Remember When: 1952

Compiled by Don McNeil, Shakopee Heritage Society

From the Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Reformatory here has a good record. Until permanent assignment to a specific cottage the new inmate is housed in what is known as the entrance cottage. Permanent cottage assignments depend upon classification, compatibility and work assignment. These, however, are not inflexible and can be altered if and when the need arises. Occupations in the institution include such things as work on the farm or in the gardens, laundry, domestic and kitchen duties, sewing, cleaning, care of the grounds and similar occupations which not only afford employment, but give each woman the opportunity to improve her skills and expand her knowledge along homemaking lines.

You can now call 700,000 Bell telephones in Minnesota. It took 59 years to reach the 350,000 mark, but only the last 13 years to double the number to 700,000. 222,189 added since the war. 4 out of 5 residence customers are on party lines.

Applicants for new driver licenses will be required to turn in their old cards before a new one can be issued. Licenses will still be valid for four years and will continue to cost $1. New licenses will be issued within five working days after being received by the state office.

180 HP and you don’t have to use premium gas! – Chrysler Fire Power – Metcalf Motor Service, First and Fuller St.

Better but fewer days…because the pigs go to market earlier according to Dr. D. L. Halver who this week told the Argus-Tribune about the newest of new things in raising pigs. That new thing is known as pig milk replacer – a synthetic sow’s milk which in the few months since its commercial introduction is making a strong bid for permanence in the pig’s diet.

New Chevrolet for ’52 on display, Sat. Jan. 19 – Schesso Brothers, 204 E. 2nd St.

Optional feature on ’52 Buick Roadmaster Supers and Specials – power steering which works like a helping hand for the driver; contains the mightiest and quietest running engine, most powerful brakes, and the richest upholstery fabrics ever put into a Buick car.

History in the making…most local residents may not realize it, but in Shakopee history is being made in the mental health program. Since 30 mentally deficient youngsters – all of the lowest intelligence grade arrived here last October, some really amazing progress has been made in dealing with their unfortunate disabilities.

The State Bond Chairman stated that two convenient ways to buy Defense Bonds were through the Payroll Savings Plan offered by firms and the Bond-A-Month Plan handled through any bank.

A new Oldsmobile and $10,000 in U.S. Savings Bonds are prizes in the Name the Polio Poster Boy contest to raise funds for the 1952 March of Dimes. Entry blanks are available at the Red Owl agency in Shakopee.

A call for bids for the construction of a new 50-bed hospital here is to be issued January 3 according to an announcement made by the architects. The announcement came shortly after the architects and Sisters of St. Francis received word that the final plans for the modern institution had been given the approval of the federal and state agencies through whom federal funds are to be allocated to the Shakopee project.

Smoking and drinking by teenage youngsters will be the subject of a discussion sponsored by the PTA, featuring talks by persons in the fields of health, law enforcement and athletics.

78 get jobless benefits from Shakopee office…there are 78 persons registered for work and claiming unemployment benefits from the Shakopee part-time office. The local office serves all of Scott County and residents of Chaska and its vicinity.

Clarence Czaia and Isla Lindmeyer, mayor and city council president respectively, have been named chairs of the March of Dimes campaign in Shakopee. There are now 15 “polio cans” in various business places throughout the city where residents can drop in contributions for the fight against polio.

Traffic on Minnesota’s trunk highways has increased almost 50 percent in the last 10 years on the basis of data obtained from 27 automatic traffic recorders located on rural trunk highways. Every year since the war has shown substantial gains.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Hospitalization Insurance…now is the time, only one open enrollment period in 1952. Applications must be in our office before February 1, 1952. Farmers only eligible through Farm Bureau Group.

A full length feature picture, “Galahad Jones,” will highlight the parade of entertainment to be staged for farmers and their families who attend the 16th annual John Deere Day show as guests of Molnau Implement Co. at Rex Theater.

Alex Meisnissan, blind carpenter, who is working on the home of Mrs. Doris Weinmann here, was featured recently in Ripley’s “Believe It Or Not” syndicated column. The feature is circulated throughout the nation in more than 500 metropolitan daily newspapers. “His work is excellent.” At the present time he is shingling the roof of her new home.

“Gold Rush Is A Comin’ – There’s Bargains In Sight…Gold Rush Is A Comin’ – There’s Dancin’ At Night”. This could well be the theme song for the three-day good will event to be held in Shakopee February 14, 15 & 16. Business, industrial and professional people are uniting their ideas and efforts to make the affair attractive and interesting to the entire trade area. Merchants are planning special bargain prices and there will be a multitude of free gifts valued at nearly $1000. Throughout the 3 days there are to be special features and entertainment including novel stunts Friday and Saturday and a dance Saturday when the gifts will be presented. Sponsored by the Shakopee Commercial Club, the affair is being supported in radio broadcasts over WCCO. It has already gained wide attention and is expected to be one of the most outstanding activities ever held in Shakopee.

