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1894: Scott County Argus

May 3, 1894

Night-watchman-elect John P. Ring has resigned, and Mayor Weiland has appointed John Bohls to that position for the ensuing year.

The Washta Club’s parlor has been handsomely carpeted during the past week.

The new millinery store, Mrs. C. M. Nachtsheim’s, will remove in a day or two to John Schwartz’s building two doors west.

Wm. Schank has removed to Mrs. H. J. Peck’s tenement north of Mrs. Jennie Heth’s residence. The Reis tenement, vacated by him, will be occupied by Jos. H. Coller and family.

Several big pickerel have been pulled out of the river this week. Ferdinand Gross and Ed. Markus landed two that weighed seven and eight pounds each. H. F. Gross has mounted the head of the larger one and it resembles very much the head of a wolf.

A windmill is to be purchased and set up in the Valley Cemetery. It will make a valuable improvement.

John Thiem has sold to John B. Hoffman of St. Paul the Northwestern House property for a cash consideration of $2,400. We understand that the new owner will conduct a hotel and saloon in the building.

Henry Dieken’s residence is being improved by the addition of a two-story wing on the west side. The new part will be built of brick to correspond with the main structure, and when completed will be similar in size and appearance to the Wilson house adjoining.

The residence of Hon. Henry Hinds is undergoing extensive repairs this week. The flat roof which for twenty years has covered the north wing is being replaced by a gabled shingle-roof which, while more serviceable, will change the familiar appearance of the place somewhat.

May 10, 1894

During the thunder storm of yesterday forenoon, lightning struck and set fire to the barn on the Woodruff farm near the Driving Park. The building and contents are a total loss.

The steamer Geo. Hayes came up the river yesterday with an immense barge to be used on the excursion from Belle Plaine to St. Peter next Sunday. An excursion to St. Paul from Carver, Chaska, and Shakopee is being made today.

Louis Demers has removed with his family from Rush City to this city. He will make extensive repairs upon the old homestead, which he is now occupying.

During the heavy wind Monday the tent covering the “merry-go-round” was blown down. Luckily no damage was done, and the gaily caparisoned steeds seemed to move around even more merrily after their slight scare.

J. B. Gellenbeck’s restaurant will move on the 24th inst. to the second store north on the How block. The second story of the block has been finished for guest rooms, and Mr. Gellenbeck will thus be enabled to furnish excellent hotel accommodation for his patrons.

Within two or three weeks the post office will be established in its new quarters in the corner store of the How block. The building is a model one for such a purpose, is convenient for delivering the mails, and while not so suitably located for the businessmen will prove very acceptable to the public after it has become accustomed to the change.

A peripatetic acrobat gave a creditable street performance opposite John McMullen’s store last Saturday afternoon. He was rewarded by a good many nickels and dimes through the time-honored custom of “passing the hat.”

May 17, 1894

Miss Emma C. Busse has accepted a positon in the National Bank of Lester Prairie, McLeod Co. She left the latter part of last week to take up the duties of her new position.

L. Schaefer will remove to the M. Berens building on or about the first day of June. He intends to put in a big stock of jewelry and silver-ware before the fall trade begins, and his new quarters will prove excellent for its display.

On Tuesday morning at 8:30 o’clock the fire department was given a long run and some hard work by a lively fire which consumed Wm. Kurtz’s barn and shed together with their contents. So rapidly did the tinder-dry material succumb to the flames that when the fire department arrived on the scene the barn and shed were beyond rescue. The firemen were given some lively work upon an adjoining shed and several cords of wood which had caught fire, and those were but slightly damaged. The cause of the fire is unknown. The loss is estimated at $300 or $400, with $100 insurance.

Dr. L. G. Mitchel has removed his offices to the second story of the How Block.

An ornamental street lamp has been placed in front of Otto Spielman’s saloon.

A. Schmitz has removed with his family to the Erb house near J. Schank’s residence. The Northwestern House property will be occupied by its new owners within a few days.

We learn that Henry Mathis will soon begin work upon a new residence. His present concrete dwelling he will tear down and upon the same site will erect a handsome two story brick house something after the plan of Henry Dieken’s recently enlarged residence.

The upsetting of a lamp in Kohls & Berens’s store last Saturday night occasioned considerable excitement for a few minutes. The fall of the lamp broke it and the oil caught fire, but this was quickly smothered after a blazing box had been thrown into the street. A large number of people were in the Opera House just across the street, and when some small boy in the rear of the room hinted “fire” and the glare of the flames began to dance on the walls the crowd wavered for a moment on the verge of a panic. A reassuring cry of “It’s all out” caught the ear just then and the danger was averted.

Farm for sale. I have for sale an improved farm, of 40 acres, within city limits, good house, barn, well and cistern on premises. One of the finest views in the city. For further information inquire of Wm. Willson.

