Remember When: 1960

Compiled by Don McNeil, Shakopee Heritage Society

From the Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Jan. 14, 1960 – Valley News carrier service to begin in Shakopee this week. The Valley News will be delivered each week in Shakopee by carrier boys on 14 different routes.

Jan. 21, 1960 – Shakopee Rotary wives of members of the local Rotary Club, presented a skit at the noon luncheon meeting of the Rotary Club at the St. Paul House Tuesday.

Jan. 28, 1960 – Shakopee’s St. Paul Winter Carnival float entry will be paraded on Shakopee streets beginning at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow, January 29, according to Russell Nolting, Chamber of Commerce float committee chairman.

Feb. 25, 1960 – Your Senator Reports: From the Desk of Senator Hubert H. Humphrey. Social Security Changes: Many of our older citizens don’t get enough income to buy the simple necessities – food, shelter, clothing. Also the fear of sickness and disability is a tremendous pressure on them, for unexpected illness can wipe out overnight the savings of years. I have sponsored a plan to provide Social Security pensioners with up to 180 days of hospital and nursing home care a year. Other Social Security changes needed include a raise in the $1200 earnings cap.

Feb. 4, 1960 – City Float Wins Winter Carnival Award. The Shakopee Chamber of Commerce float entry in the St. Paul Winter Carnival parade is the winner of the carnival’s Crown Award.

Jan. 21, 1960 – Job Applicants Top 600 Mark At The O-I Plant. More than 600 applicants have applied for work at the new Owens-Illinois paper products division, Valley Industrial Park plant.

Jan. 28, 1960 – Remington Rand Univac computers will digest the data from 1200 census sheets in a matter of six minutes, making some of the information available within months after the last census taker has turned in his information. The Census Bureau estimates that those annual workers back in 1880 would need 25 years to process and tabulate the 1960 census information.

March 10, 1960 – Doctor J. C. Huber Elected Shakopee Mayor. In a speech to the aldermen he stated that “I am sure I’ll be able to get along with all you gentlemen. I’ve heard nothing but good things about you.”

Feb. 4, 1960 – Community Theater Plans announced. The recent comedy hit, “No Time for Sergeants,” was chosen as the 1960 Shakopee joint recreation board community theater production.

April 19, 1960 – Bob Ryan, Minneapolis TV and radio newscaster and announcer, will be the guest speaker at the annual Shakopee Knights of Columbus Ladies Night to be held at St Mark’s hall beginning at 7 PM on Sunday, April 24.

Jan. 21, 1960 – Gerald Pink of Shakopee received a first aid certificate from Gov. Orville Freeman in ceremonies last week at the State Capitol. Pink was one of 14 key state highway department employees to complete a course in standard first aid.

Jan. 28, 1960 – New home on West 3rd St. – ideal for someone working at the Foundry or Malting plant…within walking distance. Three bedroom, oak finish, lot 100×142, house 26×52, garage attached, plus extra garage in backyard. All this for $15,000.

Feb. 4, 1960 – Reading Virgil’s “Aeneid” with Mrs. Grace Sweeney, high school principal and Latin instructor, are Ben Grage and Pat Esser, main stays on Bill Haben’s league leading basketball team.

April 24, 1960 – Save steps with Extension Telephone ($1.00/mo. each). Save time and trouble with handy extension phones! It’s a big bargain in modern living to have convenient phones.

April 5, 1960 – Stock Car races, Raceway Park – Minnesota’s first and finest banked asphalt track, plus those wild “go carts.” Admission $1.50.

April 24, 1960 – Area Growth Since 1910:

Preliminary 1960 census figures released last week indicate sharp population growth for Shakopee:

Census Shakopee Population % of Growth
1960 5,186 63
1950 3,185 32
1940 2,418 15
1930 2,023 2
1920 1,989 -14
1910 2,302 —-

April 5, 1960 – Northwestern Bell. A telephone is for making you feel safe at night…and isn’t it a wonderful feeling. A bedside telephone gives you priceless peace of mind – you sleep better just knowing your phone is there. And you can now have a phone with a built-in light that casts a reassuring glow in the dark.

