Remember When: 1936

Compiled by Don McNeil, Shakopee Heritage Society

From the Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Jobs on highway to help farmers pay us U. S. loans…will assist in graveling 500 miles of roads as a winter project. Farmers in some twenty drought stricken counties in Minnesota will be able to work out all or part of their government feed and hay loans this winter by helping the State Highway Department re-gravel state roads.

Range Corporation to begin operation…crew now taking inventory, making repairs. 80 men to be on payroll. Like a ray of sunshine bursting through threatening skies came the announcement that the American Range Corporation would be under “full production within the next ten days.”

“Old 41” school…landmark located on Fourth street in west Shakopee since 1870 will yield to wreckers soon. It long linked the present with the past in Shakopee. Since District No. 41 and District No. 1 were consolidated in 1918 the old two-story building has been a “white elephant” on the hands of the school directors.

Expense control urged for the State…Expenditure control stands foremost among measures which should be considered if the Minnesota legislature attempts revision of the state’s taxation system. “One of the reasons for the constant upswing in public costs extending back over two decades, is the lack of legal restraint on those invested with power to levy taxes,” per J. P. McDonnell, president of the Minnesota Taxpayer Association.

Today & Tomorrow by Frank Parker…Motion Pictures – They improve…it seems perfectly clear to me that there has been a great improvement in the films in the past year or so…better stories, better acting, better stage effects, better sound reproduction. I find much less that is offensive to my sense of good taste and decency than I used to…less of the sort of thing that is apparently aimed at the lowest mental and moral types.

Siebenaler Bros, Shakopee ice dealers are working on their ice crop…Six teams and 15 men were on the crew. The ice, 15 inches thick, is of a good quality.

Believed to be the strongest footing ever occupied by the organization in Shakopee, the Boy Scout movement here is well on its way to achievement in its two-fold purpose of character building and citizenship training.

The first Minnesota legislature which convened on September 3, 1849, assembled not in an imposing structure designed especially to meet it needs, but in a crude little log hotel in St. Paul.

Shak-O-Hi News…Measure Yourself…A few pointers for the school year: 1) see things to be done and then do them; 2) use courteous phrases; 3) practice thrift; 4) finish things; 5) give a prompt response; 6) show originality; 7) express yourself freely; 8) listen attentively; 9) talk and laugh gently; 10) be orderly; 11) clean teeth regularly; 12) respect property rights of others; 13) enunciate clearly; 14) speak correctly; 15) appreciate good music and literature…The 5th and 6th grades are now using the Victrola during penmanship period and enjoy writing their drills to music.

The Classified Advertising Section…The market where buyers and sellers meet, where wants are satisfied and where results are certain. Classified rates: 2 cents a word for the first insertion, 1 cent a word for each succeeding insertion. No classifieds for less than 25 cents.

Cause and Effect by A. B. Chapin…Motor accidents 1936 – 36,000 killed, 300,000 injured…drunkenness and recklessness…What are we going to do about it?

Good travel news…Special deep-cut excursion rates to principal cities of the East…newest type buses safe, warm and comfortable. Sample one-way fares from the Twin Cities to New York…$16.70; Pittsburg…$12.20…Detroit…$7.70; Seattle…$27.20; Miami…$27.00 – Northland Greyhound Lines.

Telephones are not for hermits…telephones are for normal people…people who like to talk with friends and be with friends…people whose lives are full of situations in which telephones meet their needs…in business, in emergencies, in having good times…the Bell System.

A total of 273 rabbits were brought into Madison recently, the result of “just a little hunting” by Ernest Patzer. The rabbits filled a triple wagon box full. They were sold at the rate of 10 cents each, bringing a check for $27.30.

An equitable assessment is a necessary basis for a fair distribution of the property tax burden, declares League of Women Voters. The League takes occasion to criticize the present assessment setup and offers what it believes to be constructive suggestions. It opposes the present system and favors the county assessor plan.

“Whoopee John” and his radio-recording orchestra will be featured at the annual Luxembourger Ball at Dawson’s Hall here tonight. Advance ticket sales have reached a record high and the promise of more sales at the door is anticipated.

For the Family! … There is no better drink and no better food that Oak Grove Milk. It should be used every meal of the day in some form. Purity…wholesomeness – Oak Grove Sanitary Dairy, Shakopee.

Hundreds watched the district ice hockey tournament sponsored by the SERA at the municipal skating rink at Shakopee Sunday afternoon. Entrance in the events was confined to residents of Scott and Dakota counties.

A new feature…”True Ghost Stories”…starts in this issue of the Argus-Tribune. Not just ordinary ghost stories, but true incidents from pens of famous people. Each article is a personal experience of the writer and are truly different.

Last Tuesday the Shakopee basketball team journeyed to Waconia. We met defeat at the hands of a fast, clever, good ball handling team rated the best in the district. The score ended 34 to 19.

Unemployment Insurance…a tax on all payrolls to be paid by employers, half of it deducted from the pay of employees, to be used to compensate employees who are laid off or otherwise unable to work, and also to build up the old age pension fund.

Behind the scenes with the Want-Ads…If you don’t have the want-ad reading habit, you are the exception that proves the rule. Everybody else has it. You don’t have to be a buyer or a seller to discover interest in these columns. Every item has a story to tell…a most interesting story in many cases…The Want Ad Lady.

Be loyal to your town as well as to your country…patronize your local merchants!

The Rock Springs Sparklers added another victory to their perfect record when they defeated the fast Chaska five 45-20 on the Shakopee court. The evident enthusiasm over the team has encouraged the management to book another game.

The young men of St. Mary’s parish are laying plans for a card party to be held at the Knights of Columbus hall. 500, bridge and cribbage are to be played.

County to receive bids for boarding purposes…Sealed bids for the boarding of paupers at the county poor house for a 3-year term. The successful bidder is to furnish lodging, board, washing and mending and is to nurse all paupers during sickness.

Much genuine interest is being shown in the big carnival to be staged at the school auditorium. When Shakopee’s populace turns out at the school auditorium, they will be greeted by barkers and ballyhoos. There will be the gardens, fortune tellers, interesting curiosities, side shows and boulevards of Paris.

A style show was given at the Women’s Reformatory Thursday and Friday evenings. Ten of the inmates with Delores Sames and Delores Pink modeled ninety dresses. There were dresses for sport, school, Sunday mornings at home, beach and street. The women have been taught the short cuts and clever tricks in the art of dressmaking, and many are now able to qualify as excellent dressmakers.

A permit from the Federal Alcohol Administration granting Northwestern Distilleries, Inc. the right to engage in the “distilled spirits industry”…Shakopee is to be the home of the only distillery not alone in Minnesota, but in the five-state federal tax unit composed of Minnesota, Nebraska, North and South Dakota.

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