Remember When: 1983

Compiled by Don McNeil, Shakopee Heritage Society

From the Shakopee Valley News

Unemployment in the county hits 8.4%…The Scott County unemployment rate continued to lead the metropolitan area by more than a percentage point, according to unemployment figures released by the Minnesota Department of Economic Security. In neighboring Carver County, the unemployment rate was 6.6%, the lowest in the seven-county metropolitan area.

Local man officiates at Rose Bowl game…Officiating before a live crowd of 104,900 and a television viewing audience estimated at 70 million, Shakopee resident Mike Nevin admitted to being “scared” Saturday during the New Year’s Day Rose Bowl game played in Pasadena, CA. “In that type of game all the calls are difficult,” said Nevin. Mike’s supervisors even complimented him on the calls he made. He said three officials are sent from the Big Ten and three from the Pack 10. Nearly a full week of activities were scheduled for everyone participating in the Rose Bowl game, so Nevin chose to take his wife, two children and his parents, Dr. and Mrs. Paul Nevin, with him to Pasadena. His daughter, Nancy, stayed in Shakopee because she didn’t want to miss basketball practice, he said.

Veteran State Senator Robert Schmitz (DFL-Jordan) and freshman State Representative, Chuck Dunbar (IR-Chanhassen) were sworn into office at noon, beginning what may well be one of the most difficult sessions ever. With the state’s recurring budget deficits and failing financial health, Schmitz expects life at the legislature this time around to be much different than in 1974, when the biggest problem was how to deal with a multi-million dollar surplus at the end of the biennium.

Blizzards strengthen us…WCCO interviewed a young father in Delano whose wife had gone into labor 10 days ahead of schedule. His early morning phone call to a doctor wasn’t greeted with the suggestion to “give your wife two aspirin and we’ll see how the weather is in the morning.” The doctor instead arrived at the home on cross-country skis at 2 a.m. and delivered a bouncing baby girl two hours later.

Steak at Wagner’s…Special New York cut steak only $8.95 – Wagner’s Supper Club.

Geraldine Klein of Shakopee was the winner of a raffle for a quilt that was donated to the Shakopee Dollars for Scholars program by Mary Ann Hron. The drawing, at the Shakopee First National Bank, generated $250 for the program.

St. Francis began using a $1.5 million mobile CAT scanning unit which is capable to detecting imperfections in soft tissue of the body. The “whole body” x-ray operators will be at the hospital two days a week until demand warrants increased visits.

Shakopee was hit by yet another electrical outage, blacking out the city for about 30 minutes. Lou Van Hout, manager for Shakopee Public Utilities, said the outage occurred at about 5:50 a.m. when an insulator on a fuse housing at the west end substation cracked.

It has been so long since Shakopee Independent School District 720 has had any kind of parent-teacher organization, the Superintendent Robert Mayer can’t remember when it was. He guessed that it was probably six or seven years ago. Well, all that seems like it is going to change with the creation of a parent, teacher, student association group in Shakopee. If there is one thing the school district could have used during the past two difficult years, besides more money, it was an interested, concerned group of parents who are involved in the life of the school on an ongoing basis, not just when there is controversy or trouble. The PTSA, as it is referred to, can provide that type of ongoing communication between parents and educators.

Reaganomics is a failure…“The way things are going in our country frightens me,” stated Herb Dallmann in a letter to the editor. While buying power and wages keep falling far behind, especially for folks on Social Security, the wrong things continue to climb up and up…taxes, rent, autos, groceries, but especially our bloated defense budget and the price of natural gas, and our federal budget. Where are we going? Broke for sure!

Everything about Marcy Schramm – from her sunbonnet and calico dress, to the 19th century artifacts that she carries with her – salutes the life of Minnesota’s most celebrated pioneer storyteller, Laura Ingalls Wilder. After tracing the life and travels of the Ingalls family through some 30 moves over a 20-year period in Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri, Schramm has compiled her findings into an educational and entertaining presentation which she gave at Pearson Elementary School.

After much controversy and many delays, cable TV stood ready at the end of the year (1982) to burst into the living rooms of the city. In the last week of December several test homes were hooked up to the system. The rest of the city will get a chance in February.

After 25 years in the retail shoe business, Bill “Willie” LaTour has decided to close his Shakopee shop.

The $950,000 Bingo Palace facility constructed by the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community, opened for business with a near full house.

High winds, sleet and power outages combined forces last week and totally destroyed the Shakopee Ice Arena bubble. An $80,000 to $90,000 reconditioned canvas bubble has been ordered from a company in Texas and should be put up within three weeks.

The new Burger King restaurant at First Ave. and Marschall Rd. opened its doors for business nearly three weeks ahead of schedule. City and civic leaders and employees’ families were treated to an open house to better acquaint the community with the restaurant’s operation.

The proposed $2.3 million third floor addition to the Scott County Courthouse received the unanimous support of city and township officials.

The state effort toward budget savings and consolidation of resources could lead to the relocation of the Minnesota Women’s Correctional facility in Shakopee where a new institution had been considered. Gov. Rudy Perpich suggested that the women’s prison be moved to the juvenile institution in Sauk Centre in order to save the state 12 to 15 million dollars that would be needed to construct a new institution in Shakopee.

The 1982-83 Shakopee wrestling team finished runner-up in the state wrestling tournament. Coach Bill Farmer was also named the Minnesota “Coach of the Year.”

The unemployment rate in Scott County leveled off in February at 10.5%, while dropping slightly in the metropolitan area.

Scott County’s number of divorced and separated more than tripled over the decade of the seventies, with the proportion of those married dropping from 67% to 64%. While the state also experienced more than twice as many divorces, the rapid growth areas such as Scott, Carver and Dakota counties had the most significant changes. Overall, Minnesota divorce rates still remain one of the lowest in the nation.

Shakopee has the dubious honor of having the second highest property tax on an $80,000 home among the 95 cities in the metro area, according to the Citizen’s League annual survey.

The Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux and fellow tribes will be the recipients of an $8.5 million settlement from the federal government on Indian claims dating back to the mid 1880’s.

Renovation of St. Mary’s Catholic Church at 535 Lewis St. is expected to be completed by late August. The $230,000 plus project follows a massive parish-wide fund raising drive.

Free medical care for the long-term unemployed will be offered on a limited basis at St. Francis Regional Medical Center in Shakopee. The program is targeted for persons who have been unemployed six months or longer and are not eligible for assistance.

Shakopee was deluged with up to 2.5 inches of rain during a two-hour thunderstorm causing minor flooding and sporadic electrical power outages. The storm was classified as a 100-year rain.

Over 1000 descendants of Michael Klehr and Catherine Klehr-Sand gathered for an enormous family reunion at the Marvin Klehr farm located south of Shakopee.

Hardee’s salutes Dave Spanton, senior guard, Shakopee Indians basketball team.

Zylstra-United Cable Television has been forgiven a $100/day fine for missing a deadline for installing equipment, but is facing up to $5100 in fines for not completing construction on time.

The Scott County Board, in less than 20 minutes, unanimously endorsed the Shakopee racetrack site, although several attempts at endorsement since last October had been unsuccessful. The resolution favoring Shakopee also endorses Savage as the alternative site.

The main motor and both back-up systems failed at the Shak-O-Valley Ice Arena. Workers were able to rescue the deflating bubble before any damage resulted.

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