Remember When: January 2018

1893: Shakopee Courier

Jan. 5, 1893

Hubert Marx had his dog poisoned Tuesday evening.

Jacob Bierlein got the point of his fore finger cut off while working in the foundry on Tuesday.

The bank has received 50 Columbian coins, World’s Fair souvenirs. The price is $1. If you want one call early.

Our streets were well filled with teams yesterday. Plenty of wood coming in on, and will as long as sleighing lasts.

There came very near being a bad accident at the residence of T. C. Smith Tuesday evening. The family were all out except Mrs. Moore, who is not very well, when the oil heater began to show signs of exploding. Mrs. Moore could do nothing with it so called in C. W. Newell who picked up the stove and threw it out doors. After the affair was over the room was completely filled with soot and smoke. For safety and comfort give us the old wood heater every time.

Jan. 12, 1893

There is to be a broom making establishment on First street west of Holmes by young Mr. Grommesch, who has been to Faribault schools a number of years.

H. F. Gross having finished his fine art picture of sand and seed representing the accident to Herman Knauff that happened in St. Paul Feb. 29, 1884, thinks of taking it to Silberman’s picture store corner Wabasha and Third Sts. St. Paul to be exhibited.

Many loads of brick from Alderman Schroeder’s yard have been transported to Marystown on sleighs for a school house to be built there.

Jan. 19, 1893

The usual morning services at the M. E. church will not be held during the cold weather or until further notice. Evening service at the usual hour 7:30.

J. G. Bass took the prize for the best comb honey exhibited at the meeting of the State Horticultural Society held in Minneapolis last week. Mr. Bass always did raise fine honey.

The finest lot of SEWING MACHINES ever shown in the city. American and Royal. Call and see them and you will buy no other. For sale at my house opposite Methodist church Shakopee, by J. McInnerney.

Jan. 26, 1893

Mayor Weiland has purchased from P. V. Philipp a handsome Concert Grand Piano, which will greatly add to his already well furnished opera house.

James Heth riding around town last Saturday in Andrew Kopp’s sleigh surprised the people who hardly expected to see Jim out in winter weather. But he has to be handled carefully and well wrapped up. He can’t “go it alone” as much as he used to.

1893: Scott County Argus

Jan. 5, 1893

Jas. Depew has resigned his position as foreman of the mounting department of the Stove Works.

Farm for sale. My farm of seventy acres east of town known as the Mrs. Haas farm. Thomas Pinches.

John McMullen has purchased the north part of the lot adjoining Wilder’s lumber yard on the west side and next spring he will erect a warehouse thereon.

Mr. J. G. Kiesel has returned to Shakopee to take charge of the B. A. Kohler’s drug store while Mr. Kohler takes a long need rest from business cares. Mr. Kohler contemplates a trip through the south-west in the near future. Geo. Kiesel has gone to Spring Valley to take charge of his brother’s store there.

Jan. 12, 1893

One of R. J. Chewning’s well bred colts died last week.

John Gentgen has re-papered and painted his newly enlarged barber shop.

Dressed hogs ONLY $8.00 per hundred! Has McKinley levied a tariff on pork to cause the great American hog to act thusly?

For Rent—A 150 acre farm three miles from town. For terms, apply to Aug. F. L. Bornarth. Office in Condon Block.

The city might set a good example to our citizens by cleaning the snow off the sidewalk at the City Hall corner.

Jan. 19, 1893

For Rent. Mrs. Jane Duffy’s house in east Shakopee. Enquire of John Nachtsheim.

J. McInnerney is agent for the American and Royal sewing machines. The Royal may be run backward or forward and will sew perfectly either way. Sixteen different styles to select from.

Messrs. V. D. Simar and O. C. Le Sueur have rented the front office over Kohler’s drug store, where they are busily engaged transcribing notes of surveys they made for the government along the northern boundary line of the state.

Jan. 26, 1893

Union School Corner. The boys of the High Room organized a chess club last Saturday, their first meeting being held on that evening at the home of our principal, where they passed a very pleasant evening. They expect to meet over the checquered field once a week hereafter.

Dr. J. B. Dunn, who for the past six months has been acting as Assistant Surgeon of Chicago Medical college, was in town Tuesday. He expects to return to Shakopee about Feb. 15th, and will go into his former office and resume his practice here.