May 24, 1894

R. C. Newell hauled out of the creek near Pond’s mill yesterday an eleven pound catfish.

Dr. L. G. Mitchell has removed his offices to the second story of the How Block.

A clothes-line thief has been working on Second street. Be on the watch for him.

Val. Zoller received yesterday from his nephew, Peter Remberg’s, nursery at Chicago a box containing nearly a hundred large rosebushes, many of them in bloom. Mr. Zoller set out a large number in his garden and, besides, made many of his friends the pleased recipients of two or three fine bushes.

The front of H. H. Philipp & Sons’ furniture store is adorned with large new curtains.

The Meinsenbur property on First street was disposed of Tuesday, P. A. Preiser buying one lot for $450, and Mrs. Mat Yost purchasing the other for $550.

May 31, 1894

J. J. Ring has secured the agency for the famous Fonthill Nursery of Canada, a nursery whose goods and prices cannot be beat. See ad. next week.

Peter Yost is again about town in the discharge of his duties as assessor, which office he is filling for the twenty-second time this year. His record is one of which any man might be proud.

Last Saturday night burglars attempted to enter the store of G. S. Lander by boring out a doorpanel, but they were evidently frightened away before an entrance could be effected. In the lower half of the single door on the west side several inch holes were bored and a few more minutes of work would have sufficed to cut out a hole large enough for a man to crawl through. At a rear window, covered with iron bars, a hole was bored directly toward a hook which fastened it to the casing, but the bars proved too much for the gentlemen. It is presumed that the job was the work of local talent or of a gang that is working up and down the river.

Jeweler L. Schaefer will remove to his new store in M. Berens’s building tomorrow.

Officer Rose is again around with that smile and a bunch of dog-tax tags, the only difference from last spring being the date on the tags. That difference, however, costs the owner of the pet canine a big round cartwheel.

The brick work on Chas. Broman’s new building will be completed today, thanks to the speedy work of Messrs. Schmidt, Rohlfs & Woehling. The building is an exact counterpart of the one adjacent and gives the block a very handsome appearance.

And still the good work goes on! Fritz Rohlfs is now at work on a set of plans for a handsome two story brick corner store for John McMullen. The plans will represent a store with a corner entrance and plateglass fronts on both First and Lewis streets.

The Argus Block is this week undergoing alterations that will make a marked improvement both in its appearance and its utility. The large glass front in Kohler & Schwartz’s store is to be replaced with plate glass, and the store of Deutsch & Zettel is being made more commodious by the addition at the rear, of an ell 18×24 feet in size, one story high. The new structure will have an entrance at the south end, and the interior will be well lighted by large windows at either side of the door. It is to be used as a wall-paper department.

Yesterday afternoon the postoffice was moved into its elegant new quarters in the corner store of the How Block, and it is safe to say that Shakopee has now one of the finest post offices in the state, outside of the large cities. The spacious room has been divided by the wall of boxes so that the public has a space 12×22 feet, lighted by one large side window the handsome glass-paneled double doors, and the plate-glass front consisting of two plates 6 x 8 feet in size. The postmaster has an abundance of room, all well lighted, and also a large fire-proof vault wherein to store his stock-in-trade. The change seems to please the majority of the townspeople, and will grow in favor as all get accustomed to the change.

1919: Shakopee Tribune

May 2, 1919

Resume Work on Road.Jas. McKillip of Faribault, the road contractor, moved his tractor grader over from Chaska late last week and resumed work on the dike road. This machine is considerably smaller than the line drag which was used last fall, but the work is also lighter, being mainly the job of filling low spots and surfacing…

Victory Loan Away Over.The Victory Loan, so far as Scott county is concerned, went over with a whoop. On Wednesday of this week the total subscribing reported had reached almost $620,000, or $95,000 more than the county allotment. As many of the allotment cards had not been returned at that time, and as oversubscription cards are still coming in, it is not beyond the bounds of probability that the total may reach $700,000…

Bad Runaway Accident.Last Sunday morning as Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Delwo and Otto Schlink were driving to church, the clip fell off of the front axle, causing the team to become scared and run away. Mrs. Delwo, who was holding a young baby, was thrown out head first and was stunned, but neither she or the baby were injured. Mr. Delwo fell between the wheels and the vehicle went over one leg, but he escaped with minor bruises. But Otto Schlink was not so fortunate. In an attempt to hold the horses he was dragged over the dash board and into a wire fence. His left ear was almost severed, his head horribly cut and both hands injured. In spite of his hurts he followed the team and caught them. John Mather came along with his car and brought them all to town, where Otto was taken to the hospital. A dozen stitches were required to close the wound on his head and as many more for his hands. He is recovering satisfactorily.

