Andrew and Susan Maria Hazeltine Adams (1854)

By David Schleper

Susan Maria Hazeltine Adams
Susan Maria Hazeltine Adams

Susan Maria Hazeltine Adams and her husband Andrew settled in Shakopee in 1854. He was the first county surveyor of Scott County, and she was a schoolteacher. They apparently did not have children when she kept this diary in 1856. She was 29 years old.

March 30, 1856

Delightful prayer meeting…Spent eve in singing and praying. Retired early. (We) talked much about religion etc. after we were in bed.

April 1, 1856

Beautiful morning…I went to school as usual. Wind rose and rain began to fall at noon. It looked dark and threatened a heavy storm. Still I did not dismiss school until the usual time when it began to sleet, hail & snow, in the midst of which marched home. Found a party of Swedes had taken shelter there. Very stormy night. Thought much of my husband and hoped he is in some safe comfortable place…The weather more disagreeable than any I have known for month.

April 5, 1856

Lovely morning. Sun soon thawed the ground. Two years to day bade adieu to Pitt. (Pittsburgh?), perhaps forever. How little I dreamed about any of the changes which should take place during the coming two years. How little I thought my lot would be cast in Minnesota! That I should become the wife of a stranger in so short a time. How different the scenes! What a contrast in my feelings!

April 6, 1856

Cloudy morning but came out very bright & warm by noon…Had much trouble to cross the running brooks on the way. Found blades of grass long & very green. Strawberry leaves in abundance. Oh! Glad sight! Herald of the happy spring time! While at church heard the music of grogs. Good bye to Winter now! Had good prayer meeting…Walked home with A. Sat down by the brook and chatted together. What a pleasure thus to converse of spiritual things! May this joy be ever increasing while we live together.

They lived together another five years. Andrew died in 1861.

(Information from the Minnesota Historical Society, Susan Maria Hazeltine Adams Diary, from Too Hot, Went to Lake: Seasonal Photos from Minnesota’s Past by Peg Meier (1993), Minnesota Historical Society Press, p. 294.)

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