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1894: Scott County Argus

March 1, 1894

Wm. Pinger got out Monday for the first time in some six weeks. He has been confined to the house with an obstinate ailment, and while feeling somewhat improved, he is still far from well.

The Minnesota Post office took advantage of Monday’s fine spring weather and removed to the north door of the How Block on Lewis street, whence will come the succeeding issues of Editor Mueller’s paper. The Post is to be congratulated upon its betterment in location, size and appearance of its quarters.

On Tuesday Wm. J. Kauth sold his lumber yard stock and good will to Frank Buch, and the stock has been removed and added to Mr. Buch’s extensive yard east of the depot. Mr. Buch, although he has been in the business only a year, has built up such a good retail coal and lumber trade that he felt warranted in making the purchase.

The Board of Health wisely determined that it was best to be on the safe side in the matter of a threatened epidemic of diphtheria and requested pastors of the churches to dispense with services Sunday; consequently no church bells were rung, and no churchgoers thronged the streets. It was a quiet day indeed.

The remains of the late Hon. H. B. Strait, accompanied by W. W. Strait, of California and a brother of the deceased, will probably arrive here tomorrow morning. The body will be met at the station by the members of the Masonic Lodge and conveyed to his late residence where it will lie in state until Monday noon. The funeral services will take place from St. Peter’s Episcopal church at one o’clock Monday afternoon under Masonic honors. The number of honorary pall-bearers will be very large, but the list cannot be announced as yet. Large delegations from surrounding Lodges will be present. Members of the Masonic fraternity are requested to meet at the hall of King Solomon’s Lodge at twelve o’clock noon, on that day.

Last night at the post office Wm. Willson stepped out of the little wire wicket that separates the public from the government, and as he did so the onerous duties of the Shakopee postmastership were shifted to the shoulders of Capt. R. J. Chewning, who is to dele out the wares of the postal service for the next four, eight or twelve years. Our retiring postmaster, Mr. Willson, may look back upon his four years’ service with considerable complacency, for he has been a model servant from the government standpoint, always faithful, punctual to a dot, obliging, but at the same time a strict adherent to the rules and regulations laid down by the powers that be. He retires with the best wishes of the majority of the office’s patrons. Of Capt. Chewning, his successor, it need only be said at this time that his popularity is well known and his democracy unquestioned. He will prove an able and acceptable postmaster.

March 8, 1894

H. P. Marx has purchased the entire stock of stationery kept by Wm. Willson, and will continue to keep the finest stock of the finest stationery in town.

It should be remembered that the American Express agency is now on the Omaha side of the depot. Those wishing to make use of this old reliable company should take note of the fact.

The ice on the river below the bridge went out Monday, March 5th, probably the earliest within the memory of the Oldest Inhabitant.

March 15, 1894

At the Jackson Town election a law was voted upon and carried making it a crime for any farmer to allow a Russian thistle on his farm to come to seed, and making pathmasters responsible for those growing in the public highways. These wide awake farmers believe in locking the stable door before the steed is stolen. Their example is worthy of emulation.

Ground was broken last Monday for the St. Mark’s Church priest’s residence, and the work will be pushed rapidly from now on to completion. Messrs. Peter Annen, Peter Schneider, and John Roehl have the cellar and basement contract.

The Washta Club has purchased A. Schaeffer’s billiard table and appurtenances, and the table will be removed to their rooms in the Busse Block today.

Last Tuesday night a team belonging to Sam Beisang made things lively on Second street for a few moments. Mr. Beisang had just picked up the reins to drive out of H. Speilman’s yard when the team became unmanageable and started to run. At the corner of the hotel they turned sharply and the reach broke, upsetting the wagon and wrecking it. Neither of the two occupants was hurt. The team ran to the corner of Ring’s Hotel and fell between the fence and a lamp-post where they were caught. With the exception of a few scratches they were found unhurt.

Grand Opening. Next Monday at the M. Berens building a New and Complete Stock of Millinery, Yarns and Hosiery, Knitting at wholesale and retail. Miss Celia Stiern will be in charge of the trimming department. Mrs. C.M. Nachtsheim.

March 22, 1894

Plant a tree or two this spring. Half the acknowledged beauty of Shakopee is due to her many shade trees. Nothing will so embrace the value of property, pay such big returns on a small investment, as the planting of and caring for a few small trees.

