Remember When: 1961

Compiled by Don McNeil, Shakopee Heritage Society

From the Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Jan. 26, 1961 – Jobless benefits total $82,888 at Shakopee in 1960. A total of $82,888 in unemployment benefits were paid through the Shakopee branch of the Hopkins Employment Security office during 1960. According to C.H. Swenson, manager of the Hopkins office, the figure represents a 12% increase above 1959 payments.

Jan. 26, 1961 – Joint Recreation Board to sponsor adult classes. Six education classes to be added: Beginning sewing – Project will be sewing a summer dress, Typing – introduction to typing fundamentals (students are asked to furnish their own typing paper), Spanish – introduction to Spanish (textbook needed), Ladies Home Mechanics – furniture refinishing, repairing of simple home appliances, painting and varnishing, and a simple study of home planning, Men’s Physical Education – basketball and volleyball, Slimmasters – volleyball, basketball and exercises.

Jan. 26, 1961 – Shakopee to get $21,821 in State Aid funds, it was announced by the Minnesota Highway Department. Shakopee officially passed the 5000 population mark as a result of 1960 census figures. Monies are derived from gas tax and motor vehicle registration fees.

Jan. 26, 1961 – “Could you be Brainwashed?” is the title of a talk to be given by newspaper columnist George Grim at the monthly meeting of the Burnsville-Savage PTA. Grim’s speech will detail Communist efforts for the mastery of men’s minds.

Feb. 2, 1961 – Board OK’s $4700 base for 1961-62 teacher salaries. Approved by the School Board of Education, the amount received by a teacher with a four year degree and no previous experience. The base for a MA degree without experience is $4700 plus ten percent and the base for a PhD degree is $4700 plus 20 percent.

Feb. 2, 1961 – New Rotarian – Scott County farmer Cameron A. Marshall was accepted as a new member of the Shakopee Rotary Club. Marshall, a member of a well known Scott County family has farmed for a number of years. In addition he has been active in public affairs, serving on various township and school boards. He is currently County Republican chairman.

Feb. 2, 1961 – Cub Scouts window display. Cub Scouts of Pack 218 will have a window display in the show windows of Winnie’s Dress Shop from February 3 through February 12. Each boy will be represented with some craft he has made during the past year. The display will be judged during the weekend of February 4 and 5.

Feb. 2, 1961 – Burglars take $87 in Break-Ins. An early morning burglary of Hap’s Bar, First Ave. and Lewis Street netted $87. During the same period, the burglars also broke into the nearby Rock Springs Bar but got only $8 in Canadian quarters for their efforts. A door leading to the adjacent Rock Springs Cafe was also broken open but no loss was reported.

Feb. 2, 1961 – Chamber of Commerce President Cy Sames congratulates banker E.J. Huber at the Chamber testimonial dinner. A capacity crowd attended the annual Chamber of Commerce Ladies Night and testimonial dinner. On the program was also Dr. W.A. Muralt who sang a song in honor of Mr. Huber and the Minnetonka Area Barbershop Singing group with several selections.

Feb. 2, 1961 – Two pilots were killed in a mid-air crash over the north end of a north-south runway at Flying Cloud Field. The two planes collided in mid-air as both were attempting a landing on the field. “It was all over in about two seconds. It seems as though the two pilots did not see each other, perhaps because the ground at this time of year has a camouflage effect which makes it difficult to spot low incoming planes.”

Feb. 23, 1961 – Mr. Wurst and Mrs. Sweeney offer resignations. The Shakopee public school system’s first major administrative personnel changes in a decade were announced this week with the resignation of Al N. Wurst, Superintendent of Schools since 1945 and Mrs. Grace Sweeney, veteran educator and High School Principal since 1950.

Feb. 23, 1961 – WDGY “Wonders” are in town at the Shakopee High School, Tues., Feb. 28 at 8 PM. Bill Diehl, Ex WDGY “Mr. Top 40,” Bob McNamara, Ex U of M football player and others. WDGY “Wonders” vs Shakopee Independents – Adults $1.00 Students $.50.

From the Shakopee Valley News

Feb. 23, 1961 – Community Hospital patients get I.D. bands as safeguard…possibility of a patient mix-up at the New Prague Community Hospital is now remote because of a small plastic identification band which is fastened around the wrist of every patient upon admission.