Local residents will have a chance to express their views on Shakopee as a shopping center in a new four-week contest starting in the Argus-Tribune. Anyone can enter, regardless of age or residence, and entries may be as short as 100 words. They can be on the subjects “Why I Like Shakopee as a Shopping Center” or “Why I Don’t Like Shakopee as a Shopping Center.” What is wanted are original ideas or observations along with suggestions on the merits or demerits of this city as a place to shop. Winning entries will be published in the Argus-Tribune in four weeks, along with a resume of the others received. A $5 credit at one of the stores advertising in this paper from now until the close of the contest will be awarded the first place winner, with a year’s subscription to this newspaper given those persons who write second and third place entries.

People will have paper to burn from now on – that is, unless Shakopee Boy Scouts can find a market for the tonnage they already have stored up. Wallace Kopisca, local scoutmaster, said the boys have discontinued picking up waste paper because they have been unable to sell it in recent weeks. Formerly they made regular Saturday pick-ups at homes and business places throughout the city.

“I’ll Be Here For Gold Rush Days…Will You?” – Cut me out and bring me in…I’m good for one FREE grease job during the month of February…Robbins Motors, Shakopee.

NOTICE: Local stores will remain open every Friday until 9 p.m.…We are making this change in accordance with many requests we have received from our customers.

Two Minneapolis boys are owners of a new radio and television repair shop. The new shop offers servicing on all makes and models of radio and television sets. Called the B & N Service Co., they offer home service as well as repair on sets brought into their shop.

The Shakopee “Gold Rush Days” event was an outstanding success merchants generally agreed. The three-day affair gave strong support to the opinion that shoppers were well satisfied and pleased with the cooperative effort made by the community. One unfortunate break in the program was the “let down” by the weather man who provided such mild weather that the ice at Recreation Park was too soft to permit the staging of the ice show.

Dead Stock…Highest cash prices for dead or disabled horses and cows. Prompt sanitary removal service – call us collect…Empire Rendering Co.

Standing committees for the year 1952 were appointed at the regular Shakopee Commercial Club meeting held at the Legion Club Tuesday night.

Kids waste too much time on comics and TV. The time wasting effects of comic books, radio, television and movies were stressed at a discussion meeting of the Shakopee PTA. Speakers were Dr. Bror Pearson and Glenn Partridge. Judge F. J. Connolly also spoke on the problem of indecent literature and the campaign of Minnesota juvenile court judges to discourage news dealers from selling adverse publications to young people. Dr. Pearson dealt with the effects of TV and comic books, in particular, on the emotions of children, citing several examples when temporary maladjustment had resulted because of too much emphasis on these media.

Roofing, Siding, Insulation…Minor Carpentry. Gamble Store, 53rd and Lyndale, Tel. PL 6853. Ask for Burke or Swanson or call WA 5943 after 6 p.m….reverse charges, of course.

The Gallup poll recently gathered some information that should let you know where you stand in the cost-of-living picture. The question asked was, “What is the smallest amount of money a family of four needs to get along on?” People in big cities of 10,000 population or more answered $60/week. Small towns and farm areas said $50/week was the minimum. The same poll taken in July 1937 found that the public considered $30/week the minimum needed for a family of four.

A demand for improved county roads in the Third Commissioner district and replacement of the district’s road patrol and maintenances crews was lodged before the county commissioners by a group of irate farmers. Nearly 30 residents of the rural areas east and south of Shakopee, who made the trip to town on tractors and in trucks because of the poor conditions of roads hit by the spring break-up, appeared before the commissioners to place their demands for action.

The latest, and undoubtedly the last, snow sculpture for this winter is a carefully molded chalice and angel figure that stands in the yard of the J. A. Coller home. The statue, like several others, which have since melted, was done by Mrs. Coller as a winter hobby.

50 Years Ago…Scott County Argus, April 10, 1902 – Foreign settlers are coming to the West by the thousands this spring. This means stronger competition in farming and farmers generally must make the best of it.

Robbins Selling New Royal Tire…A new tire reported to provide greater safety and mileage economy was announced this week by W. C. Robbins, owner of Robbins Motor Co., Shakopee. It is the “U.S. Centipede Grip,” a regular pressure type tire built by United States Rubber Co. for more skid resistance and stopping power.

Always a hit for its smooth, satisfying, real beer flavor…Master brewed and mellow aged from the choicest ingredients. For real satisfaction ask of Bub’s today! Brewed and bottled by Peter Bub Brewery, Inc., Winona, MN. Time honored for over 90 years.

Buyers have 129 car model-color choices. A striking array of miniature Chevrolets illustrates the 129 model-color choices available to the 1952 buyer. Brilliant new colors in solid or two-tone combinations with smartly styled interiors in harmonizing shades are features of the recently introduced line.