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Dierberger moved into the Hinds house on Sommerville St., recently vacated by Thomas Walsh.

Miss Tillie Ring departed for Washington, D. C., on Monday where she has accepted a position in the Internal Revenue department. She will remain permanently. Her sister, Miss Helen, accompanied her as far as St. Paul.

Rev. Skluzacek, pastor of the Marystown church for several years past was called to take charge of a parish in Minneapolis. HIs successor has not yet been named.

May 9, 1919

The street commissioner had a tractor and grader on the city streets yesterday. As the rains had left the streets in worse condition than usual the improvement is quite noticeable.

Miss Beulah Bowdish is the happy possessor of a nifty gray racer, into which the family car was cleverly converted this week at the Walter auto shop. Jos. Klinkhammer is responsible for the finishing touches.

J. P. Kreuser and J. T. Kreuser placed the large plate glass lights in the new front of the Hartmann building yesterday.

May 16, 1919

John Thole has bought the ten lots adjoining the property from Mrs. Rottgart.

Fritz Poehls is remodeling and modernizing his home on Spring street.

We understand that the road leading to the upper Catholic cemetery is to be improved.

M. T. Regan sold a home and two lots in East Shakopee Monday to Mrs. Louis Larson. This was the property which formerly belonged to Otto Thielen.

Appreciative friends of County Attorney Geo. F. Sullivan presented him with a handsome leather manuscript carrier one day this week, a gift that an attorney is always truly grateful for.

Road Overseer Frank Miske wishes us to tell our readers that the tractor which has been used on the street the past week was put at the service of the street department free of charge through the courtesy and public spirit of Veiht Bros. The tractor was used for three days and did the work of many horses when horses were not to be had. The boys have a vote of thanks coming.

The road past the Indian village is now open for travel.

Not a very large number attended the mass meeting at the schoolhouse last Monday evening which was called for the purpose of discussing the heating plant. Inspector Chandler was here from St. Paul and advised the board to repair the existing plant, rather than to install a new one. It was not brought out at the meeting what repairs would be necessary, but it is possible that a new boiler may have to be put in before satisfactory results are obtained.

Service Men Organize Club

A service men’s club for Scott county was organized Wednesday evening at the court house at a meeting called for that purpose…

The club will be known as the Scott County Service Men’s club. Its objects are social, but potentially political. A committee is now making inquiries into the status and purposes of the new American Legion, and in all probability the club will be merged into this organization if the report of the committee is favorable…

May 23, 1919

President Invited to Speak.Promoters of the Woodrow Wilson Way, of which J. J. Moriarty of this city is president, are hopeful that they can persuade President Wilson to address the coming highways conference in Minneapolis this summer after his return from Europe…

Can at Schoolhouse Monday.All who wish to can pie plant or asparagus should take their jars and materials to the schoolhouse next Monday morning at 8:30, when the canning will be done.

A five room bungalow is being built in the eastside of town for John Thole, Jr. Herman Boehmer is the contractor.

Miss Emilia Ahlswede has bought the old Ahlswede home in the southern end of town from Chas. Grosshauser, the executor of the estate.

Mrs. Lena Elsner, who recently held a sale on her farm near Excelsior, has bought the Brum property on Second street and is now moving in.

Chas. Dorn has bought the Chris Duede property. We understand that he does not intend to occupy it himself, at least not at present, so it will probably be rented.

The Rudolph Selbig family arrived from Rock Island, Ill., this week, to make their home here once more. Mr. Selbig, who is manager of the Shakopee Stove Works, has been here for several months.

August Dorn has purchased the Herman Boehmer residence property on East Fourth street and will move to town in the near future. Mr. Dorn’s health has not been particularly good for sometime and he needs to take it a bit easier than farm work allows him.

Jos. Lenertz sold his residence property Monday of this week to Rupert Stemmer, possession to be given on or before August 1. Mr. Lenertz informed the Tribune that he has no definite plans for the future, but that it is his intention to take his family on a tour of the country this year. So far he knows he has no intention of leaving Shakopee, which is reassuring news to the many friends of the family who recognize them as valued members of the community. Mr. Stemmer is to be congratulated on acquiring this valuable property.

Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hough arrived from Hutchinson this week to take over the Central Cafe, which Mr. Hough recently bought. It was reopened early this week, and already he reports a good business. He has the place nicely stocked with confections, fruit and tobacco. Ice cream, soft drinks and lunches will be served as under former managements. Mr. Hough has had many years of experience in ministering to the wants of the public in the refreshment line, and there is no doubt that he will find our people appreciative of the kind of service he is ready to give.