March 2, 1961 – Shakopee Profile Presenting…Robert O. Sweeney
Robert O. Sweeney was a local municipal judge, a Shakopee resident of widely varied achievements and interests. He was a member of the faculty of Marshall High School in Minneapolis; doing graduate work leading to a doctorate degree in education. He served as a member of several community and professional organizations and operated a private income tax service. Bob was born in Minneapolis, the son of the late E.J. Sweeney, former Shakopee Superintendent of Schools and Mrs. Grace Sweeney, retired Shakopee High School Principal. He served as an electronics warfare officer in the army. He has also served as a Shakopee City Council member for more than one term.

March 9, 1961 – Shakopee physician Dr. B.F. Pearson and the Jeep which he used in braving Sunday night’s blinding snowstorm to answer an emergency call at a Lydia area farm home…The trip which took the doctor and his son over miles of snow covered rural roads, took more than two hours. The Jeep was provided by Cy Sames, proprietor of Cy’s Standard station, Shakopee.

March 9, 1961 – A general brightening of the area employment picture was indicated this week by information received from the Hopkins office of the State Employment Service. The population movement to the suburbs is bringing a constant increase in the number of people living in the area served by the Hopkins office. “This means, simply, that workers formerly served by our Twin Cities offices are coming to Shakopee, Chaska, and Hopkins for service.”

March 9, 1961 – Real Estate Values: 3 bedroom, large lot, garage, close to downtown – $11,700; 100 acre farm close to Shakopee – $32,000.

March 9, 1961 – River Cleaning: Many valley residents, between Mendota and Mankato and even further upstream envision the Minnesota River as a body of water with a bright future for recreational use. In this area, for the past decade, the major emphasis has been on the navigation factor.

March 16, 1961 – A 1961-62 teacher salary schedule with a base of $4500 for an inexperienced teacher with a 4-year degree was adopted.

March 16, 1961 – Only fourteen file for City Offices as deadline of March 20 nears.

March 16, 1961 – A hearing to be conducted by the Minnesota Labor Conciliator’s office will highlight a continuing salary schedule dispute between the Shakopee School Board and the Shakopee Public School faculty.

March 23, 1961 – The annual Recreation Department Table Tennis Tournament will be held Monday evening at the Shakopee High School Auditorium. Trophies will be awarded.

March 23, 1961 – Marble Tournament – The annual grade school Marble Tournament will be held the week after Easter.

March 23, 1961 – RCA Victor TV 1st Again…First choice by the biggest margin in RCA history…Results conducted in a survey:
1st with the New Vista Tuner, 1st with 5-year factory warranty, 1st in black and white TV sales, 1st to pioneer color TV’s as both a manufacturer and broadcaster, and 1st by far among TV broadcast station engineers for RCA transmitting equipment.

March 23, 1961 – Now open…Tri-Y Drive In…Sunday through Thursday 11 a.m. to midnight Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Our specialty…homemade French fried onions, hamburger, pizza. Tri-Y Drive In…1 mile north of Shakopee on Highway 169.

March 23, 1961 – The Common Council of the City of Shakopee will accept applications for position of Garbage Collector for the City of Shakopee at its next council chamber meeting; term to be May 1, 1961 to May 1962.

March 23, 1961 – Mr. & Mrs. Viggo Anderson are recent winners of a free trip to Europe via Scandinavian Airlines. The trip was awarded by KSTP-TV on the Treasure Chest program on behalf of SAS and Cinerama Holiday.

April 13, 1961 – Aldermen approve employee wage hike…The new pay rate will go into effect on May 1st.
Police Chief: $450 per month – an increase of $20 per month.
City Patrolman: $420 per month – an increase of $29 per month.
Superintendent of Streets: $447 per month – an increase of $17 per month.
Asst. Streets Superintendent: $401 per month.
Classified Labor (All permanent seasonal employees) – $2.00 per hour – an increase of ten cents per hour.
Part-time police: $1.90 per hour.
Fire Chief: $300 per year
Volunteer Fireman: $2.25 for the first hour on a call and $1.75 for each additional hour or fractional hour.
City Recorder: $2908 per year.
Deputy Recorder: $1008 per year.

Shakopee Banker Ed Huber and Shakopee Mayor J.C. Huber displayed one of the red and white safe driving pledge car stickers now being sold by the First National Bank of Shakopee. The reflectors are being sold at cost (40 cents) to any person who wishes to participate in the safe driving campaign by signing a special safe driving pledge. One copy is retained by the driver and the second is forwarded to Gov. Anderson’s office.

Details of the Urban Renewal Program, as a stimulus to repair old and run down business and residential areas, were explained to an interested audience at the Chamber of Commerce meeting at the First National Bank.

The Shakopee Community Theater will present a three-act drama, “My Three Sons.” Performances will be in the new community theater building in Riverside Park.