July 7, 1960 – Mobile home display lot is now located at the Shakopee SuperValu parking lot – 400 W. 1st St.

July 21, 1960 – Construction underway on huge glass factory in the industrial park. The American Wheaton Corp. in the Valley Industrial Park will become the largest one-story structure in the area.

Aug. 11, 1960 – New motor oil discovery – police car approved – High HP Pure lube, the high horsepower motor oil.

July 28, 1960 – Shakopee’s 1960 Chamber of Commerce float brought the Minneapolis Aquatennial’s Skipper Award to the city for the second consecutive year.

Aug. 18, 1960 – Life insurance, mortgage protection, insured savings plans and pension plans, consult Gene Brown, complete line of group and individual hospitalization. Telephone SK1-1893.

Aug. 4, 1960 – Recreation Director George Muenchow … board issues call for meeting to discuss recreation planning. “We don’t know where we are going and we don’t know where we want to go.” “That is what we must find out.”

Aug. 4, 1960 – A “Princess” is making a debut in this area. The introduction of a new small lightweight telephone called “The Princess.” The result of five years of research…takes about a third less space than the present desk-type.

Aug. 11, 1960 – The Shakopee Recreation Board summer puppet show series will conclude today with a presentation of “Stone Soup” at Watertower Park.

July 7, 1960 – Shakopee Recreation Board puppet show – Hiawatha Park.

July 28, 1960 – Minnesota Senator Hubert H. Humphrey will appear at the July 31 Dan Patch Days grand parade. He is seeking re-election to his third term in the US Senate.

Aug. 18, 1960 – Shakopee Profile by Denny Wurst – Presenting Dick Mertz. Probably the most surprising thing a serviceman can receive is a notice from his government telling him to get out of the country within 36 hours. He had quite a time trying to convince the Navy that he was an American citizen.

Aug. 18, 1960 – One of the largest family reunions in Scott County area – Mrs. Mary Hennen gathered with her 11 children, 46 grandchildren and 104 great-grandchildren.

Aug. 11, 1960 – Malkerson announces opening of new General Motors dealership…recently completed purchase of the former Christensen Motors Co. and is moving his Minneapolis operation to Shakopee.

June 9, 1960 – A new twist on teen-age telephoning, get her a private line, all her own. Happy youngster-happy family.

May 26, 1960 – Senator Edmund Muskie and Minnesota Senator Eugene McCarthy visited a group of Shakopee residents at a breakfast in his honor at the Carlos Luis home, an old Navy friend.

June 9, 1960 – The 1960 Shakopee Chamber of Commerce float in the third district American Legion convention parade in Shakopee. The unit advertises the pure sparkling water of Shakopee.

June 23, 1960 – Billy Wermerskirchen, 15 years old, was given various classroom tests before getting behind the wheel of a student car.

Jan. 7, 1960 – “Freeman Names Robert Sweeney to fill Municipal Judgeship Post.” Robert O. Sweeney, 29, life long resident of Shakopee has been named municipal judge to succeed the late Judge Gregory J. Fahey who died suddenly Christmas morning. The appointment was made yesterday by Governor Orville L. Freeman.

Jan. 7, 1960 – The gaily decorated home of Dr. and Mrs. Paul Nevin, first place winners of the 1959 Chamber of Commerce Christmas home lighting contest. The Nevin home is located 851 S. Lewis St. Other winners included Dallas Capesius, George Raduenz, and Dr. W. Adair Muralt.

June 9, 1960 – There will be a public meeting to provide information regarding recent Shakopee school classrooms to non-resident pupils.

June 16, 1960 – Flying Cloud Drive-in Theater, 5 miles north of Shakopee, now playing R. Burton, “The Bramble Bush,” in color and Jerry Lewis in “Visit to a Small Planet.”