Lins Bros. are making some appreciable improvements in their progressive meat market this week, which, when completed will in their opinion give them one of the neatest and most convenient meat markets in this section of the state. The salesroom has been enlarged by removing a partition, and the old refrigerator will be replaced by a new one 10×12 feet in size. The entire shop will then be repainted and fitted up with galvanized iron railings. The firm is to be congratulated upon the spirit of progression and signs of prosperity exhibited in the improvements in hand.

August Vogel removed his family to his newly purchased farm yesterday. The farm is situated in Carver county, some three miles north of Chaska, and is a most desirable one at the price paid, $3,000.

For sale or rent. A brick building fitted for blacksmith and wagon shop and dwelling of five rooms in Shakopee. Reason for sale owner has removed therefrom. Enquire of John Poetz, Shakopee, Minn.

For rent—120 acres of excellent pasturage 3 miles east of Shakopee, on the “blue grass flats.” This pasture is enclosed with good wire fence, is well shaded and has plenty of water for stock. James Sullivan.

March 29, 1894

Postmaster Chewning announces that hereafter the postoffice will be open Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The new arrangement will better accommodate the country people who wish to depart for home immediately after church services are over.

Farmers will want to call at this office and secure samples of the Binder Twine now being manufactured at the State Prison. As stated elsewhere it will be put upon the market at the very low price of seven cents per pound. The long-usering farmer has now an opportunity to put the twine trust to rout.

Their many friends will much regret to learn that Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Cornelie will remove to Webster, S. Dak., the first of next week, where Mr. Cornelie has secured a better-paying position as station-agent in the Milwaukee depot. The agent there will remove to this place to succeed Mr. Cornelie. During their three years residence here this genial family has won many friends and it is with mutual feelings of regret that they and the community separate.

Beginning with Monday, April 16, it is the intention of Capt. Brower of Minneapolis to run his new boat between Shakopee and the Twin Cities three times a week. It is to be hoped that the passenger and freight traffic combined will be sufficiently large to warrant the running of the boat throughout the season. The steamer will be a speedy one and it is thought the beautiful trip from Shakopee to Minneapolis can be made in three hours.

1919: Shakopee Tribune

March 7, 1919

Linotype Graces Tribune Office. This week a Mergenthaler linotype has been added to the equipment of the Tribune. It is needless to describe this machine, as no doubt most of our readers are acquainted with its general points of utility. Suffice it to say that it has become a necessity in the modern newspaper office in these days of increased demand upon the services of the country publisher. In view of these increased demands upon it, the Tribune has for many months been obliged to get linotype service from the New Prague office of this company, but this arrangement is now superceded by the more satisfactory one of home equipment. And in bringing a linotype to Shakopee the Tribune is taking from her the unenviable record of being one of the largest towns of the state without machine composition facilities…

For Sale:—8 room house, barn, sheds, windmill and three acres of grounds. Inquire of Mrs. C. G. Bowdish, Shakopee.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Pond moved here from their farm last Saturday and are occupying the Busse home on First street for the present. Their farm was sold to George H. Esch of Jordan a fortnight ago, Mr. Esch taking possession March 1.

Mr. and Mrs. P. G. Miller and children are expected here from San Francisco, Cal., for an infinite stay at the Charles Kuhns home. Mr. Miller, who has been in the service of the government and employed in the shipyards, has been released and will seek employment elsewhere.

Pauline, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Paron, was operated on for abcess of the brain on Tuesday afternoon. The family is under quarantine and the operation was performed at the home. The operation, which was of a serious matter, was most successful. Her brother, Hubert, is still quite ill with pneumonia.

March 14, 1919

Our Linotype Running. The Tribune this week is set on its own linotype. Joseph W. Koktavy, one of the operators from the New Prague office, assisted by John L. Suel, set up the machine and got it to running, a job usually requiring the aid of a city expert. Later he came again and set the type for the paper. Upon Joe will rest the responsibility for our regular appearance until such time as some of the Tribune force can teach the monster to eat out of their hands.

To Arrange For Cheese Factory. Early next week, either Monday or Tuesday, a meeting will be held at the Shakopee creamery of the Shakopee local of the Twin City Milk Producer’s association, which was organized here last week. At this meeting arrangements will be completed for the installation of machinery for a cheese factory in Shakopee. The association, of which the Shakopee local is the fourteenth organization, paid its members $2,300,000 last year, so it is evident that a local here means much to our local dairymen. J. C. Munsch is president and Anton Marschall secretary of the local branch, while Geo. Dellwo will run the receiving station. The meeting next week will be addressed by W. F. Schilling of Northfield.

