Remember When: December 2017

1892: Shakopee Courier

Dec. 1, 1892

Come over to Weiland’s feed store and examine the fine specimens of quartz he has got, fresh from the mines.

Miss Florence Humphrey has resigned her position in the post office, and Miss Belle Spencer has taken her place.

Hubert Marx’s barn is being rapidly reroofed and otherwise repaired after the late burning.

The young men of Shakopee organized a skating club and will fix up a good place on the river, under the management of Peter Paul. Red light means danger.

Dec. 8, 1892

H. P. Marx has got on such a fine lot of elegant Xmas gifts, that the people in this vicinity will not have to go elsewhere to get their presents. Patronize our own merchants if possible, and help build up the town, always.

Messrs Joe Strunk and H. Thiede were destined to much disappointment in having to hunt the entire day for their lost dogs, on a late rabbit chase, thus destroying their sport, to become the sport of rival rabbit hunters.

Dec. 15, 1892

Storm porches are being put up on the Union school building.

There is nothing more useful or ornamental to a home, in a Christmas gift, than a fine piece of furniture. Philipps is the place to get anything in that line.

John Merten has opened a cigar factory here and in a short time will be prepared to furnish the trade with another first-class cigar. He makes a specialty of one called the Elk. Success to him.

Dec. 22, 1892

Several fights occurred around town Saturday night and Sunday, for which arrests have been made.

In pretty much all well regulated cities and large towns, and many small ones too, skating parks are in order and are protected by the authorities for the benefit of all wishing to exercise and amuse themselves in that way. It is left for Shakopee however, for some one mean enough to try to prevent skating on the shallow and therefore safe little pond adjoining the brick yard, by persistently throwing ashes thereon, thus forcing the young folks to the more dangerous river, or else to give up skating.

Dec. 29, 1892

Messrs Chewning and Gellenbeck are having wells dug on their places.

G. L. Nye, proprietor of the stove works, hearing that the foundry men had suddenly stopped work on Saturday afternoon last, rushed from his office into the building to find the entire force very suspiciously congregated about the furnace, and approaching to enquire into this unusual occurrence, was set upon by John Squires in a neat little presentation speech on behalf of the employees, who gave him a heavy gold seal ring for his Christmas. W. V. Johnson, the popular foreman was also presented with a handsome fountain pen.

Ed Haack is now employed in the Central barber shop here.

1892: Scott County Argus

Dec. 1, 1892

John Feiner has moved into the house lately vacated by Geo. DeVoue.

Those of our charitable citizens, who gave help to an old man who was begging around town last week, will be glad to learn that with the aid of their contributions he was enabled to make a few needed improvements on his farm which is worth at least $6,000.

A skating club has been organized and some twenty-five dollars collected to keep the ice cleared of snow. The rink will be on the river at the foot of Holmes street and will be about 300 feet square. The gun club house has been secured and moved to the ice for a warming room. The house would be more convenient if moved to this side of the river.

Dec. 8, 1892

H. P. Marx has built a 14×20 barn on his father’s lot south of Wilder’s lumber yard.

Pond’s FEED MILL grinds all kinds of feed at the LOWEST PRICES.

Never-slips are in great demand. The first three day s of last week J. A. Dean and his three assistants put on to horses’ shoes 476 never-slip calks. As this was before the ram one can imagine the demand for never-slips since then.

The stove foundry ran short of coke last week and was obliged to shut down the three last days of the week. The foundry has been doing a rushing business this season, and notwithstanding that they had a large stock on hand at the beginning of the season they have been unable to fill late orders for heaters as fast as the trade wanted them. There are fifty-eight employes on the pay roll.

Dec. 15, 1892

Peter Roth has resigned his position as bookkeeper for the Minnesota Stove Co.

Have you seen the wedding of the dolls in Huntsman & Edert’s show window?

John Gentgen is having his barber shop enlarged so that he can put in another chair. When finished it will be one of the best equipped barber shops in the valley.

Dec. 22, 1892

F. X. Hirscher and sons placed two very handsome altars in St. Mary’s church this morning.

Reis Bros. have added to their long string of thorough-breeds, the celebrated running horse Rocket.