June 30, 1960 – Shakopee will be sprayed by Metropolitan area mosquito control crew as a result of action taken by the Shakopee Common Council.

May 26, 1960 – “Local Babe Ruth Baseball Team on T.V.” A team of the Minnesota Valley Babe Ruth league will participate in a televised game at Midway Stadium.

June 9, 1960 – “Today’s Generation.” Maybe there’s a reason for mental illness increases and other related problems facing all of us today. Today’s generation might be living in a push-button world designed to make everything easier.

May 24, 1960 – A new independent school district involving at least six common (rural) school districts in the so-called Shakopee school area is currently under serious consideration.

May 10, 1960 – “From where I sit…by Joe Marsh.” The electronic age continues to amaze me. Just reading in a farm journal that cows can now be wired for sound … so that you can tell if they’ve been overeating! Seems that before you turn a cow out to pasture, you can feed her a small transmitter powered by a flashlight battery. Then all you do is sit comfortably at home and wait for a signal to show up on a recorder.

Dec. 8, 1960 – A mail survey to determine whether or not Skyline exchange patrons desire extended Minneapolis telephone service. Currently Skyline phone users must pay time toll charges on all calls made to the metropolitan area.

Dec. 15, 1960 – A total of 1,386 Scott County men have been inducted into the armed services since the selective service system was set up 20 years ago.

April 7, 1960 – A big step in the advancement of law enforcement was taken by the city of Shakopee when it purchased two Motorola handy-talkie sets for use by the Shakopee police force. Each handy-talkie includes a transmitter and receiver. The range is two miles.

April 7, 1960 – One of Shakopee’s most active organizations, the Shakopee Golden Age Club, is currently seeking new members. The only requirements are that prospective members be over 65 years of age and are interested in having a good time. There are no dues or membership fees.

April 7, 1960 – Shakopee Profile by Denny Wurst. Presenting Dallas F. Capesius. A typewriter, a card table and the will to do some hiking are the materials Dallas F. Capesius used to start his insurance business. He works behind a desk in his downtown office and manages what he has built. Dallas stated that he “greatly admired Honorable John Cavanaugh and Honorable Joseph J. Ries who in his opinion contributed more than any other person I know of our community.” “Their unselfish service has done much toward the building of the greatest little city on earth.”

March 31, 1960 – Argus-Tribune sold to Suel Publishing Co. Twice a week improved newspaper service for Shakopee and Scott County was forecast with the announcement that the Shakopee Argus-Tribune, one of Minnesota’s oldest newspapers, had been purchased by the Suel Publishing Company, publisher of the Shakopee Valley News. The Argus-Tribune, which was established in 1861, is in its 99th year.

March 31, 1960 – Shop Shakopee Red Owl, eat better spend less. “wow…check these features!” Save valuable S&H Green Stamps. Savings are like magic…in no time at all, your stamp book will be filled.

March 31, 1960 – Free Burpee’s giant Zinnia seeds at Huss Mobile Service 234 1st Ave. tel. SK 1-2220.

March 31, 1960 – Carload Sale of famous Atlas Tires. No money down, 9 1/2 months to pay. Cy’s Standard Service, 321 W. 1st Street.

April 7, 1960 – “We are bursting at the seams.” These are the words used by Robert Rohlf to describe the ever expanding operations of the Dakota-Scott regional library. The library will soon have the third largest circulation in the state, excluding Minneapolis, St. Paul and Duluth.

April 7, 1960 – A total of 59 per cent of the land in northern and northeastern Scott County and in Hennepin County south and west of trunk Highway 169 and 65 (Lyndale Ave.) is suitable for urbanized development, according to a comprehensive land use report released this week by the Twin Cities Metropolitan Planning Commission.

Feb. 25, 1960 – “Cedric says,” by Cedric Adams. Taxes, hidden and direct, now take about 1/3 of the average individual’s income. Every man is, in a real sense, a civil servant. The average man works 12.5 hours of his 40-hour week for the federal government alone.

