the evening. He felt that if he went after them alone, they would escape. Accordingly he went home and telephoned a neighbor, asking him to come over in the early morning and help him catch the animals. He told him the location of the tree. The neighbor arrived at the scheduled time, but he and the discoverer of the coons found that the tree had been cut down in the night and coons had been captured. Another neighbor had listened in on the phone conversation.

Feb. 17, 1911 – Minnesota Legislature: Proceedings at the MN State Capitol for the past week. The Sibley House will receive $2500 for repairs and improvements, and an additional $65 a month for repairs. The Sibley House Association and the Daughters of the American Revolution shall have charge of the funds.

Feb. 17, 1911 – Seizure of autos provided…A new and novel way to discourage reckless automobile driving on country roads was suggested in a bill. The plan is to have the county confiscate any automobile by which a person on the public highway is injured and to sell it at public auction and put the proceeds in the county treasury.

Feb. 17, 1911 – Heredity can be overcome in some cases. The influence of heredity cannot, of course, be successfully disputed, but it can in some cases be minimized or entirely overcome in some cases by correct food and drink.

Feb. 17, 1911 – Miss Josephine Koenig was hostess at a prettily appointed fancy-dress party for a number of her girlfriends. Thirteen were present, masked to represent different characters and a part of the evening’s entertainment was a guessing contest to determine the identity of the guests. Miss Theresa Berens was the most successful in penetrating the disguises.

Feb. 17, 1911 – They’re coming! Who? Tanner’s Entertainers, for one week, commencing February 20 at the Opera House. Admission 10 and 15 cents.

Feb. 17, 1911 – How to color purple…To color purple for 15 pounds of cotton, take 4 pounds of logwood chips and boil them in two pails of water. Dissolve 1 pound of alum in a pail of hot water and add to the first solution. Put in the cotton and boil in the dye for one hour. Drain and hang to dry.

March 10, 1911 – A New Jersey farmer recently discovered that his cows were being robbed of their milk at night. He hired a detective to watch for the thieves. Although he could discover no thieves, during his first two nights, the cows came home in the morning minus their milk as usual. Finally it was discovered that a flock of geese from a neighboring farm were in the habit of running with the cows at night and when the animals lay down the geese helped themselves to their milk.

March 10, 1911 – French Bean Coffee…1 cent a pound. It will grow in your own garden, ripening here in Wisconsin in 90 days. Splendid health coffee and costing about one cent a pound to grow…a great rarity; a healthful drink. Send us today 15 cents in stamps.

July 21, 1911 – Associated doctors, specialists will be at the Merchant Hotel, Friday, July 28, one day only…remarkable success of these talented physicians in the treatment of chronic diseases. They offer their services free of charge. The treatments given are the latest methods approved by modern science. The results obtained are marvelous and words cannot express the great relief suffering people will receive. No matter what your ailment may be, no matter what they may have told you, no matter what experience you may have had with other physicians, sanitariums or patent medicines, if you want to get well, it will be to your advantage to see them.

July 21, 1911 – Free, Munyon’s Paw-Paw Pills – If you are in need of medical advice, do not fail to write Professor Munyon. Your communication will be treated in strict confidence, and your case will be diagnosed as carefully as though you had a personal interview. Munyon’s Paw-Paw Pills are unlike all other laxatives or cathartics. They coax the liver into activity by gentle methods. Professor Munyon states, “If I had my way, I would prohibit the sale of nine-tenths of the cathartics that are being sold.”

July 28, 1911 – Mudcura Entertains – The patrons of Mudcura were treated to a dance and athletic entertainment Wednesday evening that furnished fun and amusement for all. Included were hand balancing stunts, preliminary boxing, sparring bout, glove championship of old and new world, dance.

July 28, 1911 – Mankato Commercial College leads them all. Its great influence extends far and wide. In attendance, equipment, courses of study, facilities for placing its students in positions it is unsurpassed. Large facility of experienced teachers. A course at this great school leads to success.

August 4, 1911 – Women are barred…Eleven saloons with restaurants told only men may be admitted. – Minneapolis, MN…Mayor Haynes ordered Police Chief Mealey to bar women from 11 saloons which have restaurant facilities. The mayor said as he did last fall, that a place which relied on liquor for most of its income must stand on that business alone and that he would not tolerate operation of a restaurant as a blind to evade his order barring women from saloons.