Dec. 29, 1892

The Bierline band assisted the choir in the musical program at the church last Sunday.

The Lutherans had a handsomely decorated Christmas tree for the enjoyment of the little ones Christmas eve.

The Shakopee Cornet Band, as the new band is called, will give a New Year dance at the Opera House on Tuesday evening January 10th, 1893.

1917: Scott County Argus

Dec. 7, 1917

Ben Hirscher, book-keeper for the Minnesota Stove Co., enlisted last week in Minneapolis and left Friday for Camp Dodge where he will do similar work at headquarters.

Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Lillie, who have been occupying the Herman Logenfeil residence on Third street, have stored their household goods and moved to Minneapolis Friday.

Dec. 14, 1917

John Gentgen and family have moved into Mrs. E. Dreschsler’s former home and F. N. Heinz has taken the place vacated by Mr. Gentgen. J. M. Johnson is occupying the H. Logenfeil home where T. N. Lillie formerly lived.

Cordwood choppers wanted. Inquire of H. C. Schroeder, Shakopee, Minn.

Dec. 21, 1917

Shakopee Boy Winner of Medal. R. B. Smith agricultural instructor of the high school, has just received a fine sterling silver medal from Mr. Erickson, state leader of the Boys’ and Girls Club work, to be given to George Hartman as a reward for his excellent results in the state Pig Growing contest. George is quite a pig raiser, having represented Scott county at the state fair the past two years, also being the champion for Scott county. It is high time other boys get into the game and show what they can do.

Automobile Owners, Attention. Scott County automobile owners are asked to donate their discarded license numbers to the Scott County Chapter of the Red Cross. If each owner of a car will leave his tags at one of the garages nearest to his place of residence, arrangements will be made by the Red Cross to collect and sell them for the benefit of the Scott County chapter…

Miss Louise Weiland is assisting her brother-in-law, L. Schaefer, in his jewelry store during the holiday rush.

Eagle Creek. The Jacob Fischer farm was sold recently, Theodore Mathews buying 160 acres in Eagle Creek and Henry Mathew 80 acres in Glendale. The price paid was $13,000.

Dec. 28, 1917

R. B. Smith Goes To Arkansas. R. B. Smith, the efficient instructor in the agricultural department of the high school, tendered his resignation Friday to take effect the last of the year. Mr. Smith has received numerous flattering offers from time to time and the latest proferred opportunities that he felt he could not reject in justice to himself. He left yesterday with Mrs. Smith for Wynne, Arkansas, where he will teach agriculture in extension work under the Smith-Hughes act. Mr. Smith has been a conscientious, earnest, painstaking instructor, untiring in his efforts to interest the boys and girls in their work, and his efforts are appreciated by all who know how greatly the high school and community has benefited by his work. It is to be regretted that he was not retained in Shakopee, but he and Mrs. Smith carry with them to their new home the goodwill of a host of friends made during their residence in this city. At the present time Mr. Smith’s successor has not been elected and there is some question as to whether or not the department of agriculture will be continued.

Miss Leonora Linhoff Sings Before Muratore

Miss Leonora Linhoff, supervisor of music in the public schools in this city, recently had the opportunity of singing before Muratore, famous tenor of the Chicago Grand Opera company, and his wife, Lina Cavalieri who were favorably impressed with her voice and spoke very highly of her ability. Miss Linhoff has gained considerable recognition as a signer and is always enjoyed. Many have expressed the opinion of Muratore—that she has a beautiful voice.

The above complimentary notice of Miss LInhoff’s ability as a vocalist appeared in the Racine (Wis.) Journal-News of December 18th. Miss Linhoff is one of Shakopee’s most admired artists and her steady progress in her musical career is followed with deep interest by her many friends in this city who are proud of her achievements on the concert stage.

1942: Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Dec. 3, 1942

Gas Rationing Effects Local Milk Deliveries

Elimination of Sunday and holiday milk deliveries is announced this week by the Oak Grove Dairy and the Shakopee Dairy, in an advertisement in the Argus-Tribune.