Auto Club Will Reorganize. A meeting of the Shakopee Auto club was held at the commercial club rooms Tuesday evening for the consideration of miscellaneous business. Another meeting will be held in the near future for the purpose of reorganizing the club with a view to increasing its scope and membership. Shakopee’s growing importance as a trunk line center has increased interest in everything pertaining to auto travel, and a large and active club here is recognized as a necessary adjunct to the machinery for road-boosting and road-organizing.

For Rent:—5 room house, two blocks east of Minnesota Stove Co. Inquire of Lizzie Linhoff.

March 21, 1919

Farmers Favor Organization. In response to a call sent out by President J. C. Munsch of the new Shakopee local of the Twin City Milk Producers’ association a meeting was held at the creamery building Wednesday afternoon for the purpose of discussing further the proposition of station and installing a cheese factory in the creamery building…

Organize for Victory Loan. A meeting was held at Jordan Monday for the purpose of organizing the campaign in Scott county for the big Victory loan. F. A. Bean, Jr., of New Prague, who has acted as secretary for several of the previous loans, will head the committee…

K. C. Library Open Soon

Sufficient funds have now been obtained by the committee in charge of the Knights of Columbus local library campaign to make it possible to announce definitely that the library will be opened some time within the next thirty days.

Library and reading-room privileges will be free to members of the parishes of St. Mary and St. Mark, the arrangement agreed upon having been that the Knights would pay for maintenance and running expenses, including rent, if the two parishes would supply the money for books and furniture, which they have done.

The rooms now occupied by the K. of C. in the Berens building are being remodeled and repaired to accommodate the new library. Water and sewer connections have been made and the rooms fitted with sanitary plumbing. The library will occupy one of the large rooms off the assembly hall…

March 28, 1919

Large Sums for Reformatory. The state board of control budget which passed the house Tuesday of this week carries an appropriation of $35,000 for a cottage for women prisoners and $20,000 to stock the reformatory farm, besides the regular maintenance allowance. As the bill authorizing the removal of female prisoners from Stillwater to Shakopee is now out of the woods, it would appear that our full expectations are to be realized. This, of course, will not complete the program recommended by the board which called for several cottages, but nothing now can stand in the way of its ultimate completion by future legislatures…

Draft Board Dissolved. Saturday of this week the local draft board will be officially dissolved. On Wednesday all the records were packed for shipment to headquarters and all office fixtures were offered for sale at public auction. As few knew anything about the sale in advance it did not cause much stir, and only a few articles were sold. The remainder will accompany the records for headquarters…

A Nectariferous Wand. No doubt you have noticed J. H. Moore circulating around town with what on first sight appears to be a magic wand. It fooled us, too, until we found out that it was a graduated measuring stick which he uses to determine the amount of liquid there is in a barrel. He is inspecting the stocks of liquor on hand prior to the general inventory report which all liquor dealers must return to the government on April 1. No, you don’t understand yet. You are thinking that he waves the wand three times in the air and the first figure he sees is the right one. But it’s no such thing. He simply takes the bung out of the barrel and jabs the stick in and records how deep the liquor is in the barrel. It’s simple when you know how. The only hard problem is to keep track of how many different kinds of booze the stick has tasted. After the first of July that stick will have to have a body guard to protect it from those who would dip it into their lemonade.

The Scott county allotment of Red Cross sewing for the month of April is 50 boys’ shirts. The material is expected here next week.

Mrs. Elizabeth Jasper sold her home on First St., last Saturday to E. J. Pond, who will take possession about May 1. Mrs. Jasper will go to Minneapolis to reside, several of her children being employed there.

William Gruett sold his home in east Shakopee to August Griepentrog of Lydia, who expects to take possession in the near future. The Gruett family will move to Hutchinson.

1919: Scott County Argus

March 7, 1919

Dr. Buck purchased a new Ford touring car which he brought out from Minneapolis last week.

For Sale—8 lots, blocks 29 and 34. Inquire of Mrs. Henry Rottgart or Tel. 2810.

Hot Lunch Service. The hot lunch service has been resumed again and will continue until the arrival of warmer weather. Only those who come in from the country will be served free of charge, others must pay the bare expense of raw material which amounts to only a few cents. This is in compliance with state law, which requires that consolidated schools must furnish the hot lunch to all pupils from the country in order to draw consolidated aid from the state.