Gary Ries and George Muenchow, Shakopee Recreation Director, displayed a picture painted by Ries, a Shakopee resident, and exhibited at last week’s Shakopee Festival of Art, where he was awarded a blue ribbon for his display.

Hiawatha Vanguard Bikes – 24 and 26 inch models for $39.88 ($3.95 down, $1.25 per week)…includes Delta Headlight, luggage carrier, sparkling chrome fenders and handlebar…flamboyant red for boys, blue for girls.

American-Wheaton Plant Begins Bottle Production – The first glass bottles produced in the new multi-million dollar American-Wheaton Glass Corporation plant began rolling off the production line. The new plant is located on 37 acres of land in the Valley Industrial Park just east of Shakopee. The new plant has been planned to be the nation’s most efficient glass manufacturing facility.

John J. Feda, Villard, MN, was hired as 1961-1962 Shakopee Superintendent of Schools by a 4 to 2 school board vote. His annual salary was set at $10,000. In addition, the new superintendent will receive a $300 expense account. He was chosen from a field of 50 applicants.

Beer, Liquor Licenses OK’d by City Council – Off/On Sale 3.2 beer licenses and On-Sale liquor licenses were approved by the Shakopee Common Council. On Sale licenses were granted to the Pullman Club, the New St. Paul House, Parson’s Bar, House of Hoy, Rock Springs Bar and Café, Shakopee VFW Club and the Shakopee American Legion Club. Off and On Sale beer licenses were approved for the Shakopee Tap Room, Vic’s Place, and the Sportsman’s Bar

“Ben Hur,” academy award winning MGM production will open at the Flying Cloud Drive-In Theater on T.H. 169 northeast of Shakopee. The film has received 11 academy awards.

Free Prescription Delivery offered by Eastman Drug.

Shakopee’s 1961 Summer Parade Float portraying “The Bridge to International Friendship” will be parked for the season. The float was prepared under the auspices of the Shakopee Chamber of Commerce float committee and involved about 260 hours of accumulated donated time. It ended up winning the coveted Aquatennial “Skippers Award.” The award was presented on the basis of judging about 30 floats in Aquatennial’s out-of-town, non-commercial division.

Unemployment benefits paid through the Scott and Carver County Employment Security offices during the past twelve months were 4.3 percent higher than in 1959-60.

Shakopee’s new municipal sewage treatment plant announced completion.

How To: By Anne Ashley – Question: How can I straighten out candles that have drooped because of excessive heat? Answer: Place the candles in a flat-bottomed vessel filled with water at about 80 degrees. Add small amounts of hotter water until the candles can be straightened easily with the fingers. Once they have been re-shaped, drop the candles into a container of cold water to re-harden them.

Unless the current international situation deteriorates sharply over the coming weeks, President Kennedy’s plans for a build-up of American military strength will have little immediate effect on Scott County Army Reserve and Selective Service sources.

Plans for the annual community Halloween celebration are being completed with parties planned for all of Shakopee youth, George Muenchow, Shakopee Recreation Director reported.

Alderman Eugene Greicar and Lee Monnens, Utilities Superintendent, checked the new “Welcome” sign north of Shakopee across from the ballpark on T.H. 169. Three “Hello Friends – Welcome to Shakopee – Population 5,201” signs have been erected at the entrances to Shakopee. Signs sponsored by Lions Club, Rotary Club, Veterans organizations and Chamber of Commerce.

Joe Noterman received a “Certificate of Appreciation” from President Eisenhower for his 10 years of continuous service on the Scott County Draft Board.

Open bowling at 3 p.m. daily, Monday through Friday; weekends 1 p.m. Teams and individual bowlers needed for league play – Shakopee Lanes.

Shakopee residents will be treated to a concert by internationally famed popular concert artist Rubinoff and his violin, on Monday, November 13 at the Shakopee High School Auditorium under the sponsorship of the Shakopee Rotary Club.

The Shakopee Community Theatre group will present “Under the Sycamore Tree” Saturday, Sunday and Monday in the Theatre Barn near Riverside Park.

A Model T Party – A meeting of all Model T Ford owners was held for the first time Sunday at the old Rademacher farm in rural Shakopee. About 40 Model T’s were represented at the “party” which included models from 1909 to 1927 with almost every year represented.

“Safety Circus” to be presented in Savage – A unique event in which elementary school children in Savage will learn about traffic safety through efforts of a police officer and his talented dogs. The trained dogs will be doing tricks which will demonstrate to the children how to be more alert to traffic safety. The officer and his dogs have toured the entire county to present their safety message.