The curtailment of service, effective this week, the route operators said, is necessary because of the restrictions imposed by gasoline rationing…

All-Night Parking in Business Area Banned

Just in case it becomes necessary for snow removal crews to work thru the night in Shakopee, the police department this week issued an order banning all-night parking of cars on the streets of the city’s business district.

The order, according to R. L. Brown, police chief, is effective immediately. Compliance is mandatory and will greatly assist in keeping the main thoroughfares open at all times.

Dec. 10, 1942

Shakopee Girl Is In the Army Now. The distinction of being Shakopee’s and possibly Scott county’s first WAAC, goes to Georgene Beckrich, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Math Beckrich of Shakopee, who was one of 25 young women sworn into military service in ceremonies at the Federal Office Building, Minneapolis, last Wednesday.

Men, Women Physical Fitness Classes Set

Monday and Wednesday evening have been found available for the local physical fitness program, Wilfred Sanford, director, announced this week.

The classes for men will be Mondays, from 7:30 to 9 o’clock. The classes for women will be Wednesdays, from 7:30 to 9 o’clock. All classes will be held in the high school gym.

Persons over high school age are eligible and must furnish suitable equipment. Tennis shoes or the equivalent are a necessity.

How long the program lasts depends upon the public interest. Those interested are urged to bring a friend.

“Do your bit…be physically fit,” the director said.

Dec. 17, 1942

Two Hurt When Passenger Train, and Milk Truck Crash. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bigot were injured when the Oak Grove Dairy milk truck in which they were riding, and a westbound Omaha passenger train collided at the Spencer street crossing of the rail line here before noon Wednesday…

Local Surgical Dressing Units Work Long Hours

While American soldiers endure on the far-flung battle liens of a global war, home front soldiers are eagerly working long hours to turn out needed material. In the forefront of this activity are the zealous women of the Scott County Surgical Dressings units, who have turned out dressings by the thousands.

A first report submitted by officers of the Scott county units, states that 18,000 (4×4) dressings and 7,200 (4×8) dressings have been made to complete the first quota. Work on the second quota is now well underway…

Mrs. A. E. Boppel is Scott County Surgical Dressings chairman; and the local chairman is Mrs. Al Johnson.

Area Blackout Called Success

So successful was the blackout of the seventh army region, Monday night, that officials have indicated a surprise and completely unannounced blackout might well be expected anytime.

In Shakopee, as throughout the nine-state area involved in the test, the reports of results indicated that all phases of the air-raid warning system were functioning efficiently.

Only two minor infractions were reported by Shakopee wardens and there appears to be no reason why these should recur. There was complete cooperation between defense units and the populace with resultant success…

Dec. 24, 1942

Employees of the local Telephone Company, enjoyed their annual Christmas party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Leibold Thursday evening of last week. The evening was very pleasantly spent at games and cards, followed by the exchange of gifts and a very delicious lunch.

Jacob Ries Bottling Works., Inc. Has Attained Its 70th Anniversary

This year 1942, marks the seventieth anniversary of Jacob Ries Bottling Works., Inc., one of Shakopee’s flourishing and well-known enterprises. It was founded in the year 1872, by the late Jacob Ries. From a humble beginning down through the years to the present, by conservative management, by the production of quality goods, and by fair and honorable dealing, its business has grown and extended until today its beverages are sold and used in many of the states of the union.

Commemorating the occasion the firm has issued a neat and appropriate folder in which are illustrated several of the historical events of the nation, and views of the firms’ physical plant—then and now. The folder also carries to its many friends and patrons the greetings of the season.

Two City Employees Resign Jobs Here, Join Cargill Crew

Two city employees, R. L. Brown, police chief, and William Jansen, overseer of streets, have resigned their posts, it was announced this week.

Jansen, who resigned December 15, had been a city employee since 1934. The day following his resignation he began his new duties at the Cargill boat works at Savage.

Chief Brown tendered his resignation this week, effective January 1. He has been the city’s chief of police for ten years. He too, has secured a position in the ship yards at Savage and begins his work there Monday.