Shakopee Theater…Now Showing – Thursday, “Sunny Side of the Street,” Friday and Saturday, “Hong Kong,” Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, “Retreat, Hell,” Wednesday and Thursday, “Shadow in the Sky.”

Council Ends Year…Starts New Term – To start the new year, Alderman Huth called the council to order and was named temporary chairman on motion of Alderman Frank. The council selected the city employees: Dr. B. F. Pearson was re-appointed health officer; J. A. Coller II was again named city attorney, and John Abeln was returned as fire apparatus engineer.

The urgent need for blood and the funds to process it for military and civilian use was stressed at a Red Cross meeting held at the Legion Club here Tuesday afternoon.

Twenty-five Boy Scout members were guests at a sleigh ride party given by Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Capesius Wednesday evening. Refreshments were served after the ride at the Capesius home.

25 years ago…March 10, 1927 – The Rock Springs restaurant owned and to be controlled and operated by Shakopee’s mayor, Miss Elizabeth Ries, will swing open its doors to the public next week.

The 1953 federal budget of $85.4 billion is greater than all the incomes of all the people west of the Mississippi.

The simple joy of being able to spread her own bread with jelly has been given once again to Marjorie, thanks to Easter Seals. Marjorie lost her right arm in a farm accident.

Nearly 100 Page and Hill employees were still out on strike following a walk-out. The strikers are members of the AFL Carpenter’s Union, District 171, and are asking for $.30 hourly package wage increase. Officials of Page and Hill said the company had offered a $.25 per hour increase, but by Wednesday the two sides had failed to reach an agreement.

50 years ago…Scott County Argus – The dynamo for the electric light plant reached here Saturday and about a dozen men are busy putting the machinery in place. It is hoped that the plant will be in readiness by a week from Saturday so that the lights may be turned on for a solemn service at St. Mark’s church that evening.

Now I feel sorry for women who don’t have my Chrysler power steering…On every turn my hydraulic power does 4/5 of the work, my hand does only 1/5. On every turn I turn the wheel 1/3 less distance than other cars. I can start in the morning and drive into the night with never a hint of shoulder strain…with the same wonderful “wheel feel” and safety in every mile!

NOTICE: Application in writing will be received by the City Council of the City of Shakopee for the position of Assessor. Salary for the Assessor has been set at $850. Applicants must also appear in person. The Council reserves the right to reject any and or all bids. City of Shakopee, by F. A. Dircks, City Recorder.

Weekend Special at Dueber’s, Shakopee…stamped pillow cases $1.00 a pair – 3 inch hemstitched hem ready to be embroidered; flour sacks $.29 – large size, bleached to a spotless white. “The Best” in flour sacks; dress or sport socks $.37 – you have never seen a value like this…beautiful argyles, diamond and other gay weaves.

A sweet-running car is a combination of a lot of things – and we have the combination…fine Pure Oil lubricants, expertly applied according to the Pure Chek-Chart – that’s the right combination. Come in and get it fresh every 1000 miles. Grease job complete $1.00. Dawson’s Pure Oil Service, Shakopee, Phone 162.

25 years ago…Maurice Stans, an honor student in 1925’s graduating class of the Shakopee High School, maintained an “A” average in an accountant’s night school course at Northwestern University, Chicago, while holding a good position during the day.

In a transaction completed Saturday, the Shakopee Theater was sold to Harold Case, formerly of Osage, MN, and Spencer, IA. Mr. Case took over the management of the business Sunday. Henry Workman has operated the theater since its erection by the PAW Theater Corp. in 1936.

Nature is getting an assist at Riverside Ball Park where an electric pump has been in operation on a 24-hour schedule since May 1, sucking the flood waters off the diamond at a rate of 950 gallons per minute. From starting date until present it had drawn 10,944,000 gallons off the area…and the muddy ground came into view.

Erection of the life-size crucifixion group was completed in St. Mark’s cemetery. The statues, weighing 2500 pounds, were donated by Henry C. Husman, who with Herman Abeln, Ben Abeln and Herman Verch, also constructed the massive concrete base on which the figures are mounted. With the assistance of the municipal utilities pole hoist the statues and the heavy steel cross were placed in position.

Grand Opening…M & M Gas Station and Café (formerly the Dinette), Sat., May 7. Free coffee all day and opening special! Gas – regular $.25/gal. Your hosts Manny and Marge Hergott.

On our lot this week…1947 Chev, 2 dr, 1940 Pontiac, 2 dr, 1940 Ford, 2 dr and 1938 Chev, 2 dr. “You can’t go wrong going to the right dealer”…Robbins Motor Co., Cyril Sames, Service Manager.

White Lady Baltimore Cake with Chocolate Fudge Icing…59 cents, Valley Bakery, Elmer Dahl, Proprietor.