Elected Good Road Delegate. At the All Good Roads association of Minneapolis annual meeting held at the Andrews hotel in Minneapolis, J. J. Moriarty of this city was elected as a delegate from the state at large to accompany one delegate representing Minneapolis to the meeting of the national highway association to be held at Kansas City on March 15th, at which time and place a permanent organization of the great Wilson Way, which is to pass through this city, will be effected.

Memorial Proposed

It has been proposed to erect or establish a memorial in this city as a mark of appreciation for the signal services performed by the gallant boys of Shakopee and immediate community who in response to country’s call, went forth to fight and die for country’s cause…

Such a memorial might be erected by placing a clock on the tower of the church of St. Mark’s of this city in the place long vacant and fitted for same and illuminated by night visible to and its chimes announcing the hour heard by the whole city and surrounding community…

March 14, 1919

Louis Entrup is taking the baths at Hot Springs, Ark., and reports his health improved.

The six year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Raduenz is in St. Luke’s hospital where she underwent two operations for the removal of cancer, one on the hand and the other on her shoulder. The child is doing as well as could be hoped for but her condition leads to grave fears for her recovery.

March 21, 1919

The dining room, office and second story of the Pelham hotel are undergoing renovating and redecorating.

C. J. Hartman will have a new glass front placed in his meat market as soon as the weather permits. John T. Kreuser will do the carpentry.

Charles Kuhns has sold his farm to John Vierling, the price being $213 an acre. The latter will take possession about May 1st. The many friends of the Kuhns family will be glad to learn that they do not contemplate leaving Shakopee at present and will continue to reside here until their plans for the future are more definite.

For Sale—About 20 acres of bottom land, 1 mile east of Shakopee. Thos. Notermans, owner, Woodstock, Minn.

For Sale—My residence property, including house and lots. Enquire Mrs. John Spielmann, Shakopee.

March 28, 1919

Frank Lenzmeier is hauling lumber for a new barn, chicken house and garage that he will build as soon as the spring weather becomes settled. The barn will be a modern building 36×80 feet, the chicken house 16×40 feet and the garage 20×24 feet.

For Rent—House and 5 lots, south of Theo. Weiland’s. Inquire of Mrs. Timothy Duffy.

For Rent—5 room house on Fifth street. Inquire of Reis Bros.

Spring will bring many changes among the householders of the city, some having bought or sold homes, while numerous renters will move. E. J. Pond has purchased Mrs. E. Jasper’s home adjoining Dr. Newell’s on First street and Mrs. Jasper will go to Minneapolis to reside with her children. R. C. Kline has rented Mrs. H. J. Peck’s residence and the flat now occupied by him has been taken by the Chas. Coons family. Ed Leibold will move to the former Thos. Donlon home and his present residence will be occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Walsh, while Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Dierberger will take the home vacated by them.

1944: Shakopee Argus-Tribune

March, 2, 1944

William Ries Member of OPA Advisory Committee. William Ries, president, Jacob Ries Bottling Works, Shakopee, has been appointed to a soft drink advisory committee, Ward L. Tilden, Twin Cities District OPA director, announced this week…

FOR SALE—The McGovern Farm of 127 acres. Inquire of HARRY McGOVERN, 340 West 5th St., Shakopee.

FOR SALE—Business site on Holmes St. GEORGE BECKRICH, Shakopee.

Legion To Meet In New “Dugout” Monday Night

All servicemen, whether Legion members or not, are invited to attend the regular monthly meeting of the Shakopee Legion Post, Monday night, officers said.

The meeting is to be held in the organization’s new quarters, dubbed the “Dugout,” formerly the “Recreation” on Lewis street. The session, scheduled to open at eight o’clock, promises to be an interesting one in which local Legion activities will occupy much of the discussion…

March 9, 1944

School Boards Convene Here. More than 100 men and women, members of Scott county school boards, attended the annual meeting of the Scott County School Officers at the high school here Wednesday…

Recreation Topic To Be Resumed. Another meeting to discuss the possibilities and necessity of a youth program for Shakopee will be held Monday night in the high school library. The session is an outgrowth of a similar meeting held here February 15…

Mrs. Gussie Klemenhagen returned Monday evening from the Twin Cities, where she had spent several days visiting at the homes of her daughters. Mrs. Klemenhagen is the manager of the O.K. lunch room, which was being moved from Holmes street to First street the past week. The new place will be ready for business the latter part of the week.