Pending appointment of his successor Leonard Siebenaler, superintendent of parks, is carrying on Jansen’s work. Who is to assume Brown’s duties is not yet known.

Dec. 31, 1942

Essay Receives Honor Mention. Betty Ann Schmidt, 12, a seventh grade student at St. Mary’s school here, won honorable mention in a national essay contest, sponsored by the publishers of a new juvenile, “The Good Bad Boy,” written by the famed pastor-author, of Rochester, N. Y., Rev. Gerald T. Brennan. Announcement of the award was made by the publishers. Sister Mary Cornelia, seventh grade teacher at St. Mary’s school, submitted the review…

War Bonds and Stamps Instead of Party Lunch

Displaying a true spirit of patriotism seventh and eighth grade pupils and all high school students did without lunch at their annual Christmas party and instead used the money to buy war stamps and bonds as Christmas gifts for all Shakopee high school graduates in the armed services.

School authorities said a sale of stamps and bonds during the party totalled $131.00.

Old Bridge Has Passed From Shakopee Picture

In case you haven’t been noticing, the old span across the Minnesota river is no more. The last vertical steel pillar toppled Tuesday afternoon and the wrecking crew is now removing the turn-table mechanism on the center pier.

The steel has been cut with acetylene torches and is now on its way to the scrap heap and eventual use in armaments. All that remains are three aged stone piers, unsightly reminders of what had been.

1967: Shakopee Valley News

Dec. 7, 1967

Annexation Hearing Today

Beginning at 1:30 p.m. today (Thursday), December 7, the Municipal commission of the State of Minnesota will open the public hearing on the annexation proposal, as presented in a petition and resolution by the City of Shakopee, in the Council Chambers of the Shakopee City Hall on West First.

The hearing is open to all interested persons.

The proposed annexation, as approved by the Shakopee Common Council following a series of hearings held in the Council Chambers, includes all of Jackson, Louisville and Eagle Creek townships.

Planning Study For Eagle Creek Township

Recommendation that a planner be engaged to make a thorough study of the Eagle Creek township community was made by the Eagle Creek Planning Commission Monday evening of this week, December 4, to the Eagle Creek Town Board.

This action came after approximately a year’s consideration of such a move and after much conferring with state and federal officials…

The study is to include such information as the future development potential, future public facilities, transportation projects, financial considerations, sanitary needs and recreational areas to name but a few. It will also provide some answers to questions, both pro and con, about what annexation to various surrounding communities would mean in terms of the above mentioned consideration.

Dec. 14, 1967

Annexation Hearing Continued, Metropolitan Council Report Asked. The Municipal Commission of the State of Minnesota hearing on the proposal of the City of Shakopee annexing all of Eagle Creek, Jackson and Louisville townships, was continued at the initial hearing at 1:30 p.m. last Thursday, December 7, until 10 a.m. Thursday, March 14, in the Council Chambers at the Shakopee City Building…

First Rotary Club Foreign Exchange Student Choice Announced Tuesday

First Shakopee High school senior and two runners-up in the selection for participation in the Shakopee Rotary Club sponsored foreign exchange student, through the International Youth Exchange Program of Rotary, were announced at a dinner meeting Tuesday of this week, December 12, at the Shakopee House, east edge of Shakopee, at which Rotary Annes, wives of members, were honored guests, along with the parents of the students selected…

Miss Elizabeth Rockwell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Duane Rockwell, was the first Shakopee High senior to be chosen by the Shakopee Rotary Club to study abroad for a year as a high school senior in a foreign country. The selection of her particular country is yet to be made. In the program, a student from the country chosen is to attend Shakopee Senior High School…

Consolidation School Vote Approval 67 To 3

With a vote of 67 for and three against, approved in balloting in the Marystown School lunchroom, RR 2 Shakopee on Tuesday of this week, December 12, from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., was the proposed consolidation of Marystown School District No. 1875 with Shakopee Public School District No. 720…

The consolidation of the two school districts is now to be effective on July 1, 1968…

City Plans For Redevelopment Of Memorial Park At E. Edge

Approval was given appropriating $1,500 from the city rental fund for planning the redevelopment of Memorial Park at the East edge of the city at the regular meeting of the Common Council held Tuesday night of this week, December 12, in the City Hall Council Chambers.