When you’re tired and weary, don’t just moan and sigh, just open a bottle of sparkling Bub’s Beer and kiss your troubles goodbye! Time honored for over 90 years.

Eagle Creek…a fisherman’s paradise! The stream was stocked with thousands of trout. Ernie Boyd, Scott County Game Warden and Clem Roberts dumped the fry into the creek.

The marvelous feats of a modern crane and its operator were demonstrated at the Rahr Malting plant when a huge steel scaffolding was hoisted in one piece and placed between two newly constructed additions to the plant. The framework, weighing several tons, will be part of a ventilator shaft.

Shak-O-Pieces by Glenn H. Partridge…We held this column out for a few weeks, hoping somebody would miss it and tell us so. There wasn’t a peep out of anyone, however, so it will continue out of sheer spite!

Worsening floods spur interest in tree planting…A total of 40,000 trees were delivered to Scott County farmers for planting this spring by the county soil conservation district. “Tree planting is one of the best erosion and flood control measures we have,” states the district representative. “Whenever water erosion on steep hillsides or gullied areas and wind erosion on sandy soils cannot be controlled, conservationists turn to trees as a possible solution.”

The Seniors of the Shakopee High School enjoyed a field day when they explored the Ford plant in Minneapolis and the WCCO radio station, where they observed Cedric Adams’ noon broadcast.

The old and the new are graphically portrayed in Shakopee these days as construction of the 50-bed St. Francis hospital progresses next to the present building. Workmen report that construction is progressing on schedule, aided by the favorable early spring weather.

A calendar of 100 district court cases will await commencement of the June 1952 term in the Scott County Courthouse here next Wednesday. Eight of the total are criminal cases.

Now Open…Serving hamburgers, soft drinks, French fries, vanilla and chocolate Dairy Whipts – Bagge’s Dairy-Whipt…open every day from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m….east end of Shakopee on Hwy. 101.

180 horses under the hood…drive a Chrysler! Learn the difference…Metcalf Motor Service, First and Fuller.

The girl who is selected “Shakopee Gold Rush Queen” will go to the St. Paul Winter Carnival as a representative of Shakopee, it was decided at a meeting of the queen contest committee at the Legion Club. Each contestant in the Gold Rush Queen contest must have a sponsoring agency, must be between 18 and 25, must be single and have a minimum education of high school. To be eligible for competition, a girl must also reside in Shakopee or its trade area.

M. A. Deutsch, 87, one of Shakopee’s last remaining pioneer businessmen, died at St. Francis hospital. He had operated a drug store here for half a century in the building now occupied by the Dueber Store.

Farm families from Scott, Carver and Hennepin counties will have the opportunity to take an air tour from Flying Cloud airport to study soil conservation in the area. In many cases, farmers will be able to see their own farms from the air. Flights will start every five minutes during the day.

Entries in the Argus-Tribune’s new “Pick the Nominee” contest are coming in steadily, and already a wide selection of names have been offered. So far postcards have arrived bearing the names of Taft, Eisenhower, Stevenson, MacArthur, Kefauver, Warren, Stassen and Truman as the people readers predict will get the president and vice presidential nominations. If you hit the four names correctly, we will give a year’s free subscription to you or someone else of your choosing.

50 Years Ago…the celebration of Independence Day at Shakopee passed off the same as usual. People began to arrive early in the morning and the streets were well crowded by nine o’clock when the parade occurred. Under the management of the marshal of the day, H. P. Fischer, it made a fine appearance.

Owners and employees of the St. Paul House hereby express our thanks and appreciation to the Mayor, City Council and to all the citizens of Shakopee and vicinity for their support and assistance in securing a license for the St. Paul House. We desire each and all of you to know that we are very grateful to you…Frank, Marjorie and Jerome Wampach.

Joe Morello, owner of local Ford garage, announces the purchase of a new used-car lot next to the Ford garage. Our staff of efficient employees are trained to give you fast, quality service. Just call 219 for an appointment. This week’s special: ’50 Ford V-8, 2-door, guaranteed low mileage – $1198…Joe Morello Motor Sales, 338 East First Street.

Little Susan Kerber, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Martin Kerber, wandered away about 5:30 Wednesday evening. After frantic searching by her parents, firemen were called out at 6:15 to assist the hunt. The little girl had wandered away from her father, who was at the National Tea store. She was found, quite undisturbed by all the excitement, near the railroad depot on West Second street.

With Bloomington furnishing the opposition, the Shakopee Indians will make their first home game appearance at Riverside Park Sunday afternoon. The game will likewise be the first time the locals have been on their home diamond since a disastrous flood left the park too soggy and in generally poor condition.

Personal Items Concerning Local People…Mrs. Ward Burdick and son, Clayton, of Elk River were callers at the home of Mrs. Joseph Thiel last Thursday afternoon. The Burdicks and Thiels were former neighbors.