Cigarettes for Fighting Men Is Legion Project

To provide cigarettes for the men in service, the Shakopee Post of the American Legion this week inaugurated a system of collecting “small change” to finance the program.

In business places throughout Shakopee, there will be displayed a placard mounted on a milk bottle. The placard asks for contributions to the cigarette fund. Money thus obtained will be used to purchase cigarettes in case lots to be sent to the fighting men overseas.

Old Phonograph Records Wanted

Old, worn-out and broken phonograph records are now being collected by the Shakopee Unit of the American Legion Auxiliary, as a part of a nationwide program undertaken by the national organization.

The material of which the records are made is salvaged, thus making new records available for military bases and hospitals throughout the world…

March 16, 1944

FOR SALE.—To close estate. House and 10 lots in Blk. 63, in Shakopee; owned by Joseph Weidler, deceased. Write H. A. GEISENKOETTER, Admn., Big Stone City, N. D., inclosing offer in first letter.

FOR SALE.—House on West 3rd St. Also two rolling doors, 10×10; iron rods, 12 ft. long. If interested—call at 421 West 5th St., Shakopee.

Organizations Continue Youth Program Talks

Continuing the discussion, launched by the American Legion, relative to the needs for and problems incident to a youth recreation program for Shakopee, representatives of local church, civic, fraternal and service organizations held their second meeting in the high school library, Monday night…

The conclusion (reached at the first meeting) that parents and homes were chiefly responsible for the care of their children and to a large degree were at fault if the children were delinquent, was again voiced Monday night. This position was augmented by the general conclusion that the children themselves had definite responsibilities and should be made conscious of them.

With the assembly agreed on those two points discussion centered about the types of recreation sought by the youth, and the most satisfactory method of providing the desired recreation…

To simplify and facilitate the job of getting a recreation program under way the group resolved itself into a committee, composed of one representative from each of the organizations thus far interested in the project.

It will be the task of the committee to formulate a plan based on the ideas and suggestions expressed at the meetings. When prepared, the plan is to be presented at another meeting of the original body for approval or alteration.

Opera Company Coming Tuesday

The American Civic Opera company will sing the first act of the “Barber of Seville,” in the high school auditorium here at 1:00 p.m. Tuesday, school authorities announced this week.

Admission, spokesmen said, will be a 25 cent defense stamp. Everyone is invited to attend the performance…

March 23, 1944

$2,001 Raised here in Red Cross Drive. More Gifts Expected. Although all contributions in the city are not yet in Shakopee has raised $2001.76 in the annual Red Cross War Fund drive, it was learned this week. The quota for the city was $1800.00…

Shakopee Team Wins State K. C. Bowling Title in Tournament. Competing with some of the best bowling teams in the class, the Shakopee Knights of Columbus entry piled up a total of 2893 pins to win the state title in the Knights of Columbus tourney held in Minneapolis, Saturday…

To Consider Formation of Sportsmen’s Group. Residents of the Shakopee area, urban and rural, interested in the organization of a Sportsmen’s club are urged to attend a meeting to be held in the Legion Dugout on Lewis street at 8:30 Friday evening…

March 30, 1944

Recent Property Transfers. Two transfers of more or less local interest to folks of this community, publication last week held over because of lack of space, were those of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Gelhaye and the old Charles Boldt home in East Shakopee. The Gelhayes sold their little farm home to Lewis Buse, who with his wife came from Pipestone to make their future home in Shakopee. Mr. and Mrs. Gelhaye have bought the Charles Boldt residence in East Shakopee to which they have moved to spend the evening of life.

Bowling Contest Event of Interest at St. Paul House, Evening of Apr. 5. The St. Paul House bowling alleys will have a match game on Wednesday, April 5, at 7:30 p.m., between the St. Paul House teams bowling in the Minneapolis and St. Paul Classic leagues…

Sportsmen’s Club To Be Formed. Interested in the organization of a sportsmen’s club, 30 residents of the Shakopee locality held an enthusiastic meeting in the Legion dugout last Friday night…

1969: Shakopee Valley News

March 6, 1969

2nd Wilkie Grant For Historical Society. The Scott County Historical Society received an additional $12,000 grant from the Wilkie Foundation, Mrs. Margaret MacFarlane, historical co-ordinator for the Society announced at the meeting held at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday of last week, February 26, in the Community Room, First National Bank of Shakopee…