Mayor Weiland with the usual enterprise purchased of P. V. Philipp, the well known music dealer, a handsome concert grand piano, which will be placed in his Opera House. This will give the troupes coming here a better opportunity to display their talent and will greatly add to the enjoyment of the patrons.

An examination of the combined galvanic and cautery battery, which Dr. A. A. Sabin has just put into his office, illustrates the wonderful advance made in medical science within the past few years and the extent to which electricity is used by the most advanced physicians and surgeons of the present day, in the healing of diseases and performing delicate surgical operation. This, with the companion machine, which the doctor has ordered and will soon receive, will supply to our citizens the best facilities for the treatment of diseases by electricity, to be obtained anywhere in the state, outside of the Twin Cities.

Frank Buch will start a lumber yard adjoining the H. & D. siding west of the United States hotel.

Messrs. Bierline are rejoicing at the success they are meeting with in the sale of the Nameless brick machine and brick yard supplies. They have lately received orders for six machines and supplies which amount to over $5,000.00. The orders were from Chaska, Mankato, Blakely, Shakopee, Watertown, Wis., and Jefferson, Wis. The order here was from Alderman H. F. Schroeder, who is equipping his yard to be operated by steam.

1918: Shakopee Tribune

Jan. 4, 1918

Death Results From Fall. The community was shocked beyond expression, when it was learned last Wednesday evening, that Mr. Frank Buch had passed beyond, as the result of a fall. Mr. Buch and John B. Hoffmann were engaged in cutting down trees, surrounding the County poorhouse property. They were at work on the southwest corner, near the Joseph Stockert home. Mr. Buch had scaled a 15-foot ladder and was at work, when in some manner he fell from the ladder, striking his chest and crushing his heart. No one witnessed the accident and when he was found he was unconscious and remained so until his death, six hours later, at 8:15 P.M. Mr. Hoffmann, who was working about a half block from the scene found him, and with the aid of others carried him into the Stockert home. A physician was summoned, but he was beyond help. He was moved to his home later, where he succumbed…

The Red Cross girls turned over $60 to the local Red Cross chapter, the proceeds of the dance of last Friday evening.

Arthur Dally, an employee of the Shakopee Stove company, suffered a severe fracture of the right ankle while at work, trucking stoves on the company’s platform on Wednesday morning. Dr. Buck reduced the fracture and the patient is doing nicely.

The local mill is now grinding what is known as Government Standard Flour, a good straight flour. The mill has ceased to grind all fancy patents, by order of the government.

Jan. 11, 1918

Miss Anna Gillen has accepted the position as relief operator for the Shakopee Telephone Co.

James Wise, telegraph operator at Bird Island the past several weeks, arrived here on Wednesday and now has charge of the Milwaukee station here, as night operator.

Miss Mary Engel, telephone operator for the Shakopee Telephone company for several years past, resigned her position and will leave for Parker’s Prairie about the middle of the month to assist in the Leibold hospital, with a view of taking a course in professional nursing.

New Trestle Road At Last Assured

A committee of our citizens including Mayor Lenertz, City Attorney Southworth, Atty. J. J. Moriarty and County Surveyor Donald Childs went to Minneapolis Monday morning to be present at a meeting of the Hennepin County Commissioners and to see what could be done in regard to repairing the Trestle Road.

The committee returned on Monday evening and stated that Hennepin County had agreed to appropriate $27,000 to be added to the $11,500 appropriated by the City of Shakopee and that at last we would have a road that would be above the high water mark besides being one of the best to be seen in this neighborhood…

Jan. 18, 1918

Volkert & Jansen shipped fourteen dressed hogs to Minneapolis on Wednesday, Mr. Pauly of near Eden Prairie taking them down in his auto truck.

The many friends of Rev. and Mrs. Carl Ganschow and family will regret to hear that they will leave for Des Moines, Iowa, in a couple of weeks where Rev. Ganschow will have charge of a parish. Rev. Ganschow was in charge of St. John’s Lutheran church for quite a number of years and have a host of friends here who wish them success and prosperity in their new home. Rev. Ganschow will preach his farewell sermon Sunday, January 27.

