Ruth Gardner

By David Schleper

Ruth GardnerThis is a picture of Ruth Gardner. Or Laura Jensen. Or Ruth Radtke, or Ruth Warner. And Ruth Gardner is an escaped prisoner, from the State Reformatory for Women, in Shakopee, Minnesota. She escaped on February 20, 1933!

Ruth is 22 years old, and 5 feet, 6 5/8 inches, and weighs 109 pounds. She has light brown hair, and hazel eyes, with a sallow complexion.

Ruth is a clever forger. She operated in Ohio, Michigan, and Minnesota. She obtained about $2,000. She always presented her victims with a fraudulent letter from an insurance company, stating that they were enclosing a check for a settlement of a claim. She then presented victims with a carefully prepared forged check, usually for about $70.

If you find Ruth Gardner, please apprehend and deliver to an officer of the Minnesota State Reformatory for Women in Shakopee. You will get a $25 reward!

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