Feb. 25, 1960 – Valley Views by Ruth Weiland. “A boy becomes a man when he walks around a puddle instead of through it!” “You know it’s middle age when the telephone rings on Saturday night and you hope it’s not for you.”

March 10, 1960 – Stamps unlimited at Shakopee Super Valu. Free! Up to 1000 extra Gold Bond stamps with coupons. Free 1000 Gold Bond stamps with the purchase of a 5 lb. Armour’s ham.

April 14, 1960 – Melvin Lebens, a member of the Shakopee Planning Commission, was elected to a five-year term on the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission by mayors of twin city area suburban communities.

April 21, 1960 – The opening of grand championship play in last week’s Shakopee recreation board grade school marble tournament. Grade four winner: Craig Plekkenpol. Ryan went on to win the grand championship in the boy’s division. Nancy Engelen was the winner in the girls division.

April 28, 1960 – The Shakopee Chamber of Commerce education committee announced its first annual “Festival of Art” to be held at the Shakopee High School. All Shakopee adults and students in the seventh grade and above are invited to display various art and craft objects that they have made. Exhibitor’s ribbons will be given.

April 28, 1960 – “The V.F.W. sponsored and directed ‘Loyalty Days.’ May 1st has become established as a time for open public display of allegiance to our nation,” said Commander Joseph F. Ries of V.F.W. Post 4046. Shakopee V.F.W. posts worked up an idea for a counter demonstration to the annual May Day Communist mass meetings.

Oct. 27, 1960 – Call long distance, rates reduced at 6 p.m. It costs only $.80 to call from Shakopee.

Nov. 17, 1960 – Up-to-date women pay bills by check. Paying bills the old fashioned way-in person and with cash-is out. You simply mail your personal checks.

Nov. 24, 1960 – Shakopee now needs an additional 60 acres of park land, Metropolitan Area Planning Commission member Mel Lebens, Shakopee, told a group of about 50 persons.

Nov. 24, 1960 – Fred (Bill) Huber, son of Dr. and Mrs. J.C. is elected captain of the 1961 Shakopee H.S. Football team.

April 14, 1960 – Ray Siebenaler, newly elected Shakopee Common Council President, is no newcomer to city affairs. He is now in his fourth term as alderman and his seventh year as council chairman. He is now operating an insurance agency at the Pelham Hotel.

Oct. 6, 1960 – In order to enable the milkmen of the Oak Grove and Shakopee Dairy to enjoy Sunday with their families there will be no deliveries of milk on Sundays.

Oct. 13, 1960 – Senator Humphrey will be visiting Shakopee; he will speak at the New St. Paul House. The luncheon tickets will cost $1.50 per person.

Oct. 13, 1960 – Shakopee Mayor Dr. J.C. Huber and City Council President Ray Siebenaler break ground to mark the beginning of construction on the city’s new sewage treatment plant.

Oct. 20, 1960 – See Jack Benny Sundays on CBS-TV presented by State Farm.

Oct. 27, 1960 – Shakopee High School’s new Indian mascot will make his first public appearance during 1960 homecoming festivities.

Sept. 22, 1960 – Mrs. Sweeney, SHS Principal, tells of recent 2 month trip to Japan.

Sept. 22, 1960 – A group attended a dedication ceremony at the future site of the new Shakopee Presbyterian Church.

Sept. 29, 1960 – Help welcome Senator John F. Kennedy to Minnesota DFL rally for victory and bean feed at the Minneapolis Auditorium. Tickets $1.00 per person.

Sept. 29, 1960 – Ford Division announces new Ford dealer, Bob Ryan Motors, Inc. 338 East 1st Ave.

Oct. 6, 1960 – “I was surprised, honored and delighted upon being chosen Miss Shakopee.” Ms. Sally Nevin, Shakopee Ambassador of Good Will.

Aug. 25, 1960 – Go-karting is the fastest growing sport in the U.S.