May 30, 1919

Service Men Ask Legion Charter.At a meeting of the Scott County Service Men’s club held last week it was voted that a charter for a branch of the American Legion be applied for. This was done, and at the meeting held Monday evening the officers who had this matter in charge were able to report that the state headquarters had favorably received the application and sent it on to national headquarters with the recommendation that the same be granted. So now it is only a matter of time when a branch of the American Legion will be established in Scott county…

Women Praise Reformatory.Mrs. H. L. Stark of St. Peter, Mrs. G. W. Stewart of St. Cloud, Mrs. W. J. O’Toole of St. Paul Mrs. J. L. Washburn of Duluth and Mrs. T. F. Kinney of Minneapolis, comprising the state board of women visitors, came to Shakopee Monday for the purpose of inspecting the completed administration building of the state women’s reformatory. They were met at the station by a local committee consisting of Mesdames W. F. Duffy, C. G. Bowdish, H. P. Marx, J. A. Coller and H. C. Schroeder, who accompanied them to the reformatory. The building was given a thorough inspection and the visitors were delighted with floor plans, appointments and finish, which they declared to be the best of any similar institution in the state; and once more they were constrained to congratulate the state on its choice of a situation for the institution…

John P. Ring Elected Alderman.At the special election held Tuesday of this week to fill the vacancy caused by the failure of Mr. Hentges to qualify as alderman in the second ward, J. P. Ring was elected…

For Sale. New 6 Room House 2 acres of ground, part of which is planted to garden and small orchard. Fairly good barn. Cheap if taken at once. Geo. A. Dellwo.

The driveway to the upper Catholic cemetery has been graded, and is now to be resurfaced with gravel as soon as the work can be done.

For more than a week the big county tractor and grader have been working on Shakopee’s streets, and many blocks have been graded. Owing to the dry, hot, weather the streets that have been worked are covered with a coat of dust several inches deep, and on that account the work is not showing at its best. But we are assured that the job is to be finished up right, a gravel covering to be given where needed. Over most of the ground that has been covered by the grader nothing is needed but a good rain to make a first class roadbed.

1919: Scott County Argus

May 2, 1919

John Thole will start the construction of a $1500 cottage next week on his property in East Shakopee adjoining his residence.

Mr. and Mrs. George Leng, who have resided here for the past two years, the former being employed in the stove foundry, departed Saturday for St. Ansgaar, Iowa, to engage in farming. They will be employed by the same farmer for whom Mr. Leng formerly worked three years and have a very pleasant location and good remuneration, receiving all their living expense with the exception of that for clothing, and $65 per month. We wish them the best of success and continued prosperity in their new home.

For Sale—Wilder residence south of town, 9 rooms, good well, barn, 4 acres land seeded to alfalfa. Inquire Mrs. C. G. Bowdish, Shakopee.

Change Mail Boxes.Rural mail patrons are requested by the postoffice department to place their mail boxes on the right hand side of the road to secure uniformity and to facilitate the distribution of mail by the carriers as much as possible. This will also tend to lessen the danger of passing autoists colliding with the carriers where stops must be made to deposit mail. Patrons whose boxes are not located as designated will confer a favor by making the change at once.

May 9, 1919

Mill To Be Re-Equipped.Shane Bros. & Wilson expect to close the mill in a few weeks for the purpose or refitting it to grind more wheat. The corn mill will be remodeled into a rye mill but will also be equipped to grind corn if desired.

The Nick Beckrich family moved Wednesday to Cloquet where Mr. Beckrich is employed.

Mr. and Mrs. James Hough, parents of H. M. Hough, have bought from Fred Stelten the fixtures of the confectionery store formerly conducted by H. E. Krebs and will open for business next Monday. In addition to selling ice cream and confectionery, light lunches will be served. Mr. and Mrs. Hough arrived yesterday from Hutchinson and are busy preparing for their opening.

St. Mark’s to Undergo Big Improvements

The church of St. Mark’s of this city promptly responded to the call of the government to aid it in its reconstruction work by furnishing employment to the men from overseas by determining to expend large sums of money immediately in the improvement of St. Mark’s church…

The proposed improvements include: The replastering of the entire inside of the church; placing of three front entrances, with proper steps to same; erection of candelabras, equipped with electric light, in the front of the church; enlargement and strengthening of the gallery; decorating of all altars, statues, and all walls of the church, the decorations to be of white and gold; installation of statuary stations; installing of the very best art windows in all windows; installing of complete new pews, and hardwood floors throughout…

May 16, 1919

County Goes Out Of Road Business.So far as the actual construction of roads by the county, as a county proposition, is concerned the board of commissioners has decided to go out of the road building business and sold all of its equipment except the road machinery at the public sale advertised and held on Wednesday of this week…

Schroeder Brick & Lime Mfg. Co opened their brick yard this week for the season, high water having prevented work earlier in the yards.