Babies and appendicitis kept local doctors on the run last month, according to case records at St. Francis Hospital. A total of 31 little people made their debut during the month. Appendicitis cases totaled 14, a record for the month.

Henry Marschall, who had been employed to canvass the community to determine the number of unlicensed dogs in the city, reported that he had secured license fees for 114 animals and that six owners of 20 dogs had refused to acquire licenses as required by city ordinance. The matter of unlicensed dogs was referred to the Chief of Police for proper action with instructions to report at the next meeting of the council.

Sheriff W. B. Schroeder has announced that his office will continue to enforce the law relating to illegal sale and use of fireworks. The law was passed in 1941 for the safety of the state’s youngsters after a great deal of agitation on the part of citizens of the state because of the large number of children being burned, blinded, maimed and even killed by fireworks each year. The law makes it a misdemeanor for anyone to possess, offer for sale, sell, or use fireworks of any kind including firecrackers, skyrockets, torpedoes, daygo bombs, Roman candles and sparklers in the state of Minnesota.

Polio epidemic feared in Texas…two more deaths listed as disease hits 771 victims. It could strike here! Is your family protected? $5000 polio insurance for families, only $6.00, Mertz Agency, Shakopee.

Noxious weeds must be destroyed. You are required to destroy noxious weeds on your property by order of the township and municipal weed inspectors of Scott County.

The Scott County Sheriff’s office has a newer, faster police car capable of traveling 125 miles per hour. The Ford Interceptor V-8 engine is built especially for police work. It features the Ford Power Pilot which automatically meters and fires the right amount of gasoline for every power condition. Other features include: “Centri-Flo” carburetor, super fitted 4-ring pistons, rotating type valves, full flow cooling system, and water proof ignition. The new car is designed to give extra acceleration when needed, higher performance and more dependable power.

State prisoners will get a break under the new superintendent of the St. Cloud State Reformatory…prisoners will now be allowed to carry matches, instead of getting “lights” for their cigarettes from a “light boy” that went from cell to cell. The reformatory will also pay for soap, toothpaste, shaving cream, razor blades and other personal items which heretofore were purchased by the prisoners from their wages of 17 cents a day.

We hear the United States Post Office is running in the red…its reason given for recent postage boosts. That may be…but is there any government agency that isn’t operating at a deficit? It seems strange that the post office should have to show profit. Incidentally, a great percentage of the mail handled by this department is government propaganda.

District of Columbia families led the nation in per capita ownership of insurance policies, says a release. And in this election year, we’ll bet that wind insurance is most popular.

Newest type of kitchen equipment is an “island sink,” located away from the walls and accessible on all sides…latest type of cigarette lighter gives you music as well as a “light.”

You can’t make a wrong choice in office supplies when you buy at the Argus-Tribune. Carbon paper…all weights and sizes, budget books, bookkeeping forms, receipt books, staples, adding machines, tapes, rubber stamps made to order. Plenty of parking space! Shakopee Argus-Tribune.

Shop! Compare! Save!…Wheaties, 12 oz. box – 21 cents, Monarch Pork and Beans, 21 oz. can – 6 for $1.00…Wozniak Grocery, Phone 321…free deliveries at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. “Just Call – That’s All!”

Baseball…Excelsior vs. Shakopee, Minnesota Valley League, Sunday, 2:30 p.m., Riverside Park, Admission – 25 cents and 50 cents.

Dad and Mom, brother too, can register to de-tassel corn…farm families, college students, retired persons, teachers, teenagers (14 and older) have found de-tasseling profitable. Your nearest Northrup King plant will supply details. Minimum rate $15 per acre. Part-time de-tasseling also possible.

Two heavy-duty John Deere two- and three-plow tractors, successors to models “A” and “B,” will be announced by the Vevea Implement Co. of Prior Lake. Free coffee and doughnuts will be served throughout the day and there will be gifts.

Employing a hair pin and a piece of fine wire to pick the front door lock, burglars entered the Minnesota Valley Natural Gas Co. office at Belle Plaine sometime early Monday and looted the place of $238.42.

Four Shakopee youths were among the eight from the county who reported for active military service according to an announcement from the local selective service board.

Police Car Problem Still Before City Council…The questions of spending more than $400 to repair the vehicle which was damaged in an accident. Mayor Czaia advised the council that as a result of the accident the city is now without a police car and that the officers are patrolling in their privately owned cars.

Precautions When Polio is Around: Don’t mix with new groups; don’t get chilled; don’t get overtired. Do…keep clean! Recommended by the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis.

New wonder drug for corn sufferers…Only Blue-Jay Corn Plasters have phenylium…fastest-acting, most effective medication…33 cents, Scott County Drug.