Sept. 1, 1960 – Owens-Illinois officials and visiting dignitary are present at the firm’s new trademark, “Mr. Strongbox.” Dedication ceremonies held. Walter Mondale, Minnesota Attorney General, and P.K. Peterson, Minneapolis Mayor, and Miss Minnesota were present.

Sept. 1, 1960 – Although an old community Shakopee has many young businessmen. One of the most recent additions to the old business district is Keith Eastman, 28, owner of the Eastman Drug store. He remodeled a drug store formerly owned by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Boppel.

Sept. 3, 1960 – Current city population estimated at 4,300 to 6,500. Shakopee’s current population is considerably more than 4,000 according to a population report released yesterday by the Twin Cities Metropolitan Planning Commission.

Sept. 8, 1960 – Congratulations Shakopee Indians, 1960 Champions, defending State Champions.

Sept. 15, 1960 – Hey kids, have mom or dad come in and pick-up free tickets for rides on the Toonerville Electric Trolley. Shakopee Red Owl.

March 10, 1960 – Shakopee Profile, presenting Dr. W. Adair Muralt by Denny Wurst.
After one year at the teacher’s college, he grew dissatisfied with the life and dropped out of school to take a job as a bell-hop captain and a part-time clerk at the Powers Hotel in Fargo. Then in 1937 he took a $60 per month job as a messenger with the First National Bank in Fargo. Muralt and his brother, Jack, entered an amateur talent show put on by WDAY radio. They sang “Cross Eyed Kelley from Pennsylvania” and won first prize, a week’s engagement on the station. They were joined by their sister, Beatrice, and a brother, Cliff, to form a quartet. They called themselves, “The Singing Muralts.” The quartet specialized in Hawaiian and Western harmony numbers. In 1939 they came to Minneapolis and worked with KSTP on the barn dance and early morning show. With the new job they changed their title to “Bev and Her Brothers.” In 1946 Adair Muralt sang “How Are Things in Glocomora” on Cedric Adams’ “Stairway to Stardom.” He was the first to win first prize. He was given a week’s engagement at the Radisson Hotel. They made use of his talent by staging him in the Flame Room as the “Singing Bellman.”
In 1946, Adair was afflicted with Bell’s palsy, a facial paralysis. After being cured in a short period of convalescence by a chiropractor, he himself decided to study for the profession and graduated in 1950. On November 1, 1950 he opened his practice here in Shakopee, but commuted from Minneapolis for two years before making his home here.
During his years of study he stayed with his job at the Radisson and sang for 2 years on the WTCN Stokely program and one year on the Mitty Sather furniture show. He also sang with the Minneapolis Choraliers. Dr. Muralt was a past president of the Minnesota Chiropractic Association, the Shakopee Commercial Club, and the Shakopee PTA. He was director of the Shakopee Rotary Club in its charter year and an active elder in the First Presbyterian Church. He was director in two church choirs and director of the Chamber of Commerce. He was a very active member of the Shakopee Masons, holding many positions.

Dec. 15, 1960 – Join our prepay Holiday Express Christmas Club, end budget worries… The 1st National Bank of Shakopee.

Dec. 22, 1960 – Greetings… There’s a friendly, festive feeling in the air. Wishing all of you a grand and glorious holiday… The Rock Spring People, Shakopee, Mn. Schweppes.

March 10, 1960 – No defrosting! No frost ever in the General Electric Refrigerator-Freezer. $399 with qualified trade. F.R. Mohn Sales and Service Co. 221 East 1st Street.

March 17, 1960 – The machine that made office dictation and transcribing 50% simpler, the Norelco “35” featuring fool-proof, jam- proof magazine loading, only $179.50. Suel Publishing Co.

March 17, 1960 – Buy your new ’60 Rambler 4-door from Wm. Graff or Ed Efferty. Tel. SK 1-1846. Salesman for Lindner Motor Co. Waconia, Minn.

March 17, 1960 – Connie’s Column by Constance Flame. Here’s a clever trick if you misplace a milk bottle cap. Use an egg in the mouth of the bottle. It’ll keep the fresh flavor inside!

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