Court News. Dr. F. H. Buck, a Canadian subject, and a practicing physician here the past years, received his last papers on Tuesday which makes him a citizen of the United States. A number of his friends were present. Atty. Moriarty delivered a patriotic address, and presented the Doctor with an American flag. Atty. J. A. Coller closed the session with a few well chosen words after which congratulations were in order.

Jan. 25, 1918

Mrs. H J. Hoard and children left for New Orleans last Friday where they met Mr. Hoard and went to Robertsdale, Alabama, to spend some time at the winter home of Mr. Hoard’s parents. The Hoard family will remain in the South but just where they will locate has not been decided upon. Mr. Hoard is superintending the construction of cantonments and does not know where he will locate.

Agricultural Instructor Arrives. The Board of Education of Shakopee is gratified to know that the Agricultural department in the high school will not have to be discontinued this year because of the resignation of Mr. Smith. The second term of school opened Monday with a new instructor of Agriculture, Mr. E. E. Hupp…

Sid Dierberger has added a fine new 3-seated sleigh to his elegantly equipped livery vehicles.

Lieut. Dr. Dempsey departed for Minneapolis on Sunday morning where he has accepted the position of medical director in the Dunwoody Institute. Dr. Dempsey has been associated with Mudcura Sanitarium the past three and one half years and his going away is a matter for regret. He began his new duties on Monday morning.

Heatless Monday

The businessmen of Shakopee complied with the Government’s order and made last Monday a heatless and workless day. The five-day period of having all factories closed came to an end on Tuesday evening and affected only the Stove companies and Bottling works, locally.

Grocery stores, meat markets confectionery stores and practically every business place, excepting those engaged in food production, were closed. Drugstores operated but only for the sale of medicines.

The closing of the business places cause some inconvenience, especially to the farmers, who were not aware of the closing notice. This order will be enforced for nine consecutive Mondays, being found necessary in this way to aid in the Fuel Saving Campaign.

1918: Scott County Argus

Jan. 4, 1918

Herbert Strunk left Friday for Cochecton, N. Y., to resume his work in sculpture after spending six months at home. Herbert was called home by the draft but has been exempted because of disability due to an operation on his side.

Prominent Citizen Is Killed by Fall

The community was shocked Wednesday evening to learn that Frank Buch, one of our prominent citizens, had died at 8:15 o’clock as the result of a fall from a ladder that afternoon.

Mr. Buch had been superintending the cutting of trees at the county poorhouse and fell a distance of 16 feet or more, striking on his chest and crushing his heart. He was unconscious when picked up and died six hours later without reviving.

Dr. Reiter attended him and gave every possible aid but without avail…

Jan. 11, 1918

Waffle Benefit. On Thursday, January 17th, Miss Elizabeth K. Ries will have Waffle day at her home for the benefit of the Red Cross. Waffles will be served at Miss Ries’s home from 2:30 to 6 o’clock. Prices will be 15 cents for a waffle and maple syrup, two for 25 cents. Coffee, 5 cents. Everybody is invited, especially the ladies of the Red Cross classes. Miss Ries has taken this way of doing her bit for the Red Cross and all proceeds will be donated to the Shakopee chapter. Come and enjoy your waffles and help the Red Cross in so doing.

Acquaintances of Rev. Carl Ganschow and family will regret to learn that he is soon to sever his connection with St. John’s church and accept a parish in Des Moines.

Jan. 18, 1918

Shakopee To Have Co-Operative Creamery. A meeting of the farmers of Eden Prairie, Chanhassen and the territory south of Shakopee will be held at the offices of Atty. Jos. J. Moriarty tomorrow, Saturday, for the purpose of incorporating a farmers’ co-operative creamery…

While Joseph Huettle was cutting meat in Charles Hartmann’s market Monday, the knife slipped and plunged into his thigh about six inches from the knee cutting the leg to the bone and severing an artery. He is under Dr. Fischer’s care and getting along nicely though he will be unable to work for a week or more.