August 25, 1911 – Evelyn: “but when it comes to lovemaking Harold is rather green isn’t he?”
Myrtle: “not now”
Evelyn: “indeed!”
Myrtle: “no, he’s blue; I rejected him last evening”

Sept. 8, 1911 – Nomination Blank…Scott County Argus Popular Voting Contest. I hereby Nominate Miss….., City or Town ……as the most popular candidate in the Scott County Argus Popular Voting Contest. Signed….address….. Names of people making nominations will not be divulged when so requested.

Sept. 15, 1911 – Free Government Land Not All Gone…Nearly 500,000 acres free land in South Dakota…opening of Rosebud and Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Drawing will be held for the distribution of lands in the Rosebud and Pine Ridge Indian Reservation of South Dakota, which are being opened to settlement by the US Government.

Oct. 27, 1911 – About two thousand people were out early last Tuesday to see and hear President Taft. It was eminently a non-partisan gathering of people who assembled to pay their respect to the Chief Executive of the nation, and while there was no show of enthusiasm, the crowd was hospitable and gave him a most respectful and attentive audience. The President talked for about fifteen minutes. His remarks were chiefly addressed to the 500 children present and to many of the farmers who had come to hear him.

Minneapolis has obtained from the State Supreme Court what it long has waited for, a decision upholding the city in its assertion of police power in regulation of the smoke nuisance. The decision is rendered in the case of Minneapolis vs. the Chicago, Milwaukee and St Paul Railroad. The company was prosecuted because its engines, burning soft coal, emitted great clouds of smoke. The railroad held that the city had no right to prevent use of soft coal in its engines. According to the mayor, “it is the best thing that has happened to the city in many months.”

Now is the time when you want your horse clipped. When clipped he will look better, can work better and will stand more driving, and you will be rid of the annoyance of flying hair and hair in your clothes. My clipper is run by electric power and I can do all kinds of clipping promptly and satisfactorily. Give me a trial and be convinced…Geo. C Kopp, Shakopee.

Geo. Plumstead had the misfortune to fracture his right elbow in a runaway accident yesterday. A team of colts attached to a load of straw which he was unloading ran away and threw him off by running into a tree.

Citizens of Carver County propose to raise the water level of Lake Minnetonka by driving the water of Lake Waconia into it instead of into the Minnesota River. This would insure a steady flow of water for Minnehaha Falls in the year ahead.

$31.40 Tourist Car fare – Minneapolis-St. Paul to Los Angeles on Northwestern Line.

Announcement: I believe it due my friends, the voters of this city, to offer an explanation on my action in allowing my name on a petition for Mayor and later withdrawing same.

After being urged for sometime to make the run for the office, at the last moment I consented to the wishes of my friends; my sole object in doing so was to further the continuance of our public improvements, namely sewer and water works. After filing I learned that the current mayor, who was seeking re-election, was in favor of these improvements being extended. I made an appointment to discuss this with him and he assured me he was in favor of the improvements and their extension and I decided to withdraw my name from the ticket…Mr. Thiem

News from the Fatherland: A brief resume of the most important happening in the German Empire: In the near future, perhaps before the end of the year, Austria will have the greatest navy in the world.

Only in the course of the last few days the information has leaked out that for sometime past the administration of the army has been secretly engaged in building a number of flying machines of an entirely new type, which will be called the “Kaiser Aeroplane.” This most modern of all airships consists of an ingenious combination of an aeroplane and the dirigible balloon. Experts who are familiar with the construction of these machines claim that they cannot possibly fall from the sky.

Free advice to Women: Women suffering from any form of illness are invited to promptly communicate with Mrs. Pinham of Lynn, Mass. All letters are received, opened, read and answered by women. A woman can freely talk of her private illnesses to a woman; thus has been established this confidence between Mrs. Pinham and the women of America which has never been broken. Every woman ought to have Lydia E. Pinham’s 80-page free text book…write for it today.

Women Teachers Win Fight – will receive same pay as men in New York schools. Men teachers in the elementary schools of New York City appointed hereafter will receive the same pay as women. This will mean that the present salaries paid to men in those positions will be cut almost one-third in the cases of future appointees. The controversy over the questions has been bitterly waged for several years.