The city rental fund gains proceeds from rental of the buildings in the former NYA camp at the east edge of the city adjacent to Memorial Park.

It was pointed out that this redevelopment would include planning for this area as the buildings are to be removed in accordance with previous action of the Common council. Also involved is the use of bottom land in the area, the possible relocation of the facilities of the Shakopee Sportman’s club, and co-ordinating the planning with that of the Scott County Historical Society’s plans at the old Grist Mill in Memorial Park, which is now qualifying to receive a $5,000 grant from the Maurice H. Stans Foundation…

Along with this activity the present city dump at the east edge is to be discontinued effective January 1 of next year.

Mayor Ray Siebenaler pointed out that residents would be able to use the Fox & Weiler pay dump, located on the north side of the Minnesota River, just opposite the Riverside ball diamond, which maintains hours similar to those at the city dump. He pointed out that this dump would except clean land fill, excepting stumps and large tree roots…

$55,000 In Improvements For Shakopee Phone Company Office

Northwestern Bell Telephone Company recently completed work on two service improvement projects, which cost nearly $55,000, W. R. Mahady, Shakopee, manager, announced.

The projects consisted of installing additional long distance switching equipment and associated equipment in the Shakopee telephone office and modifying long distance switchboards to make it possible to provide more efficient long distance service…

Dec. 21, 1967

Barn On Marystown Farm Lost In Blaze Early Sunday Morning. Shakopee volunteer firemen were called out at 4:28 a.m. last Sunday, December 17, to assist the Prior Lake Volunteer firemen at the blaze at the Herbert Michael farm, the former Hennes farm, RR 2 Shakopee, a mile east of Marystown on Scott County Road No. 72, in which a barn and small amount of hay and straw were lost, along with a used car, household appliances and dog kennel equipment stored in the structure…

Superior Performance On Same Mail Route In Shakopee For 40 Years Brings Award To Pink

On the same mail route for 40 years, delivering in the downtown business section and west end of Shakopee, is the record of Edmund Pink.

And he has maintained sustained superior performance and now has a sustained Superior Performance Award plaque, a check for $250 and a lapel pin for his uniform to give evidence of this.

This award was made Wednesday of last week at the Shakopee Post Office, the first such award for a smaller post office in this immediate area, as Pink would ordinarily be eligible for a pay raise, but as he is already at the top of the salary schedule, the Sustained Superior Performance recognition was extended this letter carrier who began his route on December 1, 1927 and has had this same route for the past 40 years…

Window Paintings Bring Yule Spirit To St. Francis Home

St. Francis Home and Hospital is brimming with Christmas Sprit this holiday season, as witnessed by the painting contest in progress all over the hospital. Employees on the hospital staff organized the idea of painting Christmas motifs on the large window of the hospital rooms, halls and lobby and the management went along by offering prizes for the most original and attractive offerings.

First prize will be a five pound box of candy, second prize will be a three pound box, and the next five honorable mention choices will each be awarded a one pound box of candy. The judging will take place around December 21…

Dec. 28, 1967

Knitting Becomes Full Time Job For Shakopee ‘Shoppe’ Owner. What is small and friendly and can knit thirty rows of 200 stitches in one minute? Why, it’s Jackie Robarge and her knitting machine, of course! Jackie has recently opened “Jackie’s Knit Shoppe at 115 West First Avenue (next to Winnie’s Dress Shop) and features knitting materials, patterns, free instruction, custom made machine-knitted articles, and also the knitting machines for “do it yourself” addicts…

Caroling Trek For 160 Pupils Of St. Mark’s

Carolers from the middle grades of St. Mark’s School of Shakopee, 160 in all, under the direction of Sister Marion, spread Christmas Cheer on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of last week.

On Monday, December 18, 65 fourth grade pupils caroled through the halls at the St. Francis Rest Home and Hospital in Shakopee.