Woman Reformatory Plans Are Accepted. Preliminary plans for the reformatory for women at Shakopee were approved and accepted today at a conference between the state Board of Control and the Board of Woman Visitors. A fund of $100,000 for the erection of a main building will not be available until August 1, but it is proposed to award the building contract next spring…

Jan. 25, 1918

E. E. Hupp Appointed Agricultural Instructor. The Board of Education of the local school of Shakopee is gratified to know that the high school will not have to be discontinued this year because of the resignation of Mr. Smith. The second term of school opened Monday with a new instructor of Agriculture, Mr. E. E. Hupp…

The annual ice harvest began this week and the ice is of exceptionally good quality this year.

Miss Stacia Vierling has resigned as book-keeper for the Shakopee Telephone company her resignation to take effect February 1st. Miss Vierling will take an extended vacation and during her absence her duties will be looked after by Miss Theresa Schell.

Dr. F. H. Buck celebrated his entrance into citizenship of the United States by entertaining the officers of the court and all those who assisted in making him a citizen, at his home Thursday evening of last week.

William Ries’s children and their playmates are in full enjoyment of a private skating rink which Mr. Ries has made for them in the Ries yard. An embankment of cinders was built up and the yard was flooded, affording the youngsters a fine expanse of ice which is kept in good condition and furnishes excellent sport for the children of the neighborhood. The idea is one that might be used to advantage for the pleasure and benefit of their children by many of our residents who have city water in their homes and large yards at their disposal.

1943: Shakopee Argus-Tribune

Jan. 7, 1943

Surprise Blackout May Come Any Time, Warden Chief Says. Shakopee air-raid wardens are advised this week by Paul Ries, chief warden, not to forget the possibility of a surprise blackout. “It may come anytime,” he said, “and all of us should be prepared for it.”..

Miss Mildred Beckrich, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Math Beckrich, has completed preliminary training in a Minneapolis radio and television institute and is now in St. Louis for an additional three-month course in electronics. She went to St. Louis, Friday night.

Jan. 14, 1943

Surprise Blackout May Come Any Time, Warden Chief Says. Shakopee air-raid wardens are advised this week by Paul Ries, chief warden, not to forget the possibility of a surprise blackout. “It may come anytime,” he said, “and all of us should be prepared for it.”…

Miss Mildred Beckrich, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Math Beckrich, has completed preliminary training in a Minneapolis radio and television institute and is now in St. Louis for an additional three-month course in electronics. She went to St. Louis, Friday night.

Dr. Halver Chosen State President of Veterinary Society at St. Paul. Dr. D. L. Halver of this city, at the annual meeting of the State Veterinary Medical Society in St. Paul the first of the week, was elected the organization’s president. The meeting was attended by more than 200 members from throughout the state who had come to recognize in Dr. Halver a practitioner of ability and a leader in his chosen profession. He succeeds Dr. F. W. Hansen of St. Paul. The Argus-Tribune extends hearty congratulations to Dr. Halver upon his preference. Dr. John Dick of Minneapolis was chosen first vice-president, and Dr. H. C. Kernkamp of the University Farm, was re-elected secretary-treasurer of the organization. After a two-day session, the meeting was brought to a close Tuesday afternoon…

Changes in City Staff Follow Two Resignations

Changes in the staff of city employees are now in effect as a result of action by the City Council this week, following the resignation of the police chief and overseer of streets.

Leo Lauer, formerly nightwatchman, is now chief of police filling the vacancy created by the resignation of R. L. Brown. Howard Grosshauser was subsequently appointed nightwatchman.

The duties of the street overseer formerly discharged by William Jansen, resigned, have temporarily been combined with those of the superintendent of parks, a position held by Leonard Siebenaler. This arrangement, it was said, is to be in operation until the end of April.

Jan. 21, 1943

Henry C. Stark Purchases Holstein-Friesian Bull. Henry C. Stark of Eagle Creek, has become the owner of a purebred Holstein-Friesian bull. It is registered by the Holstein-Friesian Association of America, as King Optimist Con Wayne 859691, and was purchased from the herd of the State Reformatory farm, Shakopee.