Plans for the new Valley Shopping Center to cost nearly a quarter of a million dollars was unfolded by Robert Reich of the Towle Co., Minneapolis realty firm. The development would be located in the block between Minnesota and Dakota Street and First and Second Avenues on the east of Shakopee.

Shakopee is again located on the “sonic boom” air route which has been coordinated with the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) for flying periodic training missions of the B-58 Hustler, the free world’s first subsonic bomber. The B-58 soon will begin flying periodic training missions over towns and cities with a 40-mile corridor from Minot, ND to Minneapolis.

Typewriter and Adding Machine Repair – Call for fast, efficient, economical typewriter repair – complete repair and service on all typewriters, adding machines and calculators. Used typewriters, $34.95 and up; used adding machines both manual and electric.

Komatz Construction Co. of St Peter will begin removing trees and blasting for a storm sewer on East First Avenue from the junction of T.H. 169 and 101 to the east city limits. Removal of trees and storm sewer construction are in preparation to the major part of the contract to complete grading, base, curb and gutter and bituminous surfacing for 1.1 miles of East First Avenue which will begin in spring.

Changes in Mail Service…Cormac A. Suel, Postmaster, announced the following changes: outgoing mail service for Shakopee and seven other Minnesota Valley communities was improved as the result of a new mail handling program instituted at the local post office. In effect Shakopee has become a concentration point for mail originating in area communities. Another collection box has also been installed in front of the post office…there is now a box for Shakopee mail and one for out of town mail.

Oral polio vaccine will not be offered in public clinics until the arrival of Types 2 and 3 of the vaccine said Dr. B. F. Pearson. It is the feeling of the medical profession that oral polio vaccine should only be given during a polio epidemic.

Per J. E. Quest, president of the firm, all operations of the Quest Mfg. Co. will be discontinued effective Oct. 31. The closing of the local firm, an independent corporation, will not affect the operations of the Shakopee Foundry Co., also a Quest owned firm. The manufacturing plant normally employed about 11 people.

The Shakopee Indians were dumped from a four-way tie for first place in the Minnesota Valley Conference race in taking a beating at the hands of the Orono eleven, 25-13. The limping Indians had five first string players on the serious injured list.

“Public Welfare and the Public” will be the theme of the Region VII conference on the Minnesota Welfare Association to be held at the Millpond Club in Shakopee.

The new three-year motor vehicle license plates will go on sale all over the state, it was announced by Brendan Suel, Deputy Motor Vehicle Registrar. When you receive the IBM application and the registration card, bring both to the Deputy Registrar for issuance of plates.

Mrs. William J. Runge will serve as Chairman of the 1961 “Little Red Stocking Neighbor to Neighbor Appeal” in Shakopee. This appeal supports the work for the Children’s Home Society of Minnesota, the only private, non-denominational adoption agency in the state. Since its establishment in 1889, the Society has cared for more than 8400 homeless children.

Aldermen Propose City Expansion Study…A nine-member committee will be appointed, consisting of three aldermen, three planning commissioners, and three public officials to study possible expansion, pointing out that the city is rapidly reaching the point where no residential building lots are available. Although Eagle Creek adjoins Shakopee on the east side and Jackson Township on the south, it is not the purpose to annex these two townships as such unless the investigation should determine that this is feasible and the residents of the affected areas were in agreement.

Call for bids on $40,000 county jail remodeling…The Scott County Board of Commissioners approved a resolution calling for sealed proposals on the remodeling work and another on equipment needed. Funds were made available through legislative approval to spend the extra money.

In 1886, Richard W. Sears, then 23 years old, started selling watches to supplement his income as a station agent at North Redwood, MN. With his watch selling successful, Sears quit his job and moved to Minneapolis. In 1887, Sears settled in the company’s first Chicago location and hired watchmaker Alba C. Roebuck. In 1925 the first Sears retail store opened.

The grand opening sale event of the new Sears and Roebuck store and catalog sales office in Shakopee has been set for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. In November 1951, the present Sears Catalog Sales office was in Shakopee on Lewis Street. Within the last two years, the increased demands of customers for this convenient shipping service has made it necessary to relocate the store to the Westport Shopping Center. One of the most convenient features of the Sears Catalog Sales office is the same-day delivery service form the Minneapolis mail order plant.

Anyone interested in square dancing should meet at the Shakopee American Legion Hall on Tuesday and 8:00 p.m. Marlin Richard of St. Peter will call the dances regularly if enough interested people attend.