August Dorn of Spring Lake has purchased from Herman Boehmer his residence occupied by Geo. O’Laughlin. The price paid was $2200. Mr. Dorn will take possession in August and become a permanent resident of Shakopee.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bromann have moved back to Shakopee and are domiciled in the F. Rohlfs home near Herman Schroeder’s.

Charles Dorn has bought Chris Duede’s home and four lots in East Shakopee, the consideration being $2200. The Duede family will move to the home of Mrs. Joe Plasentia.

Rupert Stemmer this week purchased the residence property of our former mayor, Jos. Lenertz, the latter to retain possession until August. Mr. Lenertz is undecided as to his future course but we hope that he will continue to make Shakopee his home.

May 23, 1919

Putting City Park In Order.The city park board, under the supervision of August Gelhaye, has had a small force of men at work putting Riverside park in order for the summer season. When the supervisor shall have completed the job everything about this beautiful and restful spot on the picturesque Minnesota river will be in apple-pie order.

Bridge Breaks Under Auto.While crossing the bridge over the Minnesota river at Bloomington Sunday morning, John Buckingham’s Acme truck broke through the approach and narrowly escaped going into the river. Two hours of hard work were required before it could be pulled out and scores of automobile parties were stalled on both sides of the bridge because of the accident. All traffic was stopped for several days before repairs upon the bridge were completed. The truck was not badly damaged and fortunately the driver Claude Buckingham escaped injury.

Progress On Trestle Road

The contractor, James McKillip, is to be commended for the rapid progress he is making, under the circumstances, on the trestle road. At the rate the machine and attendants are moving this way, this end of the grade will be reached in about twenty days. A large force of men will then be put to work graveling the completed grade.

When the surfacing shall have been completed Shakopee will be the only point on the Minnesota river having a high water crossing any time and all of the time.

May 30, 1919

Peter G. Huth has bought of W. F. Davy a middle lot facing on Sixth street, the consideration being $400. Mr. Huth expects to build a home in the near future.

Wilson Way Being Blazed

Men with brush and paint are blazing the Wilson Way. They started at the little town of Ely in the extreme northern part of the state and worked this way. They reached Shakopee Monday and are proceeding on southward.

As was stated in a former issue of the Argus, the Wilson Way sign is a dark blue field with white border and the letter ‘W’ in red is set in the center, making a sign that can easily be distinguished a half mile away.

In Shakopee the Wilson Way as blazed passes up Lewis street from the bridge to the corner of Sixth and Lewis, proceeding on Sixth out past the state reformatory and then on south on the Shakopee and Jordan road. The blazing of this way marks the route which later on will be paved as part of the great Wilson highway.

Banner Received.In recognition of Shakopee’s patriotic showing on the Victory Loan, Chairman Joseph Lenertz of the local committee this week received a handsome flag from the Ninth District Liberty Loan committee which was turned over to the city officials and appeared in the Memorial day parade.

1944: Shakopee Argus-Tribune

May 4, 1944

FOR SALE.—House and lot, modern throughout, located on the corner of Second and Sommerville. A bargain if taken now. W. F. DUFFY, Phone 44.

Take Part in Music Meet at Excelsior Friday.Shakopee’s school band and Girl’s glee club were among the seven schools participating in the Eighteenth District Music festival held at Excelsior, Friday afternoon and evening…

Son Reported Missing in Italy.First Lieutenant Virgil F. Herzog, 28, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Herzog of Shakopee, has been reported missing in Italy…

Dogs—Gardens Not Choice Combination.That dogs and Victory gardens are not a desirable combination, is emphasized by the City of Shakopee this week in an advertisement in the Argus-Tribune…

Dr. Malerich Has Leased His Shakopee Hospital

Because of the severe shortage of nurses and the difficulty in maintaining at all time a full nursing staff, a situation brought on as a result of the war, Dr. Malerich has decided to discontinue, for the present at least, his hospital here. His friends in this community will be sorry to learn of his decision.

The doctor has entered into a lease of the hospital quarters to Mrs. John Lynch and Mrs. Fred Stenger, both of whose husbands are in the service of Uncle Sam…

May 11, 1944

Red Cross Knitters Make 126 Garments.A total of 126 garments were knitted by Shakopee women from Feb. 11 to May 5, Mrs. P. M. Fischer, Red Cross knitting chairman, revealed in a report made public this week…

Saturday, May 27th Designated As “Poppy Day” in Shakopee.Saturday, May 27, has been selected as “Poppy Day,” it was announced this week by officers of the Legion Auxiliary, the organization which annually conducts the sale…

May 18, 1944

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Childs and two sons have moved to Shakopee from Minneapolis and have taken an apartment in the former Shakopee hospital. Mr. Childs expects to be called into service in the near future and Mrs. Childs and two boys plan to remain here during his absence.