Home Nursing Classes To Be Organized Here. Under the auspices of the Scott County Red Cross unit, a home nursing course is being organized here. The first class will start Wednesday, Jan. 27 and will be conducted from two until four o’clock in the afternoon, in the Domestic Science room in Shakopee high school. Mrs. Emil Mesenbrink, local registered nurse, will be in charge…

Jan. 28, 1943

Judge Connolly Elected To Place on State Baseball Association Board. At the annual meeting of the Association of Minnesota Amateur Baseball Leagues held at the Frederic hotel in St. Paul, Jan. 21, our local citizen, Judge F. J. Connolly, was elected to membership on the board for 1943, to take the place of Harry S. Johnston of Oxboro…

J. J. Cavanaugh Named Chairman. John J. Cavanaugh, Shakopee, was named chairman of the Scott County Committee for the Celebration of the President’s Birthday, it was announced today by the state committee…

At a meeting of Westminster Fellowship, Monday evening, at the Presbyterian Manse, Mrs. H. C. Schroeder gave a very interesting book review on the “Dog-team Doctor,” Dr. Joseph Romig, Moravian missionary at Bethel, Alaska. Dr. Romig’s son, Dr. Howard Romig, is now superintendent at a large hospital in Anchorage, Alaska.

1968: Shakopee Valley News

Jan. 4, 1968

City Approves Swimming Pool, Plans 1968 Opening. Approval was given engaging the Architecture firm of Wick, Stansfield, Kagermeier Architects, Inc. of Mankato, to draw up plans and specifications for a sand-bottom, lake-type swimming pool and proper officials given authority to sign contracts at the adjourned meeting of the Common council of the City of Shakopee last Thursday evening, December 28, with aldermen assured the facility would be ready in time for the 1968 swimming season…

Announce Malkerson Management Changes

Effective January 1, there was a change in management personnel at Malkerson Motors, 1206 East First Street, Shakopee.

Appointed new general manager is Al Fischer…

Named as new and used car sales manager was Stanley Dircks … Dircks has been in the automotive business for 12 years, and associated with Malkerson Motors for the past seven years…

Lester Malkerson of Minneapolis retains financial interest in Malkerson Motors, it was announced.

Yule Surprises For 550 Needy Children In Area

Remembered this Christmas season were 550 area needy children in Scott County through the Scott County Welfare department’s Christmas Toy project, with the assistance of donations from individuals and organizations.

Miss Lois Weckman of the Scott Welfare department in charge of the activity pointed out that 145 families were visited, and it was considered that this season’s Christmas project was an outstanding success with the help of donations which were greatly appreciated…

Offer Hockey Instruction

Shakopee area boys, interested in participating in the Shakopee Recreation Hockey Instruction program, are invited to be present at the Huber Park Hockey rink, beginning at 10 a.m. Saturdays.

Instructors in this program are Jerry Karkanen, “Chuck” Novakovich, Bruce Christensen and Dale Hauger.

Jan. 11, 1968

Jaycees Take Action To Urge ‘Move Ahead’ On Hwy. 169 Bridge

Following a lengthy discussion at the membership meeting held last Thursday, January 4, in the clubrooms at the KSMM Building on Lewis Street, the Shakopee Jaycees approved a Resolution urging the Minnesota Highway Department to reconsider plans for construction of the Minnesota River bridge and highway link for Highway 169 from Shakopee to Minneapolis.

The petition of the Shakopee Jaycees urges that the Minnesota Highway Department to move ahead its construction plans from the 1974-75 period to as early as 1969…

Traffic Safety Program At Shakopee High, Possibly ‘A First’ In Nation

“90 Minutes for Safety,” a special traffic safety program for high school seniors, will be presented at 9:30 a.m. next Thursday, January 18, at Shakopee Senior High School on Tenth Avenue for seniors of Jordan, Belle Plaine, Prior Lake and Shakopee Public High Schools.

The 90 minute program is a “first” for Minnesota and possibly in the country. Although driver education has been offered to high school lower classmen for some time, this is the first attempt to provide additional instruction for the seniors…

$40,000 Loss In Blaze Saturday At Former Simons Lumber Co.

Destroyed by first last Saturday morning, January 6, was the main frame building of the former Simons Lumber Co., at Second and Lewis, in the heart of the business district, as Shakopee firemen, assisted by volunteers from Chaska and Carver were successful in containing the blaze despite the 16 degrees below zero temperature…

The lumber yard, abandoned about a year ago, is owned by Dr. J. C. Huber, Shakopee dentist, and the building has been used by local firms for storage the past serval months. Formerly Shakopee Services, Inc., had garaged school buses there, but these had been previously moved as it was found that youths were getting in them as they were parked in the area…

Firemen reported the cause of the fire was not known.