Recently the management of the new Minnesota Vikings generously offered high school football players free stadium passes for the professional football games. Immediately, the high school league produced a handy ruling and proclaimed that if a player accepted the Vikings Sunday afternoon hospitality, the player would be considered a professional and ineligible from further high school athletic participation. Stadium tickets are priced at $5.00 retail.

State law in Minnesota requires every municipality to have a Civil Defense program for any natural or man-made emergency to protect the citizens.

Automatic oil delivery service…You just dial the thermostat – we do the rest. Metered delivery tickets give you an accurate check of the amount of clean-burning Pure Heating Oil you receive…Kopisca Oil Co., 230 W. 6th Ave.

Underwood Portables – Lettera 22…$68.00 – This is the portable typewriter voted “best designed product” by a hundred leading designers and used by millions throughout the world in the last ten years. The Lettera 22 has basket shift, automatic tabulation, automatic paragraph indention, rugged all-metal body, half-spacing and comes in a handsome carrying case.

Valley Sewing Center, corner of First Ave. and Lewis St….Anyway you look at it for the best buys in White Sewing Machines since 1876. Rental, repairs and rebuilt machines.

Savage woman hurt as a car hits train…Mrs. Lloyd Larson was severely injured when the car she was driving alone struck Minnesota, Northfield & Southern Railroad switch engine at 6:26 p.m. on November 2 at the Highway 10 crossing in Savage. The collision completely demolished the 1959 Chevrolet two-door which struck the side of the switch engine.

Highway 169 Route north from Shakopee decided. Location of the new bridge on State Highway 169 in Shakopee to span the Minnesota River has been determined and will be just north and west of the Rahr Malting plant on West First Street, utilizing the new structure at the railroad crossing there.

Chance of a lifetime…Used Car Buys…select from our top quality used cars…each one carries a written Warranty Bond…Brambilla Chrysler-Plymouth.

Shot two days early…The deer proved to be a costly prize for two hunters. The court set its price at $105, with the total for three bringing fines of $315 for one hunter and $405 for his partner who had possession.

Give Mom a break…Buy her new dining room furniture so she can serve it in style…5 piece wood table and chair set $99.95. Chrome or bronze 5 piece dinette set $69.95…Shakopee Furniture, corner of 1st Ave. and Lewis St.

A home of your own…Let us assist you. Free planning and estimate service. Best quality at lowest price…Cletus Link Contractor and Builder.

Nobody beats Valiant for value…No wonder the 1962 Valiant has become such a hot item, even the few short weeks since it was first unveiled. Valiant with Trim-Line design. See the “Style Leader of the Compacts” at Brambilla Motors, 133 W. 1st Ave.

Two bedroom house…5 years old…located across from park – only 5 percent down, $13,000. Shakopee Realty, 107 W. First Ave.

How Do I Column: Q. What can I do about some oil stains on one of my rugs?
A. The best way I know of to remove these is to dampen a cloth with some cleaning fluid and then begin rubbing around the edge of the stain working toward the middle, and changing to a clean portion of the rag as one part becomes soiled.
Q. How can I remove the unpleasant burnt taste from milk that has been slightly scorched?
A. By placing the pan of milk in some cold water and adding a pinch of salt to the milk.

Modern Etiquette Column: Q. My husband and I were guests at dinner in some friend’s home recently and in order to help my hostess I stacked my used dishes as I finished eating from them. My husband says this was incorrect. What do you say?
A. Your husband is right. Always leave your dishes as they are when you finish eating.

Announcement: 2 barbers on duty…We are pleased to announce the addition of a second barber, Mr. Pat Bailey, to our shop…Norm’s Barber Shop (formerly Sandy’s), 126 Lewis St.

Will organize new WWI Vets Organization…organization of a new veterans group from Shakopee… Veterans of WWI at the American Legion Club. The local group to be formally known as WWI Barracks. This is an exclusive organization of the veterans of 1917-1918.

Eagle Creek to hold annexation hearing…The town board of Eagle Creek will conduct a public meeting at the Stagecoach Museum on Highway 101 for the purpose of discussing questions concerning possible township incorporation and annexation.

Recently most owners of vehicles to be registered for 1962 were mailed a proposed application for renewal card from the Secretary of State’s office in St. Paul. This is the same procedure followed the past two years. If owners follow instructions and suggestions they will not have to wait in long lines to complete their registrations.

Albino deer is prize taken near Belle Plaine…Creating considerable interest, the deer was shot in Belle Plaine river bottoms. Only the lower limbs and a part of the head were slightly brown in color, with the albino white predominating.

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