Shakopee Flyer Held Prisoner of Nazis, Capture Card Reveals

Previously reported “missing in action since February 28 over France,” First Lieut. Arthur P. Hoen, brother of Mrs. E. A. Rademacher, of Shakopee, has since been reported a prisoner of war in Germany.

A capture card from Lieut. Hoen and a telegram from the War Department, both received last Thursday, advised Mrs. Rademacher of her brother’s situation…

Father Savs Critically Ill in St. Francis Hospital.The Very Rev. Dean M. Savs, pastor of St. Mark’s parish, is critically ill at St. Francis hospital here. Although he showed a slight improvement Wednesday morning his condition was still considered grave thruout the day…

Mrs. M. L. Regan and Harold Bigot Named To Education Board.Mrs. M. L. Regan and Harold Bigot were elected members of the board of education of School District No. 1 for three year terms, in the annual election held here Tuesday night…

Plans for Memorial Day Observance Taking Shape

Plans for the observance of Memorial Day here are being completed this week by the Shakopee Post of the American Legion, Butz J. Pass, commander, announced.

Legionnaires, Auxiliary members, the school band and the Boy Scouts as well as the men, women and children of the community, are expected to participate in the program which will include ceremonies in the cemeteries, and at the school auditorium.

The program will also include a timely address and solemn memorial rituals, Pass said.

May 25, 1944

Very Rev. Dean M. Savs Dies; Pastor Here Since 1917.Death came at 9:30 last Thursday evening to the Very Rev. Dean Mathias Savs, who for nearly 27 years had been the pastor of St. Mark’s parish here…

School Commencement Exercises Friday Evening

Tomorrow evening, Friday, will be a gala occasion in the life of 47 Shakopee high school graduates. It will not only be a gala occasion but it will be a highly important event in the young lives of the members of the class of 1944.

It is one of the largest, if not the largest class of graduates to come forth from Shakopee’s institution of learning, and we want to make the observation that it is one of the finest groups of boys and girls you would want to see…

1969: Shakopee Valley News

May 1, 1969

Dedication Day At Municipal Swimming Pool To Be June 8

All indications point to there being a long and hot summer facing us in this area, and if this proves true, thousands will be flocking to the new Shakopee Swimming Pool to seek relief and enjoyment.

This is the pool that was designed with the family in mind. Sunday, June 8, has been scheduled as Dedication Day, with anyone invited to come and see for themselves this new concept in swimming pools – an artificial lake with a built in re-circulation, filtration, and purification system…

Two Seniors At Rotary Youth Conference.Two Shakopee High School seniors, Jeff Spielman and John Hennen, participated in the 23rd Annual Rotary Youth Conference held this week in St. Paul. Gaylen Case of Shakopee, chairman of the Shakopee Rotary Club Youth Conference committee, announced…

To Reopen May 2.Announcement is made this week by owners, Mr. and Mrs. Osborne Klavestad, that the Stage Coach, located on Highway 101 between Shakopee and Savage, is to re-open this Friday, May 2…

May 8, 1969

Grass Fire Run.Shakopee Volunteer firemen were called out at 2:48 p.m. last Friday, May 2, to extinguish a grass fire at Scott County Roads 76 and 83 in Eagle Creek township near the Plonski residence. The alarm was given by the Prior Lake Volunteer Fire Department.

Jaycee Sand Box Project Saturday.The Shakopee Jaycees will conduct their annual Civic Project of sand box filling this Saturday, May 10, when trucks equipped with loud speakers are to tour the alleys of the city.

Park Land Bill Awaits Governor; Merger Stalled.Mayor Ray Siebenaler reported this week that the legislation in the Minnesota State Legislature, regarding the purchase of some 78 acres of State Reformatory land, proposed for use as a park complex by the City of Shakopee, located to the south and west of the new Municipal Swimming pool, has passed both the House and Senate and now awaits the signature of Governor Harold LeVander…

Pool Memoriam In Honor Of Jagt Youth

One of the highlights of the Public Dedication of the new City of Shakopee Municipal Swimming pool to be held, beginning at 2 p.m. Sunday. June 8, will be the dedication of a flagpole and flag, donated by Mr. and Mrs. David Jagt, 673 Jackson, Shakopee, as a memoriam to their son, David Brian Jagt.

He was killed on July 13, 1968, at the age of nine years, when he was struck by an auto while pushing his bike across Sixth Avenue, 200 feet west of Jackson Street.

May 15, 1969

Gets $5,000 Rahr Grant.Announced this week was that the Rahr Foundation has presented a $5,000 grant to the Scott County Historical Society for use in this organization’s restoration project in Memorial Park, east edge of Shakopee along Highway 101…

Stop Sign At End Of Apgar Brings Council ‘Hassle’.Question of the need for the stop sign at the end of Apgar Street, presented to aldermen by a delegation of some eight consistent users of Scott County Road No. 77, led to a lengthy controversy with aldermen finally approving unanimously a motion that the 30 mile per hour speed limit be moved a quarter of a mile from the city limits, with the stop sign to remain and then its removal to be considered after receiving a police report on the traffic activity in the area…

Women’s Correctional Institution Supt.