Woehlings Live Bait…minnows, crabs, worms and frogs…24-hour service. Bluff St., Shakopee, Phone 56.

Best “Mosquito Dope” available: 4 oz. best quality olive oil, 1/4 oz. Beechwood creosote, 1/4 oz. green camphor, 1/4 oz. oil of pennyroyal…apply this concoction to exposed areas and the skeeters will pass you up as a meal ticket.

Wanted: Mechanics, painters and bodymen…$1.76/hour mechanics, $1.81/hour painters and bodymen. Incentive plan and other benefits. Steady employment. Ultra modern shop. Jay Kline Chevrolet, Inc. – So. St. Paul, MN

Old Chief Shakopee, this city’s namesake, will have a permanent recall to fame. The old warrior will have the honor of having his portrait on this year’s official Gold Rush Days button. There is a possibility, of course, that the chief’s picture will be renewed on every year’s emblem, thus assuring him a lasting place in Shakopee civic life.

Shakopee Theater, phone 20. Matinees: adults 35 cents, evenings: adults 44 cents, children under 12 – 12 cents anytime. Now showing: “Darling, How Could You?” starring Joan Fontaine and John Lund.

With presidents and presidential aspirants foremost in the news and in the thoughts of people these days, many Shakopee residents may recall the first and only time a chief executive visited this city. The name has a familiar ring in these times too, for he was William Howard Taft, father of Sen. Robert A. Taft who last week was defeated for the Republican nomination. President Taft came to Shakopee in 1911 after completing a tour of towns in South Dakota. Hundreds of citizens came out as the private presidential train steamed in from Cologne. An army of over 100 deputies, appointed by Sheriff Kopp, ringed the temporary platform that had hastily been constructed west of the depot.

Party line service is what you make it…you can make it good by following these 4 simple rules: 1) space your calls… leaving a 5-minute interval allows others to use the phone. 2) Hang up quickly and quietly when you find the line in use. 3) Release the line for emergency calls. 4) Always remember to replace the receiver when you’ve finished your call…Courtesy of Northwestern Bell Telephone Co.

Laying of the cornerstone for the new St. Francis hospital has been scheduled…definite plans for an appropriate ceremony have not been arranged, but it is expected that a program to which the public will be invited will be outlined in the next few weeks.

“It is therefore ordered that the old, antiquated and antique building, sometimes designated as the Scott County jail and Sheriff’s residence, is hereby officially condemned pursuant to law, and the Sheriff of Scott County MN, is hereby directed to henceforth transport all prisoners to the jail located with the city of Chaska.”

“The farm labor situation throughout the country is becoming more acute and serious,” according to C. R. Schoby, president of the American Dairy Association. Mr. Schoby, an Iowa dairy farmer, says growing shortages of dairy farm workers and the heavy investment a dairy farm demands today leads him to wonder if the question, “how much does a quart of milk cost?”, may be replaced by, “where can we get a quart of milk?” Census figures show that there were about 1320 fewer people working on US farms in 1950 than in 1940.

The Minnesota Amateur Baseball Association, at its last regular meeting, passed a resolution paying tribute to the late William F. Duffy for his work in that organization. Mr. Duffy was a regional commissioner of the association for many years and was awarded a scroll designating him “Mr. Baseball” at last year’s state tournament at Faribault. Mr. Duffy was a lifelong resident of Shakopee.

Any burros to lend? Anyone owning or having information as to where the Gold Rush Days committee could procure some, is respectfully asked to call Wendy Roster. Plans for the biggest, most colorful, most spectacular civic celebration in the history of Shakopee are nearly complete. Variety and wholesome entertainment, plus great money-saving bargains in this city’s stores will attract thousands to Shakopee.

Stay in and talk with us about your particular furniture problem…we can refill those old cushions, bolster that sagging back, or even rebuild that broken down spring foundation…Lebenscraft Upholstering, 205 Atwood, Phone 442, Shakopee.

Machinery Show – See mammoth 80-acre machinery and home appliance shows…largest in the world. Order reserved grandstand and home show tickets by mail – $1.50 and $2.00, including tax…Minnesota State Fair.

Everybody in Carver County is watching their dollar bills with greater interest these days. Merchants are passing out “lucky bucks,” one of which will buy a new 1952 Plymouth.

The Northwestern long-distance telephone station was moved from Strunk’s Drugstore to the central office of the Shakopee Telephone Co.

New easy-to-operate controls developed by Plymouth Motor Corp…lets handicapped persons drive without the use of their feet. One hand does the work of both feet in operating the clutch, brake and accelerator through a single hand lever.

Floral wallpapers are always favorites, especially in bedrooms. This year they are bigger, brighter and prettier than ever, and for a change, the flowers look like something you might see in a country garden instead of lush and tangled tropical growth or hot house flowers.