Open Intensive Care Unit At St. Francis. St. Francis Hospital of Shakopee officially opened its new Coronary and Intensive Care Unit on Monday of this week, March 3, Hospital officials announced…

Eagle Creek Seeking Merger With Shakopee. In a move, after the 15-vote margin defeat on February 25 of the proposals for annexation, the Town Board of Eagle Creek township is seeking, through special permissive legislation, and in accordance with consolidation proceedings to merge with the City Shakopee and giving the option to the Village of Prior Lake to also participate in this merging…

Shakopee’s New Cub Scout Pack Holds Blue And Gold Banquet. Shakopee’s new Cub Scout Pack No. 421, organized in December of 1968, held its first annual Blue and Gold Banquet on Tuesday evening of last week, February 25, at Christ Lutheran Church in Shakopee…

Public Measles Clinic At Schools In Shakopee, Prior Lake March 20

Several hundred extremely fortunate girls and boys of Scott County will have an enviable experience in protective medicine at the Shakopee Elementary and Junior High School lunchroom, Fifth and Lewis, between 8:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. and at the Prior Lake Elementary School library, between 10:30 a.m. and 12 noon on Thursday, March 20, Scott County Public Health Nurse Margaret Lindmeyer of Shakopee announced this week.

A Public Measles clinic is to be conducted, under the sponsorship the Scott-Carver Medical Society and Scott County Public Health Nursing Service, with the assistance and cooperation of all Scott County Public and Parochial Schools. Preschoolers from age one and up and students in grades, three through eight, who have not previously had the disease or been immunized are invited to attend. Students in grades one and two and kindergarten have already been certified. If they have not, they should attend also, Mrs. Lindmeyer added…

March 13, 1969

Supt. J. Feda Resigns; Deny Froiland Coaching. Superintendent of Shakopee School District No. 720, John Feda, tendered his resignation to the Board of Education, and Head Coach David Froiland was told his coaching contract would not be extended for the 1969-70 school year at the regular meeting of the School Board on Tuesday of this week, March 11, at the Board room, Senior High School on Tenth Avenue…

Scott Board Now Seeks Applicants For New Post Of County Administrator. Seeking applicants for the position of County Administrator of Scott County is the Scott Board of Commissioners, who on motion authorized Scott County Auditor Joseph Ries of Shakopee to advertise this opening, a newly created position…

Indecent Literature Public Talk Tonight. The Shakopee Knights of Columbus, Council No. 1685, cordially invites the public to attend a talk on pornography and indecent literature tonight (Thursday), March 13, at the American Legion Clubrooms at 9 p.m.…

Knights Of Columbus To Kick-Off Fund Drive This Sunday For Hall

The Shakopee Council No. 1685, Knights of Columbus, is to kick-off a fund drive for the proposed new Knights of Columbus Hall for Shakopee, to be located at the east edge of the city on Scott County Road 82 (East Fourth Avenue), this Sunday, March 16.

Proposed is that $20,000 be realized for the construction of this new facility.

The Shakopee Knights of Columbus Hall, as planned, has an estimated cost of $70,000 with a program of donated labor from Knights of Columbus members included in the new facility project…

March 20, 1969

Agree On East Shakopee School Site Purchase. That agreement was reached on purchase of the Hilary Drees property, located in East Shakopee, as the site for the proposed new Elementary School for School District No. 720, was announced at the meeting of the board of education held Monday night of this week, March 17, in the Board room at Senior High School on Tenth Avenue…

Secy. Stans On ‘Face The Nation’. Maurice Stans, presently Secretary of Commerce in the Nixon Administration and former Director of the Budget in the Eisenhower Administration, appeared on national television last Sunday, March 16, on ABC’s “Face The Nation” program, televised locally over WCCO-TV, channel four, at 11 a.m.…

Two Applicants Seek Position Of City Recorder-Administrator

Two applicants have indicated an interest in the position of City Recorder-Administrator of the City of Shakopee, the position to be filled in April, Shakopee Mayor Siebenaler announced this week…

The two seeking the position in response to the advertisement are Robert C. Martin, presently assistant to the City Manager at St. Louis Park, and Robert LaBrosse of Cottage Grove, Minnesota, who is presently executive secretary and office manager of The Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, Northern Pacific Committee…

March 27, 1969

Extend Donald Tarr Contract As Principal

Donald Tarr, who has been on the staff of the Shakopee School District No. 720 for two years as a building principal at Shakopee Junior High, Fifth and Holmes, was extended a contract as full-time on a 10 and three-quarters months basis for the 1969-70 school year, at a salary of $12,000.