State Corrections Commissioner, Paul W. Keve, announced yesterday (Wednesday), May 14, appointment of Robert L. Bergherr, as superintendent of the Minnesota Correctional Institution for Women at Shakopee, effective July 2, 1969.

Superintendent Bergherr is to succeed Miss Ruby Benson, retiring after 35 years of state service including 10 years as Superintendent of the Women’s Institution at Shakopee…

To Be Ordained May 24; First Mass At St. Mark’s

Reading his first Mass at 12 noon at St. Mark’s Catholic Church in Shakopee will be Father W. J. Paron, son of the late Alphonse J. and Mrs. Paron, who is to be ordained to the priesthood at 10 a.m. Saturday, May 24, at St. Paul Cathedral, with Archbishop Leo Binz, DD, as the Ordaining Bishop…

The Mass at St. Mark’s Church in Shakopee on the following day, May 25, will be a Concelebrated Mass, with Father Paron as the Principal Celebrant…

New Graduation Requirements Adopted By Dist. 720 Board

Following a discussion, participated in by principals, the Shakopee School District No. 720 Board of Education, on resolution, adopted new graduation requirements for the class of 1972 and subsequent classes at its regular meeting held Monday night of this week in the Board room at Shakopee Senior High on Tenth Avenue.

The new requirements basically change from the present 12 credits each year to 14, with the student given the option of choosing two pass-fail courses in which no letter grade is awarded. These courses are offered in lieu of the former requirements for math which the State Department of Education no longer requires…

May 22, 1969

Eagle Creek Petitions MMC On Incorporation.Petitions requesting the incorporation of Eagle Creek township were filed with the Minnesota Municipal Commission on Monday of this week, May 19…

Chamber Approves Consideration Of Future Full-Time Secretary.To give consideration to the engaging a full-time secretary for the Shakopee Chamber of Commerce in the future was given approval by the membership at a special meeting called for Monday night of this week, May 19, at the offices of Minnesota Natural Gas Company, Second and Lewis, to adopt a unified plan regarding the wishes of the community on proposed future highway construction in the area…

Reflective Tape To Light Bikes In VFW Program.Free reflective tape will be applied to youngsters’ bikes in a “Lite-A-Bike” program to be conducted here by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 4046…

Approval Given Tentative Plans For New East Shakopee Elementary

Approval was given the tentative, preliminary plans for the proposed new Elementary school in East Shakopee by the Shakopee School District No. 720 Board of Education at a Special adjourned meeting held Tuesday night of this week, May 20, in the library of the Shakopee Junior High School, Fifth and Lewis.

This came after a presentation of the preliminary sketches by Jim Rydeen of the district’s architectural firm, Armstrong, Schlichting, Torseth & Skold, Minneapolis.

These sketches indicated a basic plan of a large resources center with four learning units as “pods”, two on each side in relative staggered position to offer flexible classroom facilities…

May 29, 1969

Distinguished visitor in the community Wednesday morning of last week, May 21, was Secretary of Commerce Maurice H. Stans, Shakopee native and contributor to the Scott County Historical Society Restoration project through the Stans Foundation…

South 169 By-Pass, County Bridge Endorsed By Council

Approval of Resolution No. 357 Tuesday night of this week, May 27 gave endorsement to the Corridor “A” system of the three proposed in the Interim report of the Minnesota Highway Department on the total concept design approach to the relocation of Highways 41, 169 and 212 in the immediate area, to indicate unified support of this community…

This plan of future area highway construction includes the recommendation of a Minnesota River bridge at the Bloomington Ferry (Scott County Road No. 25 and Hennepin County Highway No. 18) location, and a south by-pass for Highway 169 to skirt the city limits of Shakopee…

Name Shakopee Dentist

A Shakopee dentist was today (Thursday) May 29, elected top Rotary officer for the area by delegates to the Rotary International convention in Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A.

Dr. Paul F. Nevin, 851 Lewis, is one of 297 men from throughout the world elected a District Governor for the 1969-70 fiscal year…

1994: Shakopee Valley News

May 5, 1994

Racetrack reopens on Friday

The Minnesota Racing Commission on April 27 unanimously approved licenses for Canterbury Park Holding Corp. to conduct both teleracing and live horse racing at the Shakopee racetrack…

Canterbury reopens Friday at 10 a.m. with live racing being simulcast from four major race tracks – Churchill Downs in Louisville, Sportsman’s Park in Cicero, Ill., Hollywood Park in California and Aksarben in Omaha, Neb.