Opportunity: A good position for you: Window Trimming and Card Writing…learn this high-salaried profession…experience not necessary for success. We teach you in 8 weeks by personal instruction in real windows with full equipment, merchandise and fixtures. All our spring class students have been placed in good positions…Twin City School of Window Dressing

Shakopee Best Market for Eggs: That Shakopee has established a market for eggs second to none of any town or city in the Minnesota Valley will be conceded when it is known that during the past month it shipped five hundred cases, almost two car loads of choice, fresh eggs for consumption by the Twin City people, to say nothing of those consumed by its own residents.

Wanted: Conductors and Motormen – Steady employment for able-bodied men of average intelligence with common school education…takes about 10 days to learn trade that pays good wages and has no “layoffs” on account of bad weather or hard times. Steady and industrious car men can earn from $75.00 to $85.00 per month…Duluth Street Railway Co.

Good Words for Mudcura: H. P. Blasdell returned Monday morning from Shakopee, accompanied by Mrs. Blasdell. He had taken their son, Claude, to receive treatment for inflammatory rheumatism at the Mudcura Sanitarium last week. Claude’s condition was very serious when he left Luverne, but during the few days he has received treatment, he has shown much improvement and when Mr. Blasdell left on his return to their city, his condition was encouraging and if no complications set in, it is believed that he will have fully recovered in the course of a few days.

Traveling through the state the writer was shown a farm that was offered 5 years ago for $250 an acre. That appeared to be a high figure for land upon which the owner depended upon the crops of corn, and the hogs and cattle that could be raised upon it, but it wasn’t. A few weeks ago the farm changed hands at $325 an acre.

News from the MN Legislature:

  • Speaker Dunn interrupted business to instruct the Sergeant-At-Arms to eject all lobbyists from the floor of the House.
  • Senator Schaller was voted $1000 for his services in the prosecution of Patrick Gibbons who killed his wife and a priest in So. St. Paul.

Last Friday night a steamer with two barges passed Shakopee for Henderson after wood which it is said can be had there for $1.25 a cord.

The new roller mill will be fifty feet wide by seventy long and five stories high, about twice the height of any other store in town.
How many towns owe some of their prosperity to the picture card! Well it is hard to quote figures, but it is very certain that the local view card is a great little worker. Just think of it…at the cost of a cent or two the attractive spots of our town can be brought right home to distant friends and acquaintances.

Congressman, C.R. Davis, has sent a sack of trial seeds to Superintendent Wolfe, which will be used in our school gardening project.

$300,000 was the ninety-first birthday gift of Dr. Daniel K. Pearsons, the grand old man of Hinsdale, Illinois to the colleges and missions he calls his children. In all, he has paid what he calls “debts to the world” of approximately $5,000,000. All that now remains of his once great fortune is the modest residence where he lives valued at $30,000.

Boys Beware “The Eyes of the Law”: Boys, do not kill the little birds or destroy their little homes…their nests. The laws of the state make it a criminal offense which is punishable by a fine, to kill any song bird.

Two thousand tracks of unalloted Indian land in the Seminole, Cherokee and Creek nations, Oklahoma are to be offered for sale by the government at auction.

Commentator: “There were several ungrammatical sentences in your speech last night.”
Politician: “I know; I’m making a play for the uneducated voter.”

News from Our Neighbors: The editor of a neighboring city’s newspaper was compelled to get down on his knees on the pavement and to publicly apologize to one of its prominent citizens for an article which recently appeared in the newspaper reflecting, by innuendo, on the citizen’s family.

News of the Nation: Standard Oil Loses Its Case – Will Be Dissolved: The US Supreme Bench declared the corporation illegal as it is since it monopolizes interstate commerce.

Rehearsals for the “Scott County Fair,” the home talent play to be given at the Opera House, November 9th and 10th are progressing nicely under the personal direction of Miss Marie Rosenfield, and the entertainment is expected to be of unusual merit for an amateur performance.

Life Insurance Solicitor: “If you live 20 years you get the $10,000, but if you don’t, then your widow will get it.”
Potential Client: “How will I know that she got it?”

A stingy man thought he would save money by taking his wife to a picture show, “to keep her mind off bargain counters.” Exactly and what do you suppose was the first picture thrown on the screen? – Some of the latest styles in Paris hats.

Mothers who know the importance of a strong body take the great tonic, “Digesto.” It builds body and brain, dispels listlessness, creates appetite and brings refreshing sleep and is pleasant to take. For sale at all drugstores. Made by Theo. Hamms Brewing Co., St. Paul, MN.