Approve Jackson Township Plat

Approved at the December 28 adjourned meeting of the Scott County Board of Commissioners held at the courthouse in Shakopee was a subdivision, designated as “Glen Ellyn Park” in Jackson township, which had been previously approved by the Jackson Town Board and approval being recommended by the Scott County Planning Commission.

The tract is in the NE ¼ of the SE ¼ of Section 13, Jackson township and contains 40.83 acres.

Jan. 18, 1968

Patrolman Assigned To Shakopee. Assigned to the Shakopee district is new State Highway Patrolman Carl S. Gantrils, who plans to make his home in this community…

Official Family Changes Of Shakopee Bank Staff

F. A. Weiland President of the First National Bank of Shakopee announced this week the following title changes as a result of the Annual Stockholders’ meeting held Tuesday of last week, January 9, at the Shakopee bank:

Claude H. Kolb elected auditor and installment lending officer.

James W. Raduenz elected installment lending officer.

Gary L. Fredrickson elected operations officer…

Downstairs of City Hall To Get ‘New Look’

That the Shakopee City Hall is to get a face lifting was the report of Alderman Charlie Rein, liaison to the Shakopee Public Utilities Commission, at the adjourned meeting of the Common Council of the City of Shakopee held Tuesday evening of this week, January 16.

Rein reported that the Utility commissioners at its meeting Monday night of this week approved a $3,548 project of renovation for the City Hall. He added that Pat O’Connor of Shakopee had received the contract to complete the work.

Planned is the remodeling of the downstairs of the City Hall to include renovation of the counters, new wainscoting and installation of new doors at the front and rear entrances to the building.

He added that consideration was also being given to the installation of carpeting…

Stans Foundation Gives $5000 Grant To Scott Historical Society

That the Scott County Historical Society has received a check in the amount of $5,000 from the Stans Foundation was announced this week by R. M. Weiler of Shakopee, president.

Weiler explained that this grant was offered to cover the preliminary research work for the Pond Grist Mill Area Restoration project at Memorial Park, just east of Shakopee off Highway 101, undertaken by the Society…

Jan. 25, 1968

Shakopee Chamber Opens Drive For Members; Achievements Listed. The Shakopee Chamber of Commerce is to begin a membership drive next week, Jim Stillman, chairman of the membership committee, announced this week…

Public Hearing Feb. 6 On Park Area Project. The Administrative committee of the Common Council of the City of Shakopee is conducting an open hearing, to which the public is invited, regarding how the Memorial Park area is to be developed…

New Ownership For Glass Container Plant. American Can Company has sold its glass container operation to a new privately owned company Midland Glass Co. of Cliftwood, New Jersey, including the plant located in Valley Industrial Park just off Highway 101, just east of Shakopee and two other plants one in Terre Haute, Indiana and the other in Cliftwood, New Jersey…

More than 100 industrial arts teachers were in attendance at the Minnetonka Industrial Arts Association meeting hosted by the Shakopee Industrial Arts teachers…

1993: Shakopee Valley News

Jan. 7, 1993

Canterbury Downs shut down. MINNEAPOLIS— The doors at Canterbury Downs were closed Dec. 31 after the Minnesota Racing Commission unanimously voted against continued simulcasting at the Shakopee track…

Judge with Irish wit and charm to depart

The first month of the new year will mark the end of an era in Minnesota legal history: Effective Jan. 31, the Honorable John M. Fitzgerald, the state’s longest-sitting district court judge, is retiring…

Fitzgerald, who in January will reach the mandatory retirement age of 70 for state judges, was appointed to the bench in 1963 by then-Gov. Karl Rolvaag. He has spent nearly 30 years traversing the seven-county First Judicial District.