Friendship Manor, east edge of Shakopee, was the destination on Tuesday, December 19, for 40 pupils of the fifth grade.

Wednesday of last week, December 20, about 55 pupils in the sixth grade, caroled through the halls at St. Francis Rest Home and Hospital.

Then this group hiked to the Children’s Home at the Shakopee Correctional Institution for Women on Sixth Avenue to present a short program of songs to the accompaniment of rhythm instruments.

They also dramatized “Up On The House Top” for the children. Individually wrapped cookies were presented to the children at the Children’s Home by pupils of the sixth grade.

Engineers Recommend Ferry Bridge Site To Scott Co. Board

“The best interest of Scott County will be served by the construction of a new high level bridge over the Minnesota River at the Bloomington Ferry Location.”

This is the recommendation in the report by the engineering firm of Toltz, King, Duvall, Anderson and Associates, Inc. of Minneapolis released this week by the Scott County Board of Commissioners, who engaged the firm to make the study of possible bridge sites.

Considered in the report was the Bloomington Ferry bridge location just to the north of the Stage Coach on Highway 101, and the Normandale Road Bridge, combination auto-rail bridge at the northwest edge of Savage…

Jaycees Urge Council Action On Proposed Swimming Pool Tonight

Expected at a special meeting of the Common Council of the City of Shakopee this evening (Thursday), December 28, is action on the report of the Swimming Pool committee, presented at a called meeting held Monday evening of last week, December 18, in the Council Chambers with aldermen and interested persons invited.

The Jaycees of Shakopee have also gone on record as supporting the report of the Swimming Pool committee and are urging that the Common Council initiate the project as soon as possible…

1992: Shakopee Valley News

Dec. 3, 1992

New name, new focus

The setting may seem traditional – desks lined up in a room ringed by stoves and ovens, microwaves and sinks – and the organization that meets here still takes part in activities such as preparing food and using homemaking skills.

But the names have changed, and so has the focus.

Shakopee High School’s former Future Homemakers of America (FHA) club is now called the Future Leaders of America (FLA), a name-change made in the 1980s.

The club meets in the personal- and family-life science department classroom, and some people may call it home economics, its former name.

What has remained the same through the years is the woman who has coordinated and helped the students lead the program.

Sandie McNellis, personal- and family-life science instructor, came to Shakopee High School 31 years ago. With her came the start of the FHA program…

Bloomington firm moving operations to Shakopee

Nybo Manufacturing Inc. of Bloomington has announced it will move its business operations to Shakopee.

The privately owned company is a custom sheet-metal fabricator, which has been in business in Bloomington for the past 32 years, said company President Dennis Nybo.

The company is moving to 4500 Valley Industrial Blvd. – the former site of Heavy Duty Air Inc., which recently moved its operation to South Dakota…

Dec. 10, 1992

Council approves Lions Park arena feasibility study. The Shakopee City Council voted 5-0 on Dec. 1 to hire an engineering consulting firm to conduct a marketing and operational analysis of a proposed ice arena at Lions Park at a cost not to exceed $180,000. The study will be paid from the city’s contingency fund…

Fire damages apartment in city

Fire Tuesday afternoon in Shakopee damaged an apartment and its contents but no injuries were reported.

The fire, in a local lower level apartment on the two-story Country Village Apartments, 1265 S. Marschall Road, started when a towel a man was using while cooking accidentally caught fire. The towel was thrown in a sink, but contents in a nearby open cabinet drawer caught fire. Many items inside the apartment, including appliances and furniture, were destroyed by the fire, and there was smoke and fire damage to the apartment as well, fire officials said…

Dec. 17, 1992

Historic fire. Shakopee firefighters were called to Murphy’s Landing Dec. 9 after a creosote-lined chimney caught fire in the foundry located on the site… Ironically, the foundry is located next to Murphy’s historic volunteer fire department building… The foundry sustained minor smoke damage.

With a lot of help from friends

Saving people from burning buildings may be one of the more obvious jobs the Shakopee Fire Department has performed.

But it’s definitely not the only way firefighters have rescued people.