This action was taken at a meeting of the District No. 720 board of education held Monday night of this week, March 24, in the Board room, Shakopee Senior High on Tenth Avenue…

Outstanding First For Girl Scouts; Many Turn Out For Father-Daughter Banquet

It was an outstanding first for the Girl Scouts of Shakopee last Thursday evening, March 20, at the Shakopee Senior High School cafeteria on Tenth Avenue.

Event was the first Father-Daughter banquet at 6:30 p.m., so well received that last-minute accommodating, along with an expression of Shakopee Neighborhood Chairman, Mrs. Rosemary Spandl, “flabbergasted at the turn-out despite the fact that the state basketball tourney is on television”, were prompted…

1994: Shakopee Valley News

March 3, 1994

Wins award. Greystone Construction Co. of Shakopee recently received the annual Safety Recognition Award from Associated Builders and Contractors of Minnesota. The awards are presented to organization members that experience excellent safety records. It is the first time that Greystone received the award…

Scholarship to honor memory of Dale Vaughan

A scholarship has been established in the memory of Dale Vaughan, longtime Shakopee High school educator and coach who died last year.

The establishment of the Dale C. Vaughan Memorial Scholarship was announced last week by Shakopee High School and the Vaughan family. The scholarship will first be awarded at high school graduation time in June, and will be given annually to graduating seniors who have demonstrated leadership and service to school and community and who have participated in school activities…

Ground-breaking at Calvary UMC

Calvary United Methodist of Shakopee will be celebrating ground-breaking ceremonies Sunday, March 20 at 11:30 a.m. on the building site at Vierling Drive and Emerald Lane.

The new church will include a sanctuary, Christian education classrooms, narthex, kitchen, administrative offices and fellowship area…

March 10, 1994

City public hearing on county plan to impose curfew set for March 22. The Shakopee City Council will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, March 22 at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall on a curfew proposal by the Scott County attorney…

Met Council asks Legislature for radio system moratorium extension. The Metropolitan Council is asking the state Legislature to extend a moratorium to reserve 800-MHz channels for a metropolitan-wide radio system that would be used for police, firefighters and other emergency personnel as well as local governments…

No racing, but impact of track still felt

Although Minnesota had no horse racing in 1993, the Minnesota Racing Commission’s (MRC) annual report indicates that the thoroughbred industry still contributed more than 2,000 jobs and a gross of $100 million in agriculture-related products during the past year.

That was in addition to taxes paid to local and state governmental units. Canterbury Downs continues to contribute $1.67 million in property taxes…

Pond 5th at state wrestling

Andy Pond went to the state wrestling competition hoping to finish among the top athletes in the 135-pound weight class. Having accomplished his goal, the Shakopee High School senior also solidified his place in the annals of SHS wrestling.

In addition to the fifth-place finish at the state meet, Pond will leave Shakopee High School with the wrestling program’s most wins during a four-year career…

March 17, 1994

City, MVRP agree on 3-year lease. The city of Shakopee and the Minnesota Valley Restoration Project (MVRP) board have reached agreement on a three-year lease which will allow the MVRP to continue operating Murphy’s Landing…

City hopes to entice entrepreneur to redevelop two blocks in downtown. The Shakopee City Council on March 8 approved an interim ordinance that will prohibit development on the north side of First Avenue between Holmes and Sommerville streets to allow the city time to seek private parties willing to redevelop the two blocks as a mix of commercial, retail and possibly multi-residential housing…

Top corn grower. Roy Marschall of Shakopee (left) recently was presented with a trophy for being a state winner in the 1993 National Corn Yield Contest, sponsored by the National Corn Growers Association. Loren Brooks, contest chairman, presented the award during a recent conference in Denver. Marschall’s operation placed second in the “AA Non-Irrigated” class with a yield of 175.9 bushels per acre.

Fire that destroyed 2 buildings at Renaissance Festival site investigated. The state fire marshal’s office is investigating the cause of a fire early Saturday on the grounds of the Renaissance Festival in Louisville Township that destroyed two structures and heavily damaged a third…

Trauma training at St. Francis. St. Francis Regional Medical Center recently sponsored a trauma nursing core course (TNCC) for providers. This was the first time the course was offered in the Minnesota Valley.