Much of that time he has been seated in Scott and Carver counties, and he’s made a big impression on area prosecutors, defense attorneys, courthouse personnel and judicial colleagues…

Jan. 14, 1993

Transportation study of east Shakopee approved by council. A transportation study of the eastern Shakopee area was approved by the City Council Jan. 5. The council also authorized the hiring of a consultant to prepare the study at a cost not to exceed $16,500…

Historical group to be organized. An organizational meeting for the Shakopee Historical Society will be held this Saturday at 10 a.m. in the Community Room of Norwest Bank, 738 E. First Ave…

Senator wants counties to match federal Ferry Bridge funds

A state senator from Tracy introduced a bill in the Legislature last week that calls for Scott and Hennepin counties to pick up the $20.3 million portion of funding needed to match federal money for the construction of the Bloomington Ferry Bridge.

Sen. Jim Vickerman, DFL-Tracy, introduced the bill on Jan. 7 because he is opposed to the state picking up the project’s matching portion when other districts — including his — desperately needs their own road projects, he said…

Rotary Club to donate funds for kiosk on state trail

The Shakopee Rotary Club will fund an information kiosk along the Minnesota Valley State Trail, which is expected to be completed this spring, according to Steve Rose, Minnesota Valley Trail specialist for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources…

Rose said the cooperative project could lay the groundwork for future support for trail improvements from the Rotary Club.

The Minnesota Valley Trail is under development from Fort Snelling State Park to Le Sueur. Completion of the metro segment, which extends to Belle Plaine, is expected in 1995. The six-mile segment from Shakopee to Chaska is paved and usable for hiking, biking and cross-country skiing.

Rose said the kiosk, to be located just west of the Levee Drive senior center, will feature information about the natural and human history of the valley, and thereby fit into an overall interpretive plan for the trail.

“The design might incorporate benches made using old stones from a nearby historic bridge, along with sketches, old photos and narrative,” said Rose. It will fit in nicely with the historical interpretive signage that will be placed along the trail.”…

Jan. 21, 1993

Stans museum near reality

Shakopee native Maurice Stans and Scott County are near agreement on a proposal to build a $1 million facility that would house a museum containing Stans memorabilia and provide space for the Scott County Historical Society on the corner of Second Avenue and Holmes Street in Shakopee.

Stans has offered to spend $1 million for the facility, contingent on the county agreeing to appropriate not less than $30,000 a year for operating expenses for both the museum and the historical society, said Scott County Administrator Cliff McCann…

New-housing permits in city surged in 1992

Construction of single-family homes surged in Shakopee in 1992, and city officials believe the trend will continue as access to the area south of the Minnesota River improves with completion of local highway and bridge projects.

The city issued 151 building permits for single-family homes last year, compared to 115 in 1991. In the three years prior to 1991 permits for home starts lingered at about 100 per year…

Casket-making firm to build plant in city

An Indiana firm that manufactures caskets plans to build a 12,000-square-foot distribution facility at the Valley Green Business Park on Citation Drive and Valley Industrial Boulevard North in Shakopee.

Aurora Casket Co., based in Aurora, Ind., will build the facility on 1.6 acres of land, and plans to occupy the building in March…

Koniarski: All sides agree on state funding needed for Ferry Bridge

Bill Koniarski, chairman of the Scott County Transportation Coalition (SCTC), told Scott County commissioners Tuesday that the players involved in the funding of the Bloomington Ferry Bridge project are now working with the same financial figures, which he said should help the project receive the funding it needs from the state Legislature this session…

Koniarski said everyone now agrees on the final price tag for the project: $144 million…

Jan. 28, 1993

Bypass delayed for one year

The Minnesota Department of Transportation has announced that difficulties in obtaining rights of way and a funding shortage will delay completion of the Shakopee Bypass by one year.

The nine-mile Shakopee Bypass, which will skirt urban Shakopee to the south, was expected to be open for traffic in November 1994, said Scott County Highway Engineer Brad Larson. But the DOT’s lengthy right of way acquisition process, coupled with funding shortages, will delay completion until November 1995…

New plans for Co. 18 raise ire of neighbors

Scott County’s plans to reconstruct County Road 18 to four lanes the entire distance from the Shakopee Bypass/Highway 101 interchange to County Road 42 has upset some nearby residents, who say they have been deceived by county officials and are considering legal action.

The county originally had planned to reconstruct County Road 18 as four lanes from the bypass to County Road 16, where it would become two lanes until it meets County Road 42. It was also planned that the county may complete the road as four lanes later…

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