Used car values…Clean and dependable – 1948 Buick Super 4 door, radio, air conditioning, good tires…Sharp – $1,045 – 1948 Buick Roadmaster 2 door Sedanette, two tone green, radio, air conditioning, Dynaflow, very good tires…$1095 – 1947 Nash 4 door, radio, air conditioning $695…Effertz & Roster, Inc., Shakopee.

Policies up to $5000 aggregate…Financial protection for each insured against these ten diseases – polio, scarlet fever, leukemia, diphtheria, smallpox, encephalitis (sleeping sickness), tetanus (lock jaw), spinal meningitis, rabies, tularemia – Annual cost…$10.00 for family, $5.00 for individual…Roman J. Kopp Agency, Shakopee

Men wanted for factory work…carpenter experience beneficial but not necessary. Good wages, good working conditions. Apply at Page & Hill Co., Shakopee.

Assure your supply of fuel oil now when you get top quality heater oil (#1) and furnace oil #2 with metered delivery, prompt service and complete satisfaction. Fill your tank today. Kopisca Oil Co., Shakopee.

“Miles per gallon” is something everyone talks about and Buick owners take pride in telling us that they’re doing OK in this area. But the kind of miles is important too. The real pay-off you get when you own a Buick is what happens while you’re turning gas into power. Every drop of gas sets off a tiny tornado of energy in Buick’s Fireball 8 engine. You swoop from a standing start to any speed the law or good sense permits with effortless smoothness, thanks to Dynaflow Driver…Effertz & Roster, Inc. Shakopee

Movie Fans to Get Top Films: Movie fans in the area are in for a wealth of top entertainment, Harold Case, owner of the Shakopee Theater disclosed. “California Conquest,” starring Cornel Wilde and Teresa Wright. “The Story of Will Rogers,” with Will Rogers, Jr., Jane Wyman, and Eddie Cantor doing the heavy work. Standout of this month is “Quo Vadis.”

Announcing the appointment of Cavanaugh’s as the exclusive dealer for Tappan Gas Ranges in the Shakopee area…$234.50 with convenient terms.

Ann Steinhoff uses a tuning fork to test the pitch of one of the Northwestern Railway’s new five-chime musical air horns. With 90 new diesel locomotives being delivered to the Northwestern this year, the “song of the rails” is acquiring a new note in the interest of harmony as well as safety and the diesel locomotive seems to have acquired a “voice” as distinctive to its day as the “whistle in the night” was yesterday. The air chime sounds an A-major seventh chord (C-sharp, E, G, and A).

Free 50-gallon barrel of gasoline with every used car purchased. $25 down will handle any of the following: 1942 Plymouth Super Deluxe 4 door, very clean…1941 Pontiac 2 door, 1932 Chevrolet 1/2 ton pickup.

25 years ago…The Fred Rohlfs Builders and Contractors completed for the Shakopee Bakery a brick and tile addition at the rear of the building where Jos. Ploumen, the proprietor, installed a large Hobart up-to-date oven.

R-U Aware? – When howling, one coyote may sound like an entire pack?

Treasure Hunt – Join the fun!! Prizes galore await you at your friendly Marshall-Wells Store, Shakopee. Every Friday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Nothing to buy, just good fun for all. If the number on your treasure hunt coupon matches any number on any Treasure Hunt tag in our store, the merchandise identified by the tag is yours, free.

Nation Picks Eisenhower – Record vote sweeps GOP into top offices in state…As in the nation, state and county, Shakopee recorded the largest vote in history in Tuesday’s general election that swept Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard Nixon into the nation’s two highest offices to terminate 20 years of administration by the Democratic Party.

Continued extreme dryness coupled with carelessness continues to result in an epidemic of fire alarms. Fire Chief H. J. Pass, reported that in 16 days the department made 25 fire runs – all of them grass and brush fires.

A 4000 HP experimental gas turbine locomotive’s undergoing an intensive 90-day test on the Chicago and Northwestern Railway. The locomotive is equipped with two gas turbines, each of which drives two electric generators which in turn supply electrical power to eight tractor motors mounted on the wheel axles. The turbines operate on expanding gases created by the burning of cheap, heavy fuels in combination with compressed air. The gas turbine has fewer moving parts than a diesel and its length is approximately half that of a diesel of similar power.

Putting Christ in Christmas to be KC topic…Jim Quint, Minneapolis, long active the spread of Christian doctrine through his work with the St. Paul Archdiocese, will address the Shakopee Knights of Columbus. Mr. Quint’s address will be on the subject of putting Christ back into Christmas and in his discourse he will suggest ways and means of accomplishing that goal.

A new Shakopee police car was delivered to the city by the Joe Morello Motor Sales. The new Ford, especially designed and built for police duty, generates ample power to provide service for the two-way radio equipment which the car carries. Purchase and delivery of the new car ends an issue that had long occupied the attention of the city council, other city officials and the constituents generally.

The Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. has asked the Minnesota Railroad and Warehouse Commission to review its order of last February, establishing the current rates for telephone service. “We did not obtain authority for the full amount of the increase requested and badly needed in 1951,” stated the Minnesota Vice President and General Manager.

Art DuBois was declared chief of the Shakopee Fire Department, succeeding H. J. Pass, who has served as head of the department for the past 10 years.

200 Youth at 4-H Recognition Dinner – The Scott County boys and girls were honored at a 4-H recognition day dinner prepared by members of the leaders council in the 4-H building at Jordan. J. A. Metcalf, Shakopee, served as toastmaster and Dr. W. Adair Muralt provided the musical entertainment and led the group in community singing.

Open house at the Gamble Store is announced by R. D. Johnson, owner. The open house, at which coffee and cookies will be served, is planned to afford shoppers a preview of Christmas items and to permit those who wish to make their selections. Johnson said his toy department will be open and fully stocked for the occasion.

50 years ago – 1902 – Minnesota by defeating the U of Wisconsin, 11-0, is again in the front rank of football in the West. She has only to defeat Michigan to win the championship.

A transparent plastic face shield and heavy rubber clothing protect Charles Johnson of Minneapolis as he opens a tank of sulphuric acid at a big linseed oil plant. The powerful acid is used in the process of refining the oil. Minnesota leads the nation in linseed oil production – just as it leads the nation in the production of iron ore.

Knits Kraft Sleepwear, full and standard sizes – large selection; Percale Prints – just unpacked another shipment of Clothes of Gold and Topmost percale prints…extra quality only 39 cents a yard. New fall colors first quality nylon hose, 51 gauge – 79 cents…M. J. Berens & Sons, First and Holmes Street.

Grand Opening, Webers Mill Pond, Saturday night, November 15. Everybody Welcome! – Al and Bill Weber Props.

Open Saturday, Nov. 15, Cities Service. Welcome to a service you and your car deserve. Walt’s Cities Service Station, Walter Lipistor, owner and manager, Holmes and First, Shakopee

Accordion Lessons – The Traficonte System – Gloria Schneider, Phone 562-W, 216 Main St., Shakopee

Solve your gift problem with new Parker Pens – New Parker “51” pen $15, set $22.50; new Parker “21” special pen – $5, set $8.75 – Scott County Drug

Shakopee Theater, Sunday Shows 3:00-5:00, 7:00-9:00; admission prices – children under 12 – 12 cents, 12-15 – 35 cents, adults – 50 cents. Howard Hughes presents, “One Minute to Zero,” starring Robert Mitchum and Ann Blyth.

“The Samba, Rumba and Tango aren’t my part of South America,” says George Grim who will give his first hand report “Adventure, South America,” at Shakopee under the auspices of the PTA. The world traveler looked behind what the tourist would see.

Prospect of new industry for Shakopee was explored when Eugene Andrews of the Minnesota Department of Research and Development addressed the Shakopee Commercial Club. “Shakopee is as well-fitted for industrial development as any community in the state,” Andrews declared in his opening and then amplified his statement by adding, “here you have anything that could be desired in the state of Minnesota for industrial development.”

A proposed city ordinance provides for a 10:00 p.m. curfew and would require all 18 year olds to be off the streets and out of public places at the hour unless accompanied by parents or legal guardian. It would also impose penalties on parents for non-compliance and set the fines at $10 for the first offense, $25 for the second and $100 for the third infraction.

Telephone repairman Tom Carlton, suddenly saw the danger! The line wire sparking against the pavement, the fascinated four year old. There was no point in shouting, the scene called for action – fast. Tom dropped his tools, raced to the spot as the boy stooped for the wire. A second too late to snatch him back from electrocution, Tom saved the youth with a running kick – a kick that lifted the boy over the wire and out of danger.

Class of 1917 has reunion…Members of the Shakopee High School and Normal Training graduating class of 35 years ago held a reunion. The group had dinner at the St. Paul House Wednesday evening and were entertained later at the Leo Marschall home. The motto of the class was “Tonight We Launch…When Shall We Anchor?” Their flower was the American Beauty rose, a bouquet of which centered their dining table.

Welcome to Sears, Grand Opening, 101 Lewis Street, Shakopee – Same-Day service – just place your order by noon. Your order is rushed to Minneapolis…it’s the newest, it’s the easiest way to shop in the world. $1.50 gift certificate, just order $15.00 in Sears merchandise during our Grand Opening. Free gifts for all – roses for the ladies, yardsticks for the men – yo-yo’s and pencils for the kiddies.

Own your own water softener – Rainmaker, dozens of people in this area are buying their own water softener under Rainmaker’s sensational new plan. No installation charge. Phone 237 or see at 338 W. 7th, for free analysis of your water supply.

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