Strike intent notice is filed by county union. The union that represents most Scott County employees told commissioners Tuesday that it will file an intent-to-strike notice after its members soundly rejected the county’s latest contract offer Monday night…

SHS ice hockey coach Dave Hamlin resigns. Shakopee High School will be looking for a new varsity ice hockey coach between now and the start of the 1994-95 school year. That need was created with the unexpected resignation of Dave Hamlin…

Tennis anyone?

A request for the establishment of a high school tennis program for boys in Shakopee was made by a parent at the School Board meeting Monday night.

Tom Stenson, who has a son in ninth grade and a daughter in seventh, said he had spoken with high school Activities Director John Anderson as well as Anderson’s predecessor, the late Dale Vaughan, on the subject…

Interactive television classes in city schools could soon be offered

Interactive television classes may be closer to reality in the Shakopee School District, through the Carver-Scott Educational Cooperative.

Jim Hinck, director of the cooperative, along with Dave Czech, who has been hired to develop interactive television among the cooperative’s member districts, appeared before the School Board Monday to give a brief report on what developments were taking place…

Coach Schleper ready to play ball

When he was being scrutinized during the application-interview process for the head varsity baseball coach’s job at Shakopee High School last fall, Tom Schleper felt confident that even if he didn’t get the job, he’d likely be coaching baseball somewhere.

Fortunately for the 28-year old Shakopee High School alumnus, he didn’t have to worry about finding a different coaching job. This week, Schleper opened practice as the Sabers new head varsity baseball coach…

March 24, 1994

Track in hands of proven businessmen, unlikely risk-takers

Horse breeder Randy Sampson sat buried under piles of papers Saturday in the cluttered Sampson Racing office at the Shakopee Valley Training Center.

Spread out before him lay the future of Canterbury Downs and the Minnesota thoroughbred industry.

Reams of documents containing information on obtaining racing licenses from the state of Minnesota, legislative battles for off-track betting, and contracts for computer systems, television monitors and food vendors, all demand immediate attention…

“I haven’t slept since this deal was closed,” he said.

The deal was last week’s purchase of Canterbury Downs…

Police chaplain corps ready to help

Community residents and Shakopee police officers will soon have another resource to call in times of trouble.

Pastors from several area churches and the Shakopee Police Department are in the process of forming a police chaplain corps. The non-denominational group of volunteer pastors will be on call whenever a community member or police officer asks for pastoral assistance…

March 31, 1994

Council tables action of proposed county curfew. A proposed countywide curfew received lukewarm response by Shakopee city officials during a public hearing March 22, after which the City Council tabled action on the matter until other county cities have the opportunity to consider the idea…

City to impose franchise fee on Northern States Power. The Shakopee City Council on March 22 directed staff to prepare an ordinance that would permit the city to adopt a franchise fee for Northern States Power (NSP)…

City Council OKs hiring of seasonal building inspector. An increase in the workload of the city’s building inspections department prompted the City Council on March 22 to approve the hiring of a seasonal inspector…

School boundary line approved by board

A boundary line that will be used to determine whether a student attends Pearson or Sweeney elementary school was unanimously approved Monday by the Shakopee School Board.

The boundary line runs from Naumkeag Street south, then west on Fourth Avenue to Sommerville Street, south to 10th Avenue, then east on 10th Avenue to Spencer, south on Spencer to Vierling Drive, then east on Vierling to a point three-quarters of a mile east of Marschall Road, and south to the district boundary.

Those who reside west of the line would attend Sweeney, and those east of it would attend Pearson…

YMCA to take over Kids’ Company programs

After-school child care in the Shakopee School District will no longer be provided by Kids’ Company as of April 16, but, instead, will be handled by Burnsville-based Minnesota Valley YMCA, which will bring in its own program at Central, Sweeney and Pearson elementary schools.

The decision to terminate Kids’ Company, and go with the YMCA, was unanimously approved Monday by the Shakopee School Board…

City rejects site firefighters want for second station

Shakopee Fire Chief Frank Ries was unsuccessful in an attempt to convince the City Council on March 22 to approve the purchase of a site for a second fire station near the County Road 17 and Vierling Drive intersection.

The Fire Department for the past five years has asked the city to purchase the site for a fire station, citing the city’s growth and the need for firefighters to be able to respond quickly to fire calls.

Councilors last week directed staff to investigate other possible sites for a second station and to include a land purchase for a site in its 1995 budget, but declined to buy the site that the Fire Department wants…

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