Live racing will not return to Canterbury until summer 1995. The owners and horsemen have already reached an agreement on 50 days of live racing next summer…

3 Shakopee Scouts receive highest honor

Three young men with a combined 30 years of Scouting and a lot of determination became Shakopee’s three newest Eagle Scouts recently.

Ryan Allen, Randall Fahler and Erik Jacobson attained the status when Troop 218 conducted an Eagle Court of Honor at the Shakopee American Legion…

Valleyfair opens for 18th season on Saturday

Valleyfair opens for its 18th season in Shakopee on Saturday with a $1.9 million addition.

Debuting at the family amusement park will be Berenstain Bear Country, a variety of indoor and outdoor attractions covering one acre and designed especially for young children, or more specifically, those under 54 inches tall…

May 12, 1994

Medical campus construction in city could start early next year.…St. Francis Regional Medical Center and its owners, HealthSpan Health Systems Corp. and Benedictine Health System, along with Park Nicollet Medical Center, announced preliminary plans for construction of the medical campus located along County Road 17 (Marschall Road) in Shakopee…

Jeff White recently purchased North Star Appraisal, located at 287 S. Marschall Road in Shakopee, from LeRoy Houser.… North Star Appraisal will provide a full-line of appraisal services including real estate (residential, commercial and industrial), business valuation and consulting…

Canterbury reopens to large crowds

Minnesota’s horse racing fans returned home with a flourish Friday when the doors at Canterbury Downs reopened for televised races at the Shakopee racetrack after 16 long months.

More than $1.4 million was wagered at Canterbury over the weekend, which included Saturday’s 120th running of the Kentucky Derby, telecast from Louisville. On derby day 6,669 fans wagered $862,890, with $297,486 bet on the Kentucky Derby itself. In 1992, Minnesota fans wagered about $10,000 less on the derby, but the track was conducting live racing as well that day.

The attendance and wagering numbers surpassed what Canterbury’s owners expected by a wide margin.

Canterbury’s clubhouse sold out the first day tickets went on sale…

Downtown riverfront study approved by City Council

Downtown riverfront plans are moving forward after the Shakopee City Council on May 3 authorized the hiring of the firm Brauer and Associates Ltd. to prepare a development plan at a cost not to exceed $9,675…

The plan will likely include riverfront amenities, such as landscaping, street furniture, lighting, use of the old Highway 169 bridge, a bicycle lot and the possible relocation and reuse of the old train station.

The council voted 4-1 for the measure, with Councilor Bob Sweeney casting the dissenting vote…

May 19, 1994

Wendt, Wolfe top field of 7

An incumbent will return, and a newcomer will join the Shakopee School Board following the school district’s election Tuesday that drew only an estimated 6.6 percent of the registered voters.

Incumbent Janet Wendt, the current board chair, was the top vote-getter with 350, followed by Robyn Wolfe, a sales and marketing consultant with a local building company, who received 336 votes…

Work on Co. Rd. 18 project delayed by court injunction

A judge’s ruling in a lawsuit filed by opponents of a project to widen County Road 18 likely will postpone the project for this year.

Scott County District Court Judge Eugene Atkins issued a permanent injunction to halt the project, which was to include widening County Road 18 from two to four lanes from County Road 42 to where it would meet the Shakopee Bypass and Bloomington Ferry Bridge…

May 26, 1994

Board approves additions to high school athletic complex.Fence modifications, a protective covering for grounds near the bleachers, and an elevated press box were among additions to the athletic field complex at the high school approved by the Shakopee School Board Monday…

Downtown reconstruction project OK’d by council.The Shakopee City Council approved the plans for the second phase of the downtown reconstruction project at its May 17 meeting and authorized staff to advertise for bids…

Lumber firm interested in locating here requests study

The Shakopee City Council on May 17 approved a request from Scherer Brothers Lumber Co. of Minneapolis to conduct a feasibility study regarding drainage improvements on a 22.5-acre site the company wants to develop.

The property is located just west of Certainteed Corp., between Fourth Avenue and the railroad tracks…

City seeks lower speeds on First Avenue – but increase planned by DOT

With the blessing of the City Council, Shakopee Police Chief Tom Steininger asked the Minnesota Department of Transportation in October to extend the reduced speed limit on First Avenue (Highway 101) eastward to the area near Murphy’s Landing for safety reasons.

Not only did the DOT reject that notion, but it has now proposed increasingthe speed limit on all of First Avenue from 30 mph to 35 mph. to the consternation of Steininger…

MUSA expansion plan approved

The Shakopee City Council last week approved an expansion of its metropolitan urban service area (MUSA) boundary to allow the city to continue its growth and provide urban services to remaining undeveloped properties north of the future Shakopee Bypass.

The expansion area includes an area north of the bypass centerline, and west of County Road 79…

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