The labyrinth of tunnels constructed by moles serves as passageways for several species of mice and other small mammals not favored by nature with the means of digging runways of their own. To these alone is due the credit for most of the damage to seeds, roots, and tubers encountered in the soil, and not to the mole himself. Repeated leveling tends to discourage destructive moles and prevents injury to grass.

Many a time you’re to be just about done in by the heat…hot, and so thirsty it just seems nothing could quench it. When such moments arrive or when you just want a delicious, palate tickeling drink, step into the first place you can find where they sell Coca-Cola…at soda fountains or carbonated in bottles – 5 cents everywhere.

St. Paul – Attorney General Simpson has decided that the governor does not have the power to remove Superintendent Whittier from the superintendency of the State Training School for Boys at Red Wing, and accordingly, the State Supreme Court will be asked to arbitrate the matter.

For bounties on wolves, the State is sending out warrants amounting to $16,456.50. This represents sums paid for inflicting the death penalty on 1975 full grown wolves and 548 cubs. For a full-grown wolf, the State pays a bounty of $7.50, and for cubs, $3.00.

Backache is only one of many symptoms which some women endure through weakness or displacement of the womanly organs. Dr. Pierce’s favorite prescription is a positive cure for these maladies. Do not permit a dishonest dealer to substitute for this medicine which has a record of 40 years of cures.

Two women prominent in St. Louis have started a movement to induce 300,000 of their sex in the south to pray often and well every day that the more affluent, wealthy persons will be led to contribute to a fund for the evangelization of the world.

A harness has been found satisfactory in preventing cows from milking themselves. A smooth pole extends between the fore legs to near the udder, and is suspended by two straps over the back, one around the flank, and by a light chain to the halter. The cow wearing such a device will find in impossible to reach back far enough to cheat her master.

A number of St. Paul’s leading business men are behind a project which has for its purpose the construction of an interurban electric line starting from St. Paul and connecting Mankato, St. Peter and all the other towns located in the rich valley of Minnesota. Whether or not Shakopee will be on the line is not known at this writing.

Sewer Assessment Under Fire…At the meeting of the city council held Tuesday evening, fifty-five property owners filed their objections to the proposed assessment for the cost of construction of the sewer in District 1 of this city.

If the reader has a “bad back” or any kidney ill and is looking for relief and cure, better depend on the only remedy endorsed by people you know. Doan’s Kidney Pills relieve quickly…cure permanently. Shakopee citizens testify to this.

M. T. Regan, one of Shakopee’s good citizens, is authority for the following statement: “I believe in advertising, and I know that it pays, but you must advertise right and in that connection I want to say, if you have any advertising to do of any character, and want to get results and get them quick, advertise in the Argus.”

Jacob Spring, foreman of the Shakopee lime kiln, while getting stone out of the quarry, about eight feet below the surface of the earth, struck a natural hole about two feet wide and six feet long and apparently bottomless, as they have failed to find the bottom as yet.

The Board of Education of Shakopee has under consideration the inauguration of some special courses into our high school to meet the needs or demands of young men and women of the community who are unable to attend school the entire year.

James J. Hill, “Empire Builder of the Northwest,” of St. Paul, celebrated his 73rd birthday. If there is another man in the United States who has passed the allotted time of three score years and ten and has done as much work in his lifetime and still retains a keen intellect and can yet do much important work in a day…St. Paul would like to know who he is.

Under New Management…Best of service, rates $1.00 to $1.50 per day. M. Vanderstegen, proprietor…St. Paul Hotel. First Class bar connected; good stabling accommodations…Shakopee, Minnesota.

The plague, or Asiatic cholera, or as it used to be called, “the black death,” has been spreading of late in Europe. The plague is thriving in Russia having already killed seventy thousand people.

Henry Nicolin, on his return from Michigan, brought with him a barrel of the celebrated sulphurated mineral water from the famous Michigan health resort. One thing is certain…if its action on the system is as powerful as the odor it imparts it will knock his rheumatism into a cocked hat, so to speak, long before the contents of the barrel is used up.

Annual meeting of Roadmakers Association…An invitation has been sent out by the Minnesota Road Makers Association to their third annual meeting to be held under the auspices of the State Highway Commission. The invitation can be accepted by anyone interested in good roads.

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