The department has also answered calls to pull people from water, get them out of confined spaces such as a manhole or ditch, and to contain a hazardous-material spill.

While these calls may not require the flashing lights and sirens associated with fire runs, they do bring out a red vehicle: the department’s Fire Rescue II truck.

The truck, and the equipment it contains, are valued at $75,000 and are the latest additions to the department. The vehicle has been in service since June.

According to Second Assistant Chief Terry Link, the department itself has put in $2,500, using donations from fund-raisers such as the steak fry and dance, and the remainder of the costs have been picked up by local businesses and organizations.

“We’re donating this back to the city,” said Link. “We’ve had a lot of good contributors in this area. We’re really grateful to them…”

School district’s referendum ballot language approved

Following consideration of three sample ballots, the Shakopee School Board on Monday night approved the wording of the question it wants to appear on the school referendum ballots on Feb. 2.

The ballot question adopted by the board will read as follows: “Shall the School Board of Independent School District No. 720 (Shakopee) be authorized to issue its general obligation school building bonds in an amount not to exceed $10,590,000 to provide funds for the acquisition and betterment of school sites and facilities, including the renovation, remodeling, including handicapped accessibility, equipping and construction of additions to various existing school district facilities, the purchase of land, improvement of various school district sites, and the acquisition and installation of instructional equipment and improved technology systems in various district facilities?”…

Dec. 24, 1992

Live-meet agreement said near

MINNEAPOLIS—A group of local investors told the Minnesota Racing Commission Friday that it is close to an agreement with Ladbroke Racing Corp. in which it would lease Canterbury Downs to conduct a live racing meet in 1993.

Under the proposal, the Minnesota Festival of Champions would raise $500,000 to finance a live meet that would begin on Memorial Day weekend and run for 13 or 14 weeks. The group said purses for the meet would be $40,000 to $50,000 a day, double that of the 1992 season at the Shakopee track. Simulcasting programs from California, Chicago and other top U.S. tracks would continue as well…

Randy Sampson, a thoroughbred breeder and owners and one of the group’s investors, said two issues must be resolved before the racing commission meets again on Dec. 31. Ladbroke, operator and part-owner of the track, must feel comfortable with the business plan, and the groups must still negotiate on a larger percentage cut from simulcasting revenues for the horsemen.

Under the plan, Ladbroke would provide the facility for free, but will require the non-profit group to accept full responsibility for its operations and marketing. It is a two-year lease arrangement with an option to purchase the race track for $15 million. In exchange, Ladbroke will require the horsemen to gain approval for Ladbroke to conduct simulcasting during the remainder of the year after the live meet.

School district, FMG get tax-increment funds

The city of Shakopee will make a $125,566 payment to FMG Tsumura under a tax-increment disbursement plan to aid developers.

And the Shakopee School District will receive a disbursement of $160,395 from the city of its share of tax increment revenue generated as the result of the district’s excess levy and a payment from the owners of Canterbury Downs…

Dec. 31, 1992

Abandoned property destroyed. Shakopee firefighters were called at 6:41 p.m. Sunday to the old Harold McKenna farm at 2451 McKenna Road and found the abandoned house burning. The property, which is owned by the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community was destroyed. Arson is suspected, but Shakopee police said Tuesday that no arrests have been made. Fire departments from Prior Lake and Savage assisted Shakopee firefighters. Ironically, the Shakopee Fire Department was going to burn the property for firefighter training at a later date.

McCann gets county administrator post

Cliff McCann, who has been acting Scott County administrator for a year, was chosen on a unanimous vote by the County Board last Thursday to become the second administrator in the county’s history.

McCann was hired after commissioners conducted oral interviews with three finalists for the positon. The county received 75 applications for the job, which is the top post in Scott County government…

Scott County’s first female commissioner ready to jump into fray

A little history-making will take place Tuesday when three new commissioners take their seats on the Scott County Board. For the first time a woman will take the oath of office as a county commissioner.

Wilma Behm, a chiropractor from Spring Lake Township, waged an active campaign last fall to unseat Commissioner Dallas Bohnsack for the District 1 seat